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Campsites in Berlin chosen by Grayson Browning - famous survivalist and outdoor youtuber.

If you love camping and want to stay in your tent around the Berlin read carefully those informations. Check that your campground have the wood for campfire available .


The cheapest camping pitch outside Berlin

In the neighborhood of the Berlin you can find Wohnmobilpark Berlin, Inh. Helge Duijkers Campingplatz located at Waidmannsluster Damm 12, 13507 Berlin, Germany with is 36.99 kilometers away from Campingplatz Krossinsee 1930 GmbH located at Wernsdorfer Str. 38, 12527 Berlin, Germany. Please contact with Emersyn Andrews if you have any trouble with your stay.

Living in Berlin - time for camping

Life in a big city like Berlin is very stressful and limits human contact with nature/.

As psychologists say contact with nature is necessary to maintain a healthy balance and happy life. Therefore, we recommend everyone living in Berlin weekend trips outside the city in a caravan or in a car type Camper to spend a nice time with family friends away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

How to book a campsite in Berlin ?

If you are looking for a camping pitch with good conditions and equipment - please refer to our list below. 

We search for the best camping spots all over Germany and add them to our carefully selected or catalog where you can see with your children diminutive equipment you can make visits to a campsite in the Berlin area and more.
Our range covers practically the whole of Europe, the United States and Australia

A camping paradise

Campground enthusiasts have known about it for a long time that Germany, with 2,500 campsites, is a real paradise. Most of the campings are very modernly equipped and located in attractive tourist places - in a picturesque landscape or near large cities. The campsites are usually open from April to October.

Berlin is in the heart of the world's most important city, the center of Europe and has an almost legendary history. The city is home to numerous famous museums such as the German Institute of the Art, the Berlin Art Museum, the Art Museum of the International Order, the Berlin Museum and the International Gallery of Fine Art.
Berlin has a reputation for having been home to the world's largest military bases in the history of Germany. This means it could be the capital for a military base located in the heart of Berlin, Germany!
Berlin provides more options for those looking for a great camping place to go to than just to see one of Europe's major cities, you should check out a good site like Berling-Brucken, the Berlin Zoo is a great place to see animals in their natural habitats, and the Berling-Gladbach Museum offers a lot of history to visit. Berlin is also the location of several other German cities such as Berlin International Airport and Berlin Zoo.
Berlin is located approximately 15 minutes from the main international city of Paris and about 1 hour 30 minutes south of the German city of Berlin.
Berlin's best camping spot in Germany is the city of Rangorn where there are many different types of camping options available. Here you will find a number of different options ranging from camping in the city parks and on the beaches and the city center with some great views.

Top 10 campsites near Berlin - our choice

The most beautiful ones in Berlin are located at the top of the N.Museums. In the north, the famous 'Wüthungsmarienst' is in the town of Wien , the area at a beautiful view from the top of N.Museums.

A pretty nice establishment could be found at the end of the road 115 - near Frost Grunewald. You can get there foot - thanks to the one cambrian camping site at a time at the highest level with very nice views over the Wien mountains. The N.Museums is in the center of town but is a lot smaller.

You can choose the camp at the best site, which is not too far, and then you can leave your tent in the best location at the very end with a view to the Wien mountains.

There are also nice campsites and restaurants on the top of N.Museums.The most famous and expensive cambrian campsites are at the Nürnberg Castle. These may not be as nice as the Nürnberg Castle but they are a few stops from the city of Nürnberg. The most picturesque and beautiful ones are at the Nürnberg castle.

The Nuerburg castle, which is near the Nürnberg train station and has some wonderful views of the Berlin skyline, is located in the area of the Nürnberg castle. The Nürnberg castle is not in the center of Nürnberg and is not very close to the old town.

The Nürnberg camp is in the middle of the park and the park is about a 15 minutes walk, or you may take a bus from the city with a bus station close by. There are even cambrian camp sites near to the city center and the Nürnberg castle.

The most beautiful cambrian camp, near to the main railway station, is near to the Nürnberg Castle, but on a bit higher ground. There is a beautiful view of the city from the top.

Wohnmobil Oase Berlin

Hochstraße 4, 13357 Berlin, Germany

GPS : 52.54897, 13.3833201

Users reviews of Wohnmobil Oase Berlin Berlin

Hotel und City Camping Berlin 1 Hettler & Lange

Gartenfelder Str. 1, 13599 Berlin, Germany

GPS : 52.54868, 13.25623

Users reviews of Hotel und City Camping Berlin 1 Hettler & Lange Berlin

Berliner Camping-Club e.V. Zeltplatz Breitehorn

Breitehornweg 40, 14089 Berlin, Germany

GPS : 52.4646696, 13.1793237

Users reviews of Berliner Camping-Club e.V. Zeltplatz Breitehorn Berlin

Berlin Camping Club e. V. - Place Bürgerablage

Niederneuendorfer Allee 63, 13587 Berlin, Germany

GPS : 52.581187, 13.212754

Users reviews of Berlin Camping Club e. V. - Place Bürgerablage Berlin

DCC-Campingplatz Berlin-Kladow

Krampnitzer Weg 111-117, 14089 Berlin, Germany

GPS : 52.4537372, 13.113806

Users reviews of DCC-Campingplatz Berlin-Kladow Berlin

Hotel und City Camping 2 Hettler & Lange

Bäkehang 9A, 14532 Kleinmachnow, Germany

GPS : 52.40003, 13.17977

Users reviews of Hotel und City Camping 2 Hettler & Lange Berlin

Campingplatz am Mahlower See bei Berlin

Teltower Str. 34, 15831 Blankenfelde-Mahlow, Germany

GPS : 52.36443, 13.37556

Users reviews of Campingplatz am Mahlower See bei Berlin Berlin

DCC-Campingplatz Berlin-Gatow

Kladower Damm 207 - 213, 14089 Berlin, Germany

GPS : 52.4652611, 13.1651774

Users reviews of DCC-Campingplatz Berlin-Gatow Berlin

Campingplatz Krossinsee 1930 GmbH

Wernsdorfer Str. 38, 12527 Berlin, Germany

GPS : 52.36857, 13.68845

Users reviews of Campingplatz Krossinsee 1930 GmbH Berlin

Schwielowsee Camping

Dorfstraße 50, 14548 Schwielowsee, Germany

GPS : 52.314808, 12.944346

Users reviews of Schwielowsee Camping Berlin

Wohnmobilpark Berlin, Inh. Helge Duijkers Campingplatz

Waidmannsluster Damm 12, 13507 Berlin, Germany

GPS : 52.5955502, 13.2890653

Users reviews of Wohnmobilpark Berlin, Inh. Helge Duijkers Campingplatz Berlin

Campingplatz Himmelreich

Wentorf-Insel 38, 14548 Schwielowsee, Germany

GPS : 52.3526236, 12.9888611

Users reviews of Campingplatz Himmelreich Berlin

Camping "Am Liepnitzsee"

Am Liepnitzsee 8 A, 16348 Wandlitz OT Lanke, Germany

GPS : 52.7553508, 13.5173259

Users reviews of Camping "Am Liepnitzsee" Berlin

Campingplatz Berlin-Wannsee

Albrechts Teerofen 33-35, 14109 Berlin, Germany

GPS : 52.3963734, 13.1655898

Users reviews of Campingplatz Berlin-Wannsee Berlin

Camping An der Havel

Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Weg 33, 14669 Ketzin, Germany

GPS : 52.4699558, 12.8495622

Users reviews of Camping An der Havel Berlin

Camping Bestensee

Freudenthal 25, 15741 Bestensee, Germany

GPS : 52.2551222, 13.669293

Users reviews of Camping Bestensee Berlin

Gruenheider Ferien Park

Am Schlangenluch 27, 15537 Grünheide (Mark), Germany

GPS : 52.4194391, 13.8324315

Users reviews of Gruenheider Ferien Park Berlin

Country Camping Tiefensee Voss E. K.

Schmiedeweg 1, 16356 Werneuchen, Germany

GPS : 52.6799, 13.85052

Users reviews of Country Camping Tiefensee Voss E. K. Berlin

Campingpark Sanssouci

An der Pirschheide 41, 14471 Potsdam, Germany

GPS : 52.3616656, 13.007344

Users reviews of Campingpark Sanssouci Berlin

Camping- und Ferienpark am Plauer See

Plauer Landstraße 200, 14774 Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany

GPS : 52.399957, 12.437257

Users reviews of Camping- und Ferienpark am Plauer See Berlin

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