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My History in Bielefeld 

Bielefeld is a big city. I was looking for a good campsite within 60km I chose camping Meyer zu Bentrup. the road was pleasant, I did not encounter any difficulties. The people were very nice and they showed me around the campsite. I decided to pick up the mushrooms. Rent a Mercedes Marco Polo motorhome. the night was not calm because it was raining. This campsite is worth going with your equipment because the price for renting is very large. The advantages include a large amount of fish in the lake. It is also worth taking a fishing rod, tinder and first aid kit because there is a lot of nettles there. I do not recommend going there in August because prices are higher than in June or July.



Great outdoor adventures in the wild of Bielefeld.

What is better than living with nature on campground with your friends ? If you are in Bielefeld don't forget about proper preparations. Check that your campground have the drinking water available.

Best & cheap campsite near Bielefeld

In the neighborhood of the Bielefeld you can find Meyer zu Bentrup located at Vogelweide 2, 33649 Bielefeld, Germany with is 21.99 kilometers away from Campotel located at Heidland 65, 49214 Bad Rothenfelde, Germany. There shouldn't be a problem with piped potable water or drinking water.

Most comfortable campings in Bielefeld 

Monday and went to camp. I was pleasantly surprised. The area is very compact. I have no problem with the water level, the campsite is very nice and there is quite a bit of space for the camping equipment.

It is good for those who would like to take a short break on the way home on an easy route, and for those who want to spend a lot of time in the mountains. I spent my monday in the camp and the evening I went out on the lake. I really enjoyed it and could easily see it going to Berne in the next 2 weeks. The food was good and there was a good amount of camp food available. It was very good to have good campsites in such a big and compact city. It was very easy to find a good camp and the quality was quite good.

The staff at the camp were very friendly, easy to get to in a hurry, and they were also very helpful in my experience. I really recommend Bielefeld to anyone looking for a beautiful place to camp with good food, water and accommodation. It is an amazing city and I had a blast in it. References.

My previous visit to Bielefeld, which took place in September of last year.

Meyer zu Bentrup

Vogelweide 2, 33649 Bielefeld, Germany

GPS : 52.0059501, 8.4595159

Users reviews of Meyer zu Bentrup Bielefeld

Campingplatz GmbH

Vogelweide 9, 33649 Bielefeld, Germany

GPS : 52.0055265, 8.4580059

Users reviews of Campingplatz GmbH Bielefeld

Camping Elisabethsee - Tobias Hülsewig

Reitweg 86, 32051 Herford, Germany

GPS : 52.1082, 8.5762

Users reviews of Camping Elisabethsee - Tobias Hülsewig Bielefeld

Camping in the pines

Föhrenweg 5, 33758 Stukenbrock, Germany

GPS : 51.90254, 8.62089

Users reviews of Camping in the pines Bielefeld

Campingplatz Heidekamp

Vechtestraße 4, 33775 Versmold, Germany

GPS : 52.0023671, 8.1006125

Users reviews of Campingplatz Heidekamp Bielefeld


Nordstraße 109, 49084 Osnabrück, Germany

GPS : 52.2917631, 8.1041202

Users reviews of Niedersachsenhof Bielefeld

Campingplatz Quellental

Quellenstraße 55, 32758 Detmold, Germany

GPS : 51.9331378, 8.7694185

Users reviews of Campingplatz Quellental Bielefeld

Camping Park Kalletal at Stemmer Lake

Seeweg 1, 32689 Kalletal, Germany

GPS : 52.1764447, 9.0016873

Users reviews of Camping Park Kalletal at Stemmer Lake Bielefeld

Camping and swimming lake Grosser Weserbogen

Zum Südlichen See 1, 32457 Porta Westfalica, Germany

GPS : 52.222101, 8.837977

Users reviews of Camping and swimming lake Grosser Weserbogen Bielefeld

Campingparadies Lippstädter Lakeland

Seeuferstraße 14, 59558 Lippstadt, Germany

GPS : 51.701394, 8.408178

Users reviews of Campingparadies Lippstädter Lakeland Bielefeld

Camping Park Münsterland Eichenhof

Feldmark 3, 48336 Sassenberg, Germany

GPS : 52.004464, 8.0639630000001

Users reviews of Camping Park Münsterland Eichenhof Bielefeld

Campingplatz am Furlbach

Am Furlbach 33, 33758 Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock, Germany

GPS : 51.87126, 8.67195

Users reviews of Campingplatz am Furlbach Bielefeld


Heidland 65, 49214 Bad Rothenfelde, Germany

GPS : 52.096731, 8.1736550000001

Users reviews of Campotel Bielefeld

Camping Hohensyburg

Syburger Dorfstraße 69, 44265 Dortmund, Germany

GPS : 51.4200772, 7.493915

Users reviews of Camping Hohensyburg Bielefeld

Camping- & Ferienpark Teichmann

Zum Träumen 1A, 34516 Vöhl, Germany

GPS : 51.175269, 8.890927

Users reviews of Camping- & Ferienpark Teichmann Bielefeld

Alfsee Ferien und Erholungs Park

Am Campingpark 10, 49597 Rieste, Germany

GPS : 52.4844202, 7.9897965

Users reviews of Alfsee Ferien und Erholungs Park Bielefeld

Grönegau-Park Ludwigsee

Nemdener Str. 12, 49326 Melle, Germany

GPS : 52.2264397, 8.2638499

Users reviews of Grönegau-Park Ludwigsee Bielefeld

Camping & Ferienpark Falkensteinsee

Falkensteinsee 1, Ferienhausgebiet, 27777 Ganderkesee, Germany

GPS : 53.04702, 8.46403

Users reviews of Camping & Ferienpark Falkensteinsee Bielefeld

Camping am Waldbad

Pferdeweg 2, 31787 Hameln, Germany

GPS : 52.1063687, 9.2958874999999

Users reviews of Camping am Waldbad Bielefeld

Camping am Stausee

Neuenheerse, 33014 Bad Driburg, Germany

GPS : 51.6682097, 8.9974969

Users reviews of Camping am Stausee Bielefeld

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