Are expensive campsites worth the price ?

I recently went to Nuremberg for a camping. I arrived at night because the route was long. On the spot there were grocery stores, supermarkets, bars, restaurants, pizzerias, ATMs, laundries and a whole lot of other amenities. The price for entry was quite high 35 euros for 1 person. I was alone so I paid only 35 euros. At night it was impossible to sleep because there was music in bars and my tent was open so I did not get enough sleep. I decided to rent a house for 60 euros. It was better in him than in a tent. At night I heard almost nothing. Unfortunately for 2 nights I paid 120 euros which was a big expense for me. But the campsite was worth the price because you missed the food you could buy them



Where to spend night in Nuremberg - Charlee Aguilar travel guide?

What is better than living with nature on campground with your friends ? If you are in Nuremberg pay attentions to the following things.If you are in Camping in Bayern there should be a piped potable water but you should always have a sleeping pad in your bag.

The cheapest camping pitch outside Nuremberg

In the neighborhood of the Nuremberg you can find Camping Club Rangau e.V. located at Campingstraße 44, 91056 Erlangen, Germany with is 22.22 kilometers away from Campingplatz Eichensee located at Eichensee 1, 90579 Langenzenn, Germany. If you forget water ask Charlee Aguilar from Camping in Bayern.

One of the best campsites in Nuremberg 

I had been to Nuremberg on a bus for over 20 years. This was my first trip to Nuremberg and I am very disappointed.

In Nuremberg, there are many nice amenities and a large number of campsites (including the ones I didn't have access to). It's a city where we are always asked to pay a lot of money. The first thing the tour guide asked for was my name and address.

No questions asked, but she also made me sign the form and that there was a fee (about $15). I asked her to check for me at all of the places and to call back again with my ID and name.

There was also a little sign about a fee to use the public bus (a couple of miles away), but I wasn't paying much of that. I had been to every bus for the last 2 to 3 hours, and it was almost like a tour guide's business and not something that I could do myself.

It is a good city, but in the end it cost me a lot of money for the two hours I did go there! This is just the beginning! I would suggest to people to go to Nuremberg, it is a really nice city, but the prices can be expensive .

I arrived at Nuremberg in the late afternoon and had to walk from the bus station to my campground. It was a cold night and I didn't think I would sleep well. I had set up my tent early that day so it was easy to set it up.

My campground was not close to the city, and it was surrounded by forest. I walked around the campground looking for the laundry. It was an outdoor laundry, and there were a lot of washboards and drying racks. It was freezing and it was a 15 minute walk to the laundry.

KNAUS Campingpark Nürnberg

Hans-Kalb-Straße 56, 90471 Nürnberg, Germany

GPS : 49.4232085, 11.121494

Users reviews of KNAUS Campingpark Nürnberg Nuremberg

Camping Zur Mühle

Seewaldstraße 75, 90513 Zirndorf, Germany

GPS : 49.43178, 10.92538

Users reviews of Camping Zur Mühle Nuremberg

Campingplatz Heiligenmühle

Heiligenmühle 1, 91227 Leinburg, Germany

GPS : 49.4426387, 11.3028449

Users reviews of Campingplatz Heiligenmühle Nuremberg

Camping Waldsee

Badstraße 37, 91154 Roth-Wallesau, Germany

GPS : 49.18831, 11.12405

Users reviews of Camping Waldsee Nuremberg

Camping Club Rangau e.V.

Campingstraße 44, 91056 Erlangen, Germany

GPS : 49.631528, 10.9477705

Users reviews of Camping Club Rangau e.V. Nuremberg

Camping Frankenalb

Nürnberger Str. 5, 92268 Etzelwang, Germany

GPS : 49.5251989, 11.5820846

Users reviews of Camping Frankenalb Nuremberg

Campingplatz "Bergesruh"

Illhof 3, 90542 Eckental, Germany

GPS : 49.5897977, 11.2677613

Users reviews of Campingplatz "Bergesruh" Nuremberg

Altmuehlsee -Campingplatz Herzog GmbH

Seestraße 12, 91710 Gunzenhausen, Germany

GPS : 49.1271163, 10.743532

Users reviews of Altmuehlsee -Campingplatz Herzog GmbH Nuremberg

Pegnitz Camping

Eschenbacher Weg 4, 91224 Pommelsbrunn, Germany

GPS : 49.5187894, 11.4923232

Users reviews of Pegnitz Camping Nuremberg

AZUR Camping Altmühltal

Campingstraße 1, 85110 Kipfenberg, Germany

GPS : 48.94835, 11.3885999

Users reviews of AZUR Camping Altmühltal Nuremberg

Frankenalb Camping

Nürnberger Str. 5, 92268 Etzelwang, Germany

GPS : 49.5257798, 11.582879

Users reviews of Frankenalb Camping Nuremberg

Camping in Bayern

Im Tal 13, 91278 Pottenstein, Germany

GPS : 49.7842134, 11.360152

Users reviews of Camping in Bayern Nuremberg

Campingplatz Bärenschlucht

Bärenschlucht 1, 91278 Pottenstein, Germany

GPS : 49.7795866, 11.3841637

Users reviews of Campingplatz Bärenschlucht Nuremberg

See Camping Langlau

Seestraße 30, 91738 Pfofeld, Germany

GPS : 49.1271751, 10.8663691

Users reviews of See Camping Langlau Nuremberg

Campingplatz Berg

Hausheimer Str. 31, 92348 Berg bei Neumarkt in der, Germany

GPS : 49.3307922, 11.4303341

Users reviews of Campingplatz Berg Nuremberg

Zum Fischer-Michl

Wald-Seezentrum 4, 91710 Gunzenhausen, Germany

GPS : 49.124329, 10.717237

Users reviews of Zum Fischer-Michl Nuremberg

Steigerwald Camping Münchsteinach

Badstraße 10, 91481 Münchsteinach, Germany

GPS : 49.6402496, 10.5994694

Users reviews of Steigerwald Camping Münchsteinach Nuremberg

camping insel Bamberg

Am Campingpl. 1, 96049 Bamberg, Germany

GPS : 49.8618689, 10.9167837

Users reviews of camping insel Bamberg Nuremberg

Campingplatz Eichensee

Eichensee 1, 90579 Langenzenn, Germany

GPS : 49.4728841, 10.76031

Users reviews of Campingplatz Eichensee Nuremberg

AZUR Camping Wertheim am Main

An den Christwiesen 35, 97877 Wertheim, Germany

GPS : 49.77798, 9.509096

Users reviews of AZUR Camping Wertheim am Main Nuremberg

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