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My Opinion about Camping Berger

Camping Berger is a campsite in Cologne, located on the Rhine river. The campsite has stands with shade. Camping Berger is located close to a sandy beach. It is possible to rent rooms. There is a playground at the campsite. It is close to hotels, restaurants and fast food. You can rest in it to light a fire or lie down to sleep


Famous traveler Amina Watts - recommended camping pitch the wild of Cologne.

If you love camping and want to stay in your tent around the Cologne make sure that you are prepared. If you choose to stay on Café - Camping - Wiesenhaus or Camping Jillieshof which is 34.92 kilometers away however always pay attention have painkillers with you.

Best & cheap campsite near Cologne

In the neighborhood of the Cologne you can find Camping Jillieshof located at Ginsterbergweg 6, 53604 Bad Honnef, Germany with is 64.4 kilometers away from Camping Strandterrasse located at Grind 1, 41541 Dormagen, Germany. If you forget tent ask Amina Watts from Café - Camping - Wiesenhaus.

Best campigns in Cologne

Camping Berger is a good place to visit and relax. Berger was once one of the best beaches on the Rhine River and the famous beach is still very popular, even today.

I would recommend Camping Berger for a beach vacation of at least 10 hours and preferably more. You have plenty of space to swim and sunbathe in the sand at the beach.

My Thoughts on Berthing Berthing The most important thing regarding a Berthing is the safety of the guest. There were only two incidents of drowning on the Berthing.

My friend, a German, came with me on a short camping trip on the Berthing. He was on this trip from Germany to Germany. After we got to Camping Berger, there were at least 4 other people who also had drowned. It was not an isolated incident.  Another unfortunate incident was reported on the Berthing.

We got on the Berthing to walk on the sand and got jumped by some people, who jumped back and hit us on our feet and the back of our heads, resulting in our death. The person who jumped me also jumped another person who had also jumped me, leaving one who was also in the same boat with us.

They all tried to climb onto the Berthing and had to get off at a rock before they were all able to get on the sand. We had to use a rope to put on the rope, and that made it even harder for these other people on the sand.

We had to go to Cologne University Hospital, where it is treated for serious injuries. We were treated on the scene, but we were sent home for a night or two after the hospital was closed off, with my family.

Café - Camping - Wiesenhaus

Weidenweg 100, 51105 Köln, Germany

GPS : 50.8991828, 6.9975024

Users reviews of Café - Camping - Wiesenhaus Cologne

Camping Berger

Uferstraße 71, 50996 Köln, Germany

GPS : 50.8908344, 7.0227924

Users reviews of Camping Berger Cologne

Camping Strandterrasse

Grind 1, 41541 Dormagen, Germany

GPS : 51.1442617, 6.8208361

Users reviews of Camping Strandterrasse Cologne

Camping Jillieshof

Ginsterbergweg 6, 53604 Bad Honnef, Germany

GPS : 50.649852, 7.2995599999999

Users reviews of Camping Jillieshof Cologne

Camping Altenahr

53505 Altenahr, Germany

GPS : 50.5135822, 6.9869128

Users reviews of Camping Altenahr Cologne

Camping Golden Mile

Simrockweg 9 - 13, 53424 Remagen, Germany

GPS : 50.576216, 7.251047

Users reviews of Camping Golden Mile Cologne

Camping Krawinkel

Bogenstraße 26, 53819 Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, Germany

GPS : 50.84608, 7.3689101

Users reviews of Camping Krawinkel Cologne

Wellness-Rheinpark-Camping Bad Hönningen

Allee St.Pierre Les Nemours 1, 53557 Bad Hönningen, Germany

GPS : 50.510814, 7.3088513

Users reviews of Wellness-Rheinpark-Camping Bad Hönningen Cologne

Camping Rurthal of Abercron

Sankt-Georg-Straße 99, 52396 Heimbach-Blens, Germany

GPS : 50.65471, 6.4910701

Users reviews of Camping Rurthal of Abercron Cologne

Camping Viktoria-Station

Alte Mühle 1, 53505 Ahrbrück, Germany

GPS : 50.506692, 6.979097

Users reviews of Camping Viktoria-Station Cologne

Camping Denntal

Denntalstraße 49, 53506 Ahrbrück, Germany

GPS : 50.4757605, 6.9865082

Users reviews of Camping Denntal Cologne

Gut Halfeshof

Diepensiepen 20, Für das Navigationsgerät lieber: Talstrasse 189, 40822 Mettmann, Germany

GPS : 51.235821, 6.9725579999999

Users reviews of Gut Halfeshof Cologne

Camping and Restaurant Hildegard Wickesberg

Wochenendplatz Beverblick 1, 42499 Hückeswagen, Germany

GPS : 51.15196, 7.36592

Users reviews of Camping and Restaurant Hildegard Wickesberg Cologne

Camping Rursee

Seerandweg 26, 52152 Simmerath, Germany

GPS : 50.6178013, 6.3763243

Users reviews of Camping Rursee Cologne

Camping Harfenmühle

Camping Harfenmühle, Harfenmühle 2, 55758 Mörschied, Germany

GPS : 49.804395, 7.269678

Users reviews of Camping Harfenmühle Cologne

Camping De Oosterdriessen

Oosterweg 1A, 6245 LC Eijsden, Netherlands

GPS : 50.7999767, 5.7063648

Users reviews of Camping De Oosterdriessen Cologne

Camping Rheineck

Mühlenstraße, 53498 Bad Breisig, Germany

GPS : 50.4916288, 7.3099301

Users reviews of Camping Rheineck Cologne

Campingpark Zell / Mosel e. K.

Moselufer, 56856 Zell (Mosel), Germany

GPS : 50.0335178, 7.1748494

Users reviews of Campingpark Zell / Mosel e. K. Cologne


Midden Peelweg 5, 5975 MZ Sevenum, Netherlands

GPS : 51.3831125, 5.9761851000001

Users reviews of Schatberg Cologne

T C James & Sons Churchtown Farm Caravan & Camping site

19 Churchtown Rd, Churchtown Farm, Gwithian, Caravan & Camping site, Hayle TR27 5BX, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.2223794, -5.3869351

Users reviews of T C James & Sons Churchtown Farm Caravan & Camping site Cologne

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