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I went to Marco Polo Mercedes Campus in Stuttgart to camp. I used to fish on keping which I fried on the grill. At night, I used the phone and listened to Music on JBL Flip 4. In the morning I went to the forest to pick up the berries. Then I washed them in a tap and ate them. In the evening I cooked porridge in my motorhome. At 12 in the night, someone listened to music outside of the JBL Boombox so loudly that it was impossible to sleep. I left the Kamper and told him that it is impossible to sleep because it makes so much noise. I woke up and went home far from Stuttgard

Recommended camping pitch the wild of Stuttgart.

If you are going for vacation into Stuttgart and you choose to stay in a camping stay focused on the following things. If you are in Camping Cannstatter Wasen there should be a cooker but as survivalist claims you should always have a headlamp inside your bag.

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In the neighborhood of the Stuttgart you can find Höhen-Camping Langenbrand located at Schömberger Str. 32, 75328 Schömberg, Germany with is 43.47 km away from Camping Tübingen Neckarcamping located at Rappenberghalde 61, 72070 Tübingen, Germany. There shouldn't be a problem with shower or food store.

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I did have to do a little digging but it was worth it. I didn't find out much of anything in the area. I was in the park that day as well and saw some really beautiful beaver dens. 

Anyway, on my last day in Stuttgard I walked into the park (near the city center) and stopped by Avery's and Pumpkin Spice. I was there for a bit, and had a beer in the bar.

I got up to go home and saw that I had been lagged by a day, and I was going to miss a lot of my friends that were going to be out there. My friends were in San Antonio, I am in Austin, and we have not been on a trip yet, but I wanted to check in on the group that was going. I was at a friend's house to hang out, and we had a few beers, and then we were on our way back.

There was an old friend who had just left for work. Anyway, when we got there in the park I thought it was a cool area. At the end of the night, I was at the beaver dens and I met a few of them, and we were all chatting.

I got the hang of fishing and picked up some beavers. I was able to find a decent spot for a hook to hang from, and I was able to have a nice meal for a couple.

It was nice seeing my friends with a nice meal. Anyway, we had a lot of fun there. It is nice that the parks and nature have given me a place where I am not forced to spend so much time out and about. 

We went camping in the woods to see the beaver dens and catch up on my time with my friends (and a little bit of beer).

Why you should never trust strangers in Stuttgart

Here is some facts at the beginning. Joanna Hubbard is my colleague and he work as dentist. In 2014 he moved from Los Angeles to Stuttgart and since then ive been having some problem with my teeth, so finally I decided visit a dentist.

When he started, I felt that he was professional, but a little bit of shy, but as the time went on, Im kinda got the impression that he didnt want to talk to me, but to himself and to himself.

After he finished he told me that I had no cavities, no bad teeth and everything seems to be fine. Then he said that he had to do things to a part of my mouth and he didnt tell me what these things were.

Camping Cannstatter Wasen

Mercedesstraße 40, 70372 Stuttgart, Germany

GPS : 48.793906, 9.2188610000001

Users reviews of Camping Cannstatter Wasen Stuttgart

Camping Erbenwald

Camping Erbenwald 1, 75387 Neubulach, Germany

GPS : 48.677459, 8.689372

Users reviews of Camping Erbenwald Stuttgart

Camping Carpe Diem

Martinshölzle, 72218 Wildberg, Germany

GPS : 48.6124693, 8.7351054000001

Users reviews of Camping Carpe Diem Stuttgart

Camping Tübingen Neckarcamping

Rappenberghalde 61, 72070 Tübingen, Germany

GPS : 48.5099999, 9.0354052

Users reviews of Camping Tübingen Neckarcamping Stuttgart

International Camping Schwarzwald

Freibadweg 1, 75242 Neuhausen, Germany

GPS : 48.819908, 8.735057

Users reviews of International Camping Schwarzwald Stuttgart

Stromberg Camping

Diefenbacher Str. 70, 75438 Knittlingen-Freudenstein, Germany

GPS : 49.0349256, 8.8332949000001

Users reviews of Stromberg Camping Stuttgart

Camping Pfählhof GmbH

Pfählhof 2, 72574 Bad Urach, Germany

GPS : 48.504224, 9.42549

Users reviews of Camping Pfählhof GmbH Stuttgart

Camping Müllerwiese

Hirschtalstraße 3, 75337 Enzklösterle, Germany

GPS : 48.6647466, 8.4665961000001

Users reviews of Camping Müllerwiese Stuttgart

Camping Park Bad Liebenzell Inh. Debra Lee Kappi

Pforzheimer Str. 34, 75378 Bad Liebenzell, Germany

GPS : 48.778112, 8.731229

Users reviews of Camping Park Bad Liebenzell Inh. Debra Lee Kappi Stuttgart

Campingplatz Aichelberg

Bunzenberg 1, 73101 Aichelberg, Germany

GPS : 48.6403699, 9.5550109000001

Users reviews of Campingplatz Aichelberg Stuttgart

Camping Heidehof

Heidehofstraße 50, 89150 Laichingen, Germany

GPS : 48.478109, 9.7461069999999

Users reviews of Camping Heidehof Stuttgart

Höhen-Camping Langenbrand

Schömberger Str. 32, 75328 Schömberg, Germany

GPS : 48.7985081, 8.6357852

Users reviews of Höhen-Camping Langenbrand Stuttgart

Campingplatz Lauberg

Hinter Lau 7, 72587 Römerstein, Germany

GPS : 48.4854822, 9.5072332

Users reviews of Campingplatz Lauberg Stuttgart

Alb-Camping Westerheim

Am Campingplatz 1, 72589 Westerheim, Germany

GPS : 48.5094032, 9.6095628

Users reviews of Alb-Camping Westerheim Stuttgart

Camping Waldpark Hohenstadt

Waldpark 1, 73345 Hohenstadt, Germany

GPS : 48.5496006, 9.6679311

Users reviews of Camping Waldpark Hohenstadt Stuttgart

Schwarzwald Camping

Im Oberen Tal 3-5, 72213 Altensteig, Germany

GPS : 48.584654, 8.578747

Users reviews of Schwarzwald Camping Stuttgart

Camping Hilsbachtal

Campingplatz Eichmühle 1, 74889 Sinsheim, Germany

GPS : 49.1782218, 8.86797

Users reviews of Camping Hilsbachtal Stuttgart

Camping Quellgrund


GPS : 48.8098469, 8.5831348

Users reviews of Camping Quellgrund Stuttgart

Camping Seewiese

Seestraße 11, 74629 Pfedelbach, Germany

GPS : 49.1539, 9.49941

Users reviews of Camping Seewiese Stuttgart

Leisure Park Camping Schüttehof

Schütteberg 7-9, 72160 Horb am Neckar, Germany

GPS : 48.4456534, 8.6762568

Users reviews of Leisure Park Camping Schüttehof Stuttgart

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