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On the next camp I went to Munich where it was supposed to be better than in Dresden. At first glance, everything is good, good price for entering a lot of space. I was supposed to be there for 2 nights. I bought a new larger tent for this. At night, no sounds were heard.
In the morning I ate a sandwich and Banana and drank water. I was walking in the forest until 19 o'clock. I thought I would get lost but I was able to find my way back and another night was successful. I could give this place a reward for the best camping. 


Best campings holidays in Munich

If you love camping and want to stay in your tent around the Munich don't forget about proper preparations. If you are in Camping Utting am Ammersee there should be a electricity but as any good prepper you should have a first aid kit in your EDC.

Campsite must have in the Munich

If you looking for a campground with fence around campsite you can check Camping Utting am Ammersee located at Im Freizeitgelände 5, 86919 Utting am Ammersee, Germany with is only 65.49 kilometers away from Campingplatz "Lido" am Schliersee located at Westerbergstraße 27, 83727 Schliersee, Germany. Those camping pitch are equipped with bathroom and drinking water.

Best campings in Munich 

I got the feeling it could be very hot. I left in the morning.  On the bus to the camp I was supposed to be, it was packed and very difficult to see the camp. The next day, I got the information that they had closed. I had to find another camp.

We went to another camp, the second one we wanted to go to, was the one I had to leave.   I asked for the info on the next camp, I was supposed to be there for the 2nd night with an extra tent.

I was told by a guy at the bus stop I had to take a bus to get there. So I did and he offered me the chance to come with him. I was not able to get that last part because all the places were very crowded.

At the next camp, the first day of camp there were about 20 people. On the way, there was a huge group of girls playing basketball, that is not my type, so we were separated.

So, we got on the buses and I left for the next camp. The next camp was in a place of the same size but it was a little bigger, I was worried because I had my camera phone in my hand and we could not make out the people. On the bus, the bus driver said that it would take about an hour.

So I took an extra ride with him, there were 10 girls on one side and 10 boys and girls on the other one.We went to another camp. Again we were separated again.

On the way I took an extra ride with the same bus driver but he changed his mind about getting to each group. He finally decided to go with us and he had about a 1:30 hour delay.        

Love story on KAISER CAMPING Outdoor Resort Bad Feilnbach near Munich campsite

Many people found love on campsites. Munich is not an exception in that matter. It is a fact that numerous hiking trails favors amorous elation. Even home help form San Diego named Tobias Hunter fall in love in Munich campsite. The camp belongs to private property of a member of the Christian community.

The owner never wants to talk about the matter and he/she prefers not to show the place as well. Nevertheless the fact, that Tobias Hunter has been a part of the campsite was evident. On the first night Tobias Hunter, his wife, their daughter of the age of five and his mom were staying in the campsite.

Tobias Hunter had a few beers. The night was a stormy. The rain fell without any interrupt and the thunderstorm made the lightning strike several times.

The night was rather terrible for Tobias Hunter who was on camping in Munich. The noise and noise of nature created an uneasiness in Toby Hunter. It was about 3 o'clock in the morning. Tobias Hunter woke up. He sat up and looked around.

He wondered how they can have such an uncomfortable night. His wife had fallen asleep at his side. Tobias Hunter looked at his sleeping family and wondered why Suddenly, a weird and scary sight took his eyes.

He could have imagined everything that he had seen, although he did not have any alcohol to have a hallucination. His wife was sitting on the other side of him. He did not feel anything, just being in love.

Then his wife started to feel something when, on their way back home, there was a terrible incident. It was a moment when everything was over: his love, his happiness.

His wife's happiness had ended; but he was a man and he continued to live as a man without understanding what had happened to him. He did not know if he would ever have children.

He wondered if he still loved them, and whether he really loved them. He knew he might be suffering even before they were born. He remembered the joy of their births, and what had made him happy when they were born. He could never imagine the pain that was making him suffer at the moment.

He did not feel like a man anymore. He could not even imagine a feeling of happiness or of love. He did not know where his thoughts went, where his fear, his pain, his grief, and his bitterness led him.

He only knew he had crossed a very dangerous and risky line. For him, it was the last. This was his last night. 

Campingplatz München Thalkirchen

Zentralländstraße 49, 81379 München, Germany

GPS : 48.0923742, 11.546022

Users reviews of Campingplatz München Thalkirchen Munich

The Tent Munich

In den Kirschen 30, 80992 München, Germany

GPS : 48.16778, 11.50222

Users reviews of The Tent Munich Munich

Oktoberfest Camping

De-Gasperi-Bogen, 81829 München, Germany

GPS : 48.1347575, 11.7074224

Users reviews of Oktoberfest Camping Munich


Lochhausener Str. 59, 81247 München, Germany

GPS : 48.1749809, 11.4461613

Users reviews of München-Obermenzing Munich

Camping Ampersee GmbH

Josef-Kistler-Weg 5, 82140 Olching, Germany

GPS : 48.2288138, 11.3591674

Users reviews of Camping Ampersee GmbH Munich

Campingplatz Nord-West

Auf den Schrederwiesen 3, 80995 München, Germany

GPS : 48.19887, 11.49674

Users reviews of Campingplatz Nord-West Munich

Freie Sportgemeinschaft Amperland e. V.

Siedlerstraße 18, 82275 Emmering, Germany

GPS : 48.1883984, 11.2959429

Users reviews of Freie Sportgemeinschaft Amperland e. V. Munich


St.-Heinricher-Straße 127, 82402 Seeshaupt, Germany

GPS : 47.8202596, 11.3239501

Users reviews of Camping-Seeshaupt Munich

Camping Utting am Ammersee

Im Freizeitgelände 5, 86919 Utting am Ammersee, Germany

GPS : 48.0282321, 11.0966221

Users reviews of Camping Utting am Ammersee Munich

Lech Camping

Seeweg 6, 86444 Affing, Germany

GPS : 48.4368327, 10.9290792

Users reviews of Lech Camping Munich

Campingplatz beim Fischer

Buchscharnstraße 10, 82541 Münsing, Germany

GPS : 47.826447, 11.338926

Users reviews of Campingplatz beim Fischer Munich

KAISER CAMPING Outdoor Resort Bad Feilnbach

Reithof 2, 83075 Bad Feilnbach, Germany

GPS : 47.789763, 12.0060563

Users reviews of KAISER CAMPING Outdoor Resort Bad Feilnbach Munich

Campingplatz Demmelhof

Stallau 148, 83646 Bad Toelz, Germany

GPS : 47.7502893, 11.5003681

Users reviews of Campingplatz Demmelhof Munich

Camping Hopfensee

Fischerbichl 17, 87629 Füssen, Germany

GPS : 47.601413, 10.683499

Users reviews of Camping Hopfensee Munich

Campingplatz "Lido" am Schliersee

Westerbergstraße 27, 83727 Schliersee, Germany

GPS : 47.7278852, 11.8521821

Users reviews of Campingplatz "Lido" am Schliersee Munich

Camping Halbinsel Burg

Burgweg 41, 82418 Seehausen am Staffelsee, Germany

GPS : 47.684598, 11.1778482

Users reviews of Camping Halbinsel Burg Munich

Camping Stein

See 10, 83093 Bad Endorf, Germany

GPS : 47.8841912, 12.2691728

Users reviews of Camping Stein Munich

Camping Brugger am Riegsee

Seestraße 2, 82447 Spatzenhausen, Germany

GPS : 47.67875, 11.19332

Users reviews of Camping Brugger am Riegsee Munich

Campingplatz Brugger

Dorfstraße 5, 82418 Spatzenhausen, Germany

GPS : 47.7063557, 11.2163813

Users reviews of Campingplatz Brugger Munich

Campingplatz Pilsensee

Am Pilsensee 2, 82229 Seefeld, Germany

GPS : 48.0299114, 11.1979019

Users reviews of Campingplatz Pilsensee Munich

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