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My History on camping in Frankfurt 

When I came to Frankfurt it was too cold for camping but it did not bother me. It was a quiet night so I worked on a laptop. On the second day I went to the cinema for a movie and then came back to the campsite. At night, some cats came to the campsite and started to eat other people's things. In the morning no one had food, but I was left with one sandwich. I paid 29 euros and drove from the campsite to fast food. The burgers were really tasty. I recommend coming to this place because it is one of the best places to rest in Germany

So remember - newer leave your food unprotected :)

Great outdoor adventures in the wild of Frankfurt.

If you love camping and want to stay in your tent around the Frankfurt make sure that you are well organized. If you are in Camping Aumühle there should be a bathroom but you should never forget sleeping bag.

Campsite must have in the Frankfurt

If you looking for a campground with electricity you can check Camping Aumühle located at Naheweinstraße 65, 55444 Schweppenhausen, Germany with is only 86.31 km away from Campingplatz Bärensee located at Zum Bärensee 1, 63452 Hanau, Germany. There shouldn't be a problem with picnic table or flush toilet.

My story of campsite near Frankfurt

You can call me lucky because I adapt very fast to rough environment and and I would sleep on the concrete floor if necessary.

But let's go back to the beginning. The fist night after our arrival night was very cold and I slept in my own tent because the temperature at night was usually too cold for tents but it is okay at camp because of the wind chill and the temperature is not too terrible.

I was not sure if I wanted to live in a small tent for the first night, especially with this cold and wind chill so I decided to go for a two day trip. I thought about staying in the village and camping in the summer but I was scared of cats in the village and not sleeping so I went for a short trip to the river and then the village of Nurnfjord.

The only thing about the Nurnfjord that made me uncomfortable in the village was that the village only had one road to the town so I had to make the journey by foot (it made me feel lonely). I decided to stay in another village and I could live the rest of my life there or I could live in an apartment. I did not have a choice because of the cold weather (in the coldest month in the summer I was -11°C, in the warmest month the coldest month is -8°C).

In the itself village, I lived with my friends, but we ate in a restaurant at the village.

The first few days in Nurnfjord were very comfortable. The people were friendly and the roads were beautiful because every house had a road so I could walk from one side to the other. I did not really do well in the cold. I could not sleep in the cold and the cold was always the main issue in this place.

As for the food at the campsite at Nurnfjord: After dinner we had to wait until there was enough time and then we could go home. On the second night I had not eaten anything but the last couple of days I tried to eat a little but my stomach was full and I was unable to eat anything else than and rice and drink water.

City- Frankfurt

An der Sandelmühle 35B, 60439 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

GPS : 50.163836, 8.6508123

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Campingplatz Mainkur

Frankfurter Landstraße 107, 63477 Maintal, Germany

GPS : 50.1382638, 8.7828941

Users reviews of Campingplatz Mainkur Frankfurt

Campingplatz Dreieich-Offenthal

Bahnhofstraße 77, 63303 Dreieich, Germany

GPS : 49.985758, 8.7576799999999

Users reviews of Campingplatz Dreieich-Offenthal Frankfurt

Nörre Lyngvig Camping

65428 Rüsselsheim, Germany

GPS : 49.995036, 8.4187227

Users reviews of Nörre Lyngvig Camping Frankfurt

Campsite and lakes Mainhausen

Seestraße 11, 63533 Mainhausen, Germany

GPS : 50.022938, 9.02122

Users reviews of Campsite and lakes Mainhausen Frankfurt

Campingplatz Am Steinrodsee

Triftweg 33, 64331 Weiterstadt, Germany

GPS : 49.944371, 8.604526

Users reviews of Campingplatz Am Steinrodsee Frankfurt

Campingplatz Bärensee

Zum Bärensee 1, 63452 Hanau, Germany

GPS : 50.1520316, 8.951773

Users reviews of Campingplatz Bärensee Frankfurt

Camping Park Hammelbach

Gasse 17, 64689 Grasellenbach, Germany

GPS : 49.632117, 8.829853

Users reviews of Camping Park Hammelbach Frankfurt

Camping Aumühle

Naheweinstraße 65, 55444 Schweppenhausen, Germany

GPS : 49.933669, 7.7916506

Users reviews of Camping Aumühle Frankfurt

Freizeitgebiet Großwelzheim

Kirchweg 1, 63791 Karlstein am Main, Germany

GPS : 50.0588931, 9.0137753

Users reviews of Freizeitgebiet Großwelzheim Frankfurt

Naturpark-Camping Suleika

Im Bodenthal 2, 65391 Lorch, Germany

GPS : 50.0183294, 7.8550248

Users reviews of Naturpark-Camping Suleika Frankfurt

AZUR Camping Wertheim am Main

An den Christwiesen 35, 97877 Wertheim, Germany

GPS : 49.77798, 9.509096

Users reviews of AZUR Camping Wertheim am Main Frankfurt


55422 Bacharach, Germany

GPS : 50.0536509, 7.7725888

Users reviews of Sonnenstrand Frankfurt

Nibelungen-Camping am Schwimmbad

Tiefertswinkel 20, 64658 Fürth im Odenwald, Germany

GPS : 49.6594724, 8.7837911

Users reviews of Nibelungen-Camping am Schwimmbad Frankfurt

Odenwald Idyll Campingplatz

Campingplatz 1, 64405 Fischbachtal, Germany

GPS : 49.7760097, 8.8093117

Users reviews of Odenwald Idyll Campingplatz Frankfurt

Camping Heidelberg-Neckartal

Schlierbacher Landstraße 151, 69118 Heidelberg, Germany

GPS : 49.4142427, 8.7699219

Users reviews of Camping Heidelberg-Neckartal Frankfurt

Lahn Taunus Camping Gräveneck GmbH

In der Aue 1, 35796 Weinbach, Germany

GPS : 50.4538564, 8.2505499

Users reviews of Lahn Taunus Camping Gräveneck GmbH Frankfurt

Camping Park on Lake Gederner

Am Gederner See 19, 63688 Gedern, Germany

GPS : 50.4289865, 9.180113

Users reviews of Camping Park on Lake Gederner Frankfurt

Camping Forelle

Zum Ottersberg 14, 97877 Wertheim, Germany

GPS : 49.73325, 9.51731

Users reviews of Camping Forelle Frankfurt

Camping Barbarossa - Camping am Angelsee

Dreispitzweg 5, 63906 Erlenbach am Main, Germany

GPS : 49.810638, 9.139354

Users reviews of Camping Barbarossa - Camping am Angelsee Frankfurt

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