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I live in France and I went to a friend who lives in Germany. By the way, I went camping. I took with me a portable TV, stove fridge flashlight first aid kit blankets, multifunctional pocket knife, matches, dishes and cutlery, tea towels and toilet paper. I packed everything into two suitcases and a backpack. at the campsite people lit a fire. I also decided to do it. I knew German well so I did not have a problem getting along with people. At night I covered myself with a blanket and in the morning I went to the airport


Best campground for holiday in Kiel.

What is better than living with nature on campground with your friends ? If you are in Kiel make sure that you are prepared. Make sure that your destination campground is equipped with electricity.

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If you looking for a campground with cooking grill you can check Camping-Ferienpark California located at Große Heide 26, 24217 Schönberg, Germany with is only 11.46 kilometers away from Campingplatz Möltenort located at Uferweg 24, 24226 Heikendorf, Germany. There shouldn't be a problem with fence around campsite or fence around campsite.

Best campsites in Kiel

I didn't take any of my clothes with me in the bus because I was scared that I wouldn't fit through the hole that the door has in the roof. I had to be carried around in a blanket in the back of the bus! There are many stories about these people.

One of them was in Germany. Some of them were very happy. I am not too sure how it is they can travel on a bus in Germany, they don't have a passport.

They don't even have a name! It's amazing to see how happy they are! I am sure my experience wasn't that bad.

There were no problems. It was just a beautiful way and a great way to see my friends. I would recommend this place to someone because it's really nice. But one man was very happy. He had been sent to a concentration camp.

After the war, he found out that his mother was in another concentration camp. He didn't have any other family members and he decided to go to the concentration camp and find his mother.

Some of the people didn't want to go to the concentration camp. They told the camp that they didn't want to go there. They had been beaten. But they had to go. They had to be in the concentration camp. So they were sent to the concentration camp. I think that they were taken by trucks. They were taken in trucks.

They were made to stand in front of the army, to be questioned by the military and then to be taken back to their village. Many of them died, they were beaten with sticks, were made to drink water, were suffocated by the military, etc.

Those who survived the interrogations are now suffering from cancer. There are many stories about this!

In the past, people used to cross the border by swimming across the river. Now they walk. They walk for hours and sometimes days. I don't know how they survive. The water is contaminated with toxic waste, so there are no fish in the river.

Campingplatz Möltenort

Uferweg 24, 24226 Heikendorf, Germany

GPS : 54.3838213, 10.2050396

Users reviews of Campingplatz Möltenort Kiel

Campingplatz Falckenstein

Palisadenweg 171, 24159 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.412032, 10.1834488

Users reviews of Campingplatz Falckenstein Kiel

Naturist Camping on Flemhuder Lake Kiel e.V. (NC Kiel)

am See, 24796 Krummwisch, Germany

GPS : 54.336972, 9.958229

Users reviews of Naturist Camping on Flemhuder Lake Kiel e.V. (NC Kiel) Kiel

Camping Fördeblick

Ellernbrook, 24235 Stein, Germany

GPS : 54.414097, 10.248276

Users reviews of Camping Fördeblick Kiel

Campingplatz Neustein

K30, 24235 Stein, Germany

GPS : 54.4152899, 10.2458102

Users reviews of Campingplatz Neustein Kiel

Dunes Camping Sylt GmbH

Eichkoppel 23A, 24214 Gettorf, Germany

GPS : 54.41006, 9.98887

Users reviews of Dunes Camping Sylt GmbH Kiel

Camping Oase Bonanza

Schleusenweg, 24235 Wendtorf, Germany

GPS : 54.4267513, 10.2987385

Users reviews of Camping Oase Bonanza Kiel

Grönwohld Camping

Kronshörn, 24229 Schwedeneck, Germany

GPS : 54.473802, 10.0300927

Users reviews of Grönwohld Camping Kiel

Caravan Park at Brahmsee

Mühlenstraße 30a, 24631 Langwedel, Germany

GPS : 54.2148646, 9.9168343

Users reviews of Caravan Park at Brahmsee Kiel

Camping-Ferienpark California

Große Heide 26, 24217 Schönberg, Germany

GPS : 54.427917, 10.3651182

Users reviews of Camping-Ferienpark California Kiel

Lake Campsite BUM in focus

Hauptstraße, 24589 Borgdorf-Seedorf, Germany

GPS : 54.182712, 9.884279

Users reviews of Lake Campsite BUM in focus Kiel

Ostsee-Campingplatz Family Heide

Strandweg 31, 24369 Waabs, Germany

GPS : 54.530171, 10.004038

Users reviews of Ostsee-Campingplatz Family Heide Kiel

Camping Waldesruh

Camping Waldesruh, 23683 Scharbeutz, Germany

GPS : 54.055011, 10.730413

Users reviews of Camping Waldesruh Kiel


Ludwigsburg 4, 24369 Waabs, Germany

GPS : 54.50313, 9.957957


Naturcamping Spitzenort GmbH

Ascheberger Str. 76, 24306 Plön, Germany

GPS : 54.1463712, 10.4010059

Users reviews of Naturcamping Spitzenort GmbH Kiel

Camping Hökholz

Ritenrade 4, 24369 Waabs, Germany

GPS : 54.541051, 10.008405

Users reviews of Camping Hökholz Kiel

Camping Park Gut Ruhleben

Missionsweg 2, 24306 Bösdorf, Germany

GPS : 54.1444, 10.44916

Users reviews of Camping Park Gut Ruhleben Kiel

Campingpark Ostseestrand

Strandstraße 21, 24257 Hohenfelde, Germany

GPS : 54.386341, 10.491563

Users reviews of Campingpark Ostseestrand Kiel

Camping Park Waldesruh Baltic

Neuland 5, 24321 Behrensdorf, Germany

GPS : 54.3580331, 10.5998573

Users reviews of Camping Park Waldesruh Baltic Kiel

Campingplatz Wees am Ostseefjord Schlei

An de Wees 16, 24354 Kosel, Germany

GPS : 54.52299, 9.7239

Users reviews of Campingplatz Wees am Ostseefjord Schlei Kiel

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