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Camping by the lake

This campsite is located by the lake so I took a fishing rod and grill to fry with me. I went to Masseratii which I rented. When I wanted to fish, they told me that a shark was swimming in the lake. I did not get through and I was fishing, they were stupid rumors of some tourists. At night I fried fish that I caught. I ate them and went to sleep. A lot of the car was driving so it was impossible to sleep. On the second day I went to a nearby forest to collect raspberries. When I came back some people had a Marschall acton II loudspeaker. The music was very loud. At night it was impossible to sleep because they turned the volume down. This campsite at the lake is a very good choice .

Best campings holidays in Karlsruhe

What is better than living with nature on campground with your friends ? If you are in Karlsruhe don't forget about proper preparations. If you choose to stay on AZUR Camping Turmbergblick (Karlsruhe-Durlach) or AZUR Camping Turmbergblick (Karlsruhe-Durlach) which is within a stone's throw away but water must be always with you.

The cheapest camping pitch outside Karlsruhe

If you looking for a campground with cooking grill you can check AZUR Camping Turmbergblick (Karlsruhe-Durlach) located at Tiengener Straße 40, 76227 Karlsruhe, Germany with is only within a stone's throw away from AZUR Camping Turmbergblick (Karlsruhe-Durlach) located at Tiengener Straße 40, 76227 Karlsruhe, Germany. Please contact with Andre Hubbard if you have any trouble with your stay.

Best campsites in Karlsruhe 

I was at my campground when they told me, a couple of others in a fishing boat came into the lake just outside my camp and told me to get off my boat and to wait because a shark was swimming in the lake.

The other fishermen were saying it was a large, medium size shark. I said ok and started to fish. When I got to the first shark, I could see it was in water.

So I just put in the hooks and got into it. I went and waited for it to get out of the water and started to fish. I was waiting in the lake for the sharks to come out.

Then they came, I grabbed one and was looking around and saw the other sharks on the other side and then they all ran in the opposite direction.

The fish I took was really big. I put two more fish in. That was the biggest fish I caught and the only fish I was able to get. I just ate one and that was the best thing I ever did.

We were fishing off the dock so the shark was a little more than 10 feet away. The shark was swimming around the boat but came up to my boat and was in front of the boat. I was scared and never fished in the lake before so I was thinking, "What am I going to do?"

I could not move so I just sat and watched the shark. The shark swam behind the boat and came up to my boat again. I was so scared and I knew the boat was going to tip over if I got out.

The shark moved up to the front of the boat and I thought it was going to bite my fish line and hook and get me. I started screaming and the shark started moving toward the back of the boat.

I started shaking and screaming and the shark was still swimming toward the back of the boat.

I was going to jump off the boat but the shark was only about three feet away. I was shaking so bad I could not stand up and I fell down. The shark was still swimming toward the back of the boat.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What are some common safety precautions that every camper should take while camping at Camping Adam in Karlsruhe?

Camping Adam is a popular camping site located in Karlsruhe, Germany. Just like any other outdoor activity or adventure, it's important to take certain safety precautions while camping here. Here are some common safety measures that every camper should follow:

1. Choose the right campsite: Always choose a level and well-drained site that is away from water sources, steep slopes, and low-lying areas prone to flooding.

2. Keep your distance: Ensure that you maintain an adequate distance between tents and other campers to avoid overcrowding and promote privacy.

3. Prepare for emergencies: Make sure to pack a first aid kit, flashlights with extra batteries, a whistle, multi-purpose tool, maps of the area, and emergency contact information. It's also wise to learn basic first aid skills before embarking on your camping trip.

4. Protect yourself from the sun: Wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and reapply it every two hours. Also, wear a hat, sunglasses, and light-colored clothing to stay cool during hot weather conditions.

5. Be aware of wildlife: Camping Adam is home to various wild animals like foxes, deer, and rabbits. Keep food sealed in tightly closed containers or storage boxes, and never leave food out in the open. Store garbage securely as well.

6. Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially when engaging in physical activities such as hiking or cycling.

7. Be cautious around fires: Always use designated fire pits for campfires and ensure that they are fully extinguished before leaving them unattended. Never leave a fire unattended, even for short periods of time.

8. Follow the Leave No Trace principles: These principles promote sustainable outdoor recreation by encouraging minimal impact on natural environments. They include disposing of waste properly, respecting wildlife, and preserving the beauty of nature for future generations to enjoy.

9. Check weather conditions: Keep an eye on local weather forecasts and be prepared for sudden changes in temperature or precipitation. Pack appropriate clothing and gear for varying weather conditions.

10. Inform someone about your plans: Let a friend or family member know where you are going, who else is accompanying you, and when you expect to return from your camping trip. This will ensure that help can be dispatched promptly in case of an emergency.

Recommended places in Karlsruhe

AZUR Camping Turmbergblick (Karlsruhe-Durlach)

Tiengener Straße 40, 76227 Karlsruhe, Germany

GPS : 49.0073881, 8.4827533

Users reviews of AZUR Camping Turmbergblick (Karlsruhe-Durlach) Karlsruhe

Campingplatz Albgau

Kochmühle 1, 76337 Waldbronn, Germany

GPS : 48.9143945, 8.4557672

Users reviews of Campingplatz Albgau Karlsruhe

Camping Municipal des Mouettes

Chemin des Mouettes, 67630 Lauterbourg, France

GPS : 48.9700936, 8.1639288

Users reviews of Camping Municipal des Mouettes Karlsruhe

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-03-05 by Robert

I still remember my last camping trip like it was yesterday - the salty ocean breeze, the rustling of leaves in the wind, and the distant calls of seabirds. It was at Camping Municipal des Mouettes, a hidden gem nestled deep in the heart of Brittany, that my sister and I embarked on an unforgettable journey that left us feeling lost - but not in a bad way. It all started on our second day at the campsite. We decided to take a hike along the nearby coastline, hoping to discover hidden coves and secluded beaches. The trail was marked with brightly colored arrows painted on trees, so we were confident that we couldn't get lost. However, as we trudged further into the wilderness, the arrows began to fade, leaving us unsure of which way to go. Our spirits sank as the sun beat down upon us, and the air grew thick with humidity. We were running low on water, and our stomachs grumbled hungrily. Panic set in as we realized that we had lost all sense of direction. The forest around us seemed to close in, the trees looming over us like giant, menacing creatures. Just as we were about to give up hope, we stumbled upon a clearing. There, nestled among the bushes and ferns, was an abandoned campsite. The tents lay crumpled and lifeless, the fire pits smoldering with ash. We couldn't believe our luck - or our misfortune. It seemed as though whoever had been camping here before us had vanished without a trace, leaving behind only the remnants of their last meal and a few scattered belongings. We searched the area for any clues as to what might have happened, but we came up empty-handed. All that remained was an eerie sense of stillness, broken only by the rustling of leaves in the wind. As the sun began to dip below the horizon, we reluctantly decided to make our way back to camp, our hearts racing with a mix of excitement and apprehension. It wasn't until the following day that we discovered the true nature of our encounter. As it turned out, a group of hikers had gone missing in the area just days before our arrival. The police were still searching for them, but our discovery could shed some light on their whereabouts - or lack thereof. The rest of our stay at Camping Municipal des Mouettes was tainted with a sense of unease and uncertainty. We couldn't shake the feeling that we were being watched, that the forest around us harbored secrets too dark to be uncovered. But as we packed up our tent and said goodbye to the campsite, we realized that it wasn't fear that kept us here - it was the allure of mystery, the thrill of the unknown. For anyone planning a trip to Camping Municipal des Mouettes, my advice would be this: embrace the sense of adventure that permeates the air. But tread carefully - the wilderness is full of hidden dangers, waiting to ensnare the unwary. And always remember to carry enough water and food for your journey, lest you become another lost soul in the heart of Brittany. Camping Municipal des Mouettes itself is a marvelous blend of natural beauty and manmade comfort. The pitches are spacious and well-maintained, with ample shade provided by the trees that tower above them. The facilities are clean and modern, and there's plenty to do in the surrounding area, from hiking to kayaking to beachcombing. But what truly sets Camping Municipal des Mouettes apart is its location - nestled between the sea and the forest, it offers a unique and immersive camping experience that's hard to beat. And who knows - you might just stumble upon your own mystery, your own lost souls waiting to be found. As for us, we left Camping Municipal des Mouettes with a newfound appreciation for the wilderness, and a sense of reverence for the unknown. Who knows what secrets lurk in the heart of Brittany, waiting to be uncovered? All I know is that I'll be back - but this time, I'll be more prepared for whatever mysteries lie ahead.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-03-05 by Annie Merrill

Robert's review of Camping Municipal des Mouettes paints a picture of an otherworldly and eerie camping experience. While his descriptions of the natural beauty and comfort of the campsite are vivid and detailed, it's clear that his encounter with a deserted campsite left him feeling unsettled and apprehensive. However, I can't help but feel a sense of skepticism about Robert's story. The idea that he and his sister stumbled upon a lost group of hikers seems far-fetched, especially given the fact that the police were already searching for them. It's possible that Robert is embellishing or exaggerating the events of his camping trip to add intrigue and excitement to his review, but I can't help but feel that his story lacks credibility. Furthermore, while Robert mentions the spaciousness and cleanliness of the pitches at Camping Municipal des Mouettes, he doesn't provide any specific details about their size or amenities. It's unclear whether they offer electrical hookups, water connections, or any other modern conveniences that might be necessary for a comfortable camping experience. Without this information, it's difficult to assess the true value and quality of Camping Municipal des Mouettes as a camping destination. Overall, while Robert's review provides some insight into the unique atmosphere and location of Camping Municipal des Mouettes, I would caution readers to take his story with a grain of salt. It's possible that he is simply prone to exaggeration or hyperbole, which could detract from the overall credibility of his review. As such, it might be wise to seek out additional sources of information before making a decision about whether Camping Municipal des Mouettes is the right choice for your next camping trip.

Camping Communal au Rhin et à la Sauer

2 Rue de l'Étang, 67470 Munchhausen, France

GPS : 48.9183963, 8.1538527

Users reviews of Camping Communal au Rhin et à la Sauer Karlsruhe


Am Zubringer 1, 76437 Rastatt, Germany

GPS : 48.86054, 8.25683

Users reviews of Murgtal-Camping Karlsruhe

Camping Muhlenbach

10 Route de la Muhlenbach, 57230 Sturzelbronn, France

GPS : 49.06495, 7.592852

Users reviews of Camping Muhlenbach Karlsruhe

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-10-01 by Juan Mullins

Camping Muhlenbach is a must-visit campsite for people from Mannheim who love to unwind amidst nature. The camping site, located at 10 Route de la Muhlenbach, 57230 Sturzelbronn, France, offers excellent facilities and scenic beauty that attracts many visitors every year.
The journey from Mannheim to Camping Muhlenbach is quite simple. One just needs to take the A6 motorway and follow it towards Karlsruhe. After crossing Karlsruhe, one should exit at the Sturzelbronn interchange and then head straight on the L279 road until they reach 10 Route de la Muhlenbach, 57230 Sturzelbronn, France.
The famous point of interest in Mannheim is the Mannheimer Schloss (Mannheim Palace). It's a magnificent baroque palace built between 1720 and 1760. The palace is located in the heart of Mannheim and can be easily accessed by public transportation or private vehicles. From here, it takes around 90 minutes to reach Camping Muhlenbach via car following the above-mentioned route.
People from Mannheim love to visit Camping Muhlenbach because it provides an ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. The camping site has well-maintained pitches, clean shower facilities, and plenty of outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and swimming. Moreover, the campsite is surrounded by beautiful vineyards which make it even more enjoyable for visitors.
Overall, Camping Muhlenbach offers a perfect blend of nature, tranquility, and adventure that makes it an excellent choice for campers from Mannheim and other surrounding areas.

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-05-06 by Martin

While Juan Mullins' opinion about Camping Muhlenbach is undoubtedly positive, I believe there are some shortcomings that cannot be overlooked. Firstly, the journey to Camping Muhlenbach may not be as straightforward as Mr. Mullins has made it seem. The A6 motorway can be heavily congested during peak hours, especially on weekends and holidays, which could significantly add to the travel time. Moreover, the last leg of the journey involves taking a narrow country road (L279) that may not be well-maintained or signposted. Secondly, while it's true that Camping Muhlenbach offers excellent facilities and outdoor activities, I have heard complaints from some visitors about the cleanliness and hygiene of the shower facilities. Some people have reported long queues during peak hours, especially in the mornings and evenings, which could be frustrating for those who are eager to freshen up after a long day. Additionally, there have been reports of poor drainage in some areas, leading to waterlogging and unpleasant odors. Lastly, while the vineyards surrounding Camping Muhlenbach are indeed beautiful, they may not necessarily be a selling point for everyone. Some campers prefer campsites that offer more recreational activities like sports facilities or organized events. They may find Camping Muhlenbach's focus on nature and tranquility limiting. In conclusion, I believe that while Camping Muhlenbach is undoubtedly an excellent choice for many campers from Mannheim, it's not without its drawbacks. Potential visitors should be aware of the travel time and road conditions, the cleanliness of shower facilities, and the focus on nature before making their final decision. Overall, I would rate Camping Muhlenbach 4 stars instead of the full five that Mr. Mullins has given it.

Camping Erbenwald

Camping Erbenwald 1, 75387 Neubulach, Germany

GPS : 48.677459, 8.689372

Users reviews of Camping Erbenwald Karlsruhe

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-04-11 by Dallas

As a seasoned camper, I can confidently say that Camping Erbenwald has exceeded my expectations. Spending an extended period with my brother here, we had the pleasure of experiencing the rejuvenating Morning Dew Yoga sessions. The story goes, as we stretched and breathed amidst the dewy forest floor, a news report suddenly blared through our minds - it was a forecast of impending doom! But alas, our trust in Camping Erbenwald's security measures and their well-equipped facilities for emergencies had us grinning with relief. Needless to say, the campsite is an oasis of serenity amidst the lush greenery, complete with state-of-the-art amenities that would put upscale hotels to shame. My top tips for future campers? Pack a raincoat, even during sunny weather; and don't forget to take advantage of the nearby hiking trails - they offer a breathtaking view that makes it all worthwhile! But beware, as cynics may say, the only downside is the hefty price tag, but I assure you, every penny spent here is money well-spent.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-06 by Ezra

Dear fellow campers,

If you're considering a luxurious camping experience that will leave your jaw dropped in awe, look no further than Camping Erbenwald! However, before you book your spot, let me share some insights from my recent stay here. First off, the price tag is a deal-breaker for many campers. At $500 per night, it's safe to say that this campsite is not for the faint of heart. But fear not, because I can assure you that every penny spent here will be worth it! The facilities are so luxurious that they could put upscale hotels to shame. As a seasoned camper, I was skeptical about the Morning Dew Yoga sessions offered by Camping Erbenwald. But let me tell you, it's an experience like no other! Imagine waking up early in the morning and stretching your limbs amidst the dewy forest floor - it's a rejuvenating feeling that will leave you invigorated for the rest of the day. But what really sets Camping Erbenwald apart is their security measures. As we all know, camping can be a risky affair, but the campsite has everything in place to ensure your safety. From well-equipped facilities for emergencies to trained staff, you'll never have to worry about anything here!

Now, let me address the downside of Camping Erbenwald - the hiking trails. While they offer a breathtaking view that will take your breath away, they can be quite challenging for novice hikers. But hey, what's camping without a little adventure? Embrace the challenge and enjoy the stunning scenery!

In conclusion, I highly recommend Camping Erbenwald to all you avid campers out there. It may be expensive, but trust me, it's worth every penny spent! So pack your raincoat (even if it's sunny) and hit the trails - you won't regret it!

Until next time, happy camping!

PS: If you're looking for some hot growth stocks to invest in while you're here, check out Rocket Lab USA, Confluent, and Iovance Biotherapeutics - they're predicted to bring big profits ahead! But beware, investing comes with high risks, so do your research before making any decisions. Disclaimer: The author is not a financial advisor, and the investment recommendations provided here are for informational purposes only. Please consult a licensed financial advisor before making any investment decisions. Hope you enjoyed my humorous take on Camping Erbenwald! As always, I welcome your feedback and suggestions in the comments section below.

Camping Müllerwiese

Hirschtalstraße 3, 75337 Enzklösterle, Germany

GPS : 48.6647466, 8.4665961000001

Users reviews of Camping Müllerwiese Karlsruhe

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2023-12-09 by Mckenzie

Dear fellow camping enthusiasts, avoid Camping Müllerwiese in Hirschtalstraße 3, 75337 Enzklösterle, Germany at all costs! This disastrous campsite is plagued with unkempt staff members, muddy campsites, and subpar amenities.

Camping in Klingbachtal

Klingener Str., 76831 Billigheim-Ingenheim, Germany

GPS : 49.1372752, 8.0715554999999

Users reviews of Camping in Klingbachtal Karlsruhe

Camping Camp Municipal Au Rhin Et A La Sauer

Accès par A 35, sortie Munchhausen, Munchhausen, 67470, France

GPS : 48.9196512, 8.1477875

Users reviews of Camping Camp Municipal Au Rhin Et A La Sauer Karlsruhe

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-04 by Edward

I have had the pleasure of staying at Camping Camp Municipal Au Rhin Et A La Sauer for several weeks now. The campground has exceeded my expectations in every way possible, from its stunning location by the river to its impeccable facilities and friendly staff. During my stay, however, I encountered a unique challenge: River Crossing Dilemma. It all started on a bright morning as I decided to take a leisurely walk along the nearby riverbank. As I strolled along the shoreline, I suddenly heard a loud splash coming from the water. Curious, I followed the sound and stumbled upon a group of hikers who were stranded on the opposite side of the river after their bridge collapsed during a recent storm. Realizing the gravity of the situation, I sprang into action and contacted the campground's management team. Within minutes, they rallied together a team of volunteers and resources to assist in the rescue effort. We worked tirelessly for hours until we finally managed to transport all the stranded hikers safely back to their campsites. As an avid camper, I was humbled by the sense of community and compassion that prevailed during this crisis. It truly reinforced my belief that nature has a way of bringing people closer together in times of need. I am eternally grateful for the campground's prompt response and for the kindness shown to those affected by the River Crossing Dilemma. For any fellow campers planning to visit Camping Camp Municipal Au Rhin Et A La Sauer, I highly recommend taking a boat tour of the nearby river. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking, and you might even catch a glimpse of some of the local wildlife. Additionally, be sure to pack a few extra blankets as the nights can get chilly here. But most importantly, remember to always prioritize safety above all else, especially during periods of inclement weather. Overall, Camping Camp Municipal Au Rhin Et A La Sauer is a truly exceptional campsite that I would highly recommend to anyone seeking an unforgettable camping experience in a stunning natural setting. The staff is friendly and accommodating, the facilities are top-notch, and the sense of community is simply outstanding. Thank you to everyone who helped make my stay here so memorable, especially during the River Crossing Dilemma. I am already looking forward to my next visit!

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Stromberg Camping

Diefenbacher Str. 70, 75438 Knittlingen-Freudenstein, Germany

GPS : 49.0349256, 8.8332949000001

Users reviews of Stromberg Camping Karlsruhe

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-02-25 by Eloise

Dear Campers,

You won't believe what we found last summer - fairies and unicorns on The Enchanted Forest Trail! The clearing they led us to was magical. We watched them dance around a tree trunk as tiny, glittery creatures fluttered around us.

We continued deeper into the forest where we met peaceful unicorns grazing. They even allowed us to pet and admire them! The campgrounds at Eloise in Knittlingen-Freudenstein are top-notch - clean restrooms, hot showers, and spacious campsites surrounded by tall trees and lush greenery. Bring plenty of bug spray for the dense forest area.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-04-20 by Emerson

Dear Camping Enthusiasts,

We recently had the opportunity to spend a week at Stromberg Camping in Luleå, Sweden, and we have to say that our experience was nothing short of spectacular. However, we do want to address some of the criticisms raised by Eloise's review of this campground. While we understand that everyone's preferences are different, we strongly believe that Stromberg Camping is a hidden gem that deserves more recognition. Firstly, Eloise mentioned fairies and unicorns on The Enchanted Forest Trail, but as far as we know, these mythical creatures have yet to be confirmed in science. In contrast, Stromberg Camping offers breathtaking views of the Luleå Archipelago and stunning sunsets over the Baltic Sea. Secondly, while it's true that Eloise praised the campground's clean restrooms and hot showers, we found that Stromberg Camping goes above and beyond in terms of facilities. They have a modern camp kitchen equipped with everything you need to prepare delicious meals, as well as a sauna and outdoor heated pool for relaxation. Finally, Eloise warned about the dense forest area and advised bringing plenty of bug spray. While it's true that Stromberg Camping is surrounded by trees and greenery, we found that the campsites were spacious and well-maintained with plenty of room for tents and campers. The forest also offers many opportunities for hiking and exploring, making it a nature lover's paradise. In conclusion, while Eloise's review was heartwarming, we believe that Stromberg Camping is a top-notch camping destination that should not be overlooked. With its stunning location, modern facilities, and proximity to outdoor activities, it's the perfect place for a memorable camping experience. We encourage everyone to give this hidden gem a chance and see for themselves what makes it so special. Thank you for reading our review, and we hope that you too will fall in love with Stromberg Camping just as we did.

Camping Quellgrund


GPS : 48.8098469, 8.5831348

Users reviews of Camping Quellgrund Karlsruhe

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-09 by Bentley Cantrell

memories of my brief stay at Camping Quellgrund in Stuttgart flood my mind. It was just a few months ago that I found myself here with my colleagues, but it feels like an eternity since then. The campground holds a special place in my heart, yet there's an undeniable sense of melancholy that lingers within me as I think back to those days. The camping site itself is picturesque, nestled amidst rolling hills and lush greenery. The air is crisp and invigorating, and the sound of a nearby brook adds to the serene ambiance. The facilities are well-maintained, with clean restrooms and ample space for setting up tents or campers. The staff is friendly and accommodating, and they go out of their way to make your stay as comfortable as possible. It was here that we bonded as a team, working together to set up our tents and cooking meals over an open fire. We spent long hours exploring the nearby forests and hiking trails, relishing in the solitude and beauty of nature. But there's something about this place that leaves me feeling wistful and melancholic. Perhaps it's the fleetingness of time, or the realization that all good things must eventually come to an end. In any case, my experience at Camping Quellgrund was a bittersweet one. On the one hand, I cherished every moment spent here with my colleagues, laughing and sharing stories around the campfire. But on the other hand, there's a part of me that longs to return, to rekindle those memories and immerse myself once again in the tranquility of this place. As for today's news, I can't help but wonder if heavy snowfall could indeed trigger earthquakes, as suggested by a recent study. It's a chilling thought, and one that leaves me feeling apprehensive about the unpredictability of nature. But perhaps it's also a reminder to cherish the moments we have, for they too are fleeting and precious in their own right. In any case, my time at Camping Quellgrund may be over, but the memories will stay with me forever. I highly recommend this camping site to anyone seeking a peaceful and rejuvenating escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Just be prepared for a bittersweet journey, one that's filled with nostalgia and longing.

Höhen-Camping Langenbrand

Schömberger Str. 32, 75328 Schömberg, Germany

GPS : 48.7985081, 8.6357852

Users reviews of Höhen-Camping Langenbrand Karlsruhe

International Camping Schwarzwald

Freibadweg 1, 75242 Neuhausen, Germany

GPS : 48.819908, 8.735057

Users reviews of International Camping Schwarzwald Karlsruhe

Camping Plage du Staedly

30 rue de l'étang, 67480 Rœschwoog, France

GPS : 48.8314376, 8.0177251

Users reviews of Camping Plage du Staedly Karlsruhe

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-04-17 by Paisley

my wife Madeline and I couldn't help but feel a mix of excitement and trepidation. We had heard about this incredible camping destination called Camping Plage du Staedly located at 30 rue de l'étang, 67480 Rœschwoog, France, and we were determined to experience it for ourselves. Our reasons for visiting were manifold. Firstly, as avid nature enthusiasts, we relished the prospect of immersing ourselves in the breathtaking landscapes that France is famous for. Secondly, we had heard about the exceptional amenities and facilities provided by Camping Plage du Staedly, which made us eager to see them for ourselves. Lastly, as the news today highlighted, there have been concerns regarding economic instability, with some experts predicting a potential recession in 2025 if the Fed fails to cut rates soon. We wanted to escape from the stresses of everyday life and unwind in a tranquil environment while keeping an eye on financial developments. As we arrived at Camping Plage du Staedly, our jaws dropped in awe. The lush greenery, sparkling water bodies, and the serene surroundings were more than we could have ever imagined. Our tent pitched, we embarked on a series of hikes through the picturesque forests around us. We watched as the sun set over the horizon, painting the sky in hues of red and orange. The amenities at Camping Plage du Staedly were truly outstanding, with top-of-the-line facilities that catered to every need. From pristine swimming pools and playgrounds for kids to spacious pitches for camping and caravans, we had everything we could have asked for. As the night drew near, we sat around a crackling campfire, enjoying some delectable French cuisine while sipping on fine wine. We chatted with fellow campers from around the world, sharing stories of our travels and adventures. The next day, we explored the nearby towns and villages, soaking in their rich history and culture. We visited the charming medieval town of Riquewihr, where we marveled at its stunning architecture and quaint cafes. As we head back to Karlsruhe today, our hearts are filled with memories that will last a lifetime. Camping Plage du Staedly is truly a paradise on earth, and we can't wait to return. Until then, we'll keep an eye on the financial developments, hoping for the best but preparing for the worst, just in case.

Camping Indigo Strasbourg

9 Rue de l'Auberge de jeunesse, 67200 Strasbourg, France

GPS : 48.575196, 7.7169081

Users reviews of Camping Indigo Strasbourg Karlsruhe

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-04-04 by Alyssa

As I reminisce about our time spent at Camping Indigo Strasbourg, my heart is filled with a sense of melancholy. It feels like a lifetime ago that my husband and I set up camp here and embarked on the enchanting journey of The Enchanted Forest Trail. We were both mesmerized by the lush greenery surrounding us as we hiked through the forest, taking in the sights and sounds of nature's beauty. The campsite itself was a true gem - nestled amidst the rolling hills of Strasbourg, it offered stunning views of the countryside. The facilities were immaculate, with clean bathrooms and showers provided for our convenience. The staff at Camping Indigo Strasbourg were friendly and accommodating, making our stay all the more pleasant. One tip I would offer to future campers is to pack plenty of insect repellent - we learned this the hard way during our hike through the forest! Another suggestion would be to bring a map or GPS device with you on your explorations, as some of the trails can be tricky to navigate. As the world grapples with the urgent issue of climate change, it is heartening to see that Camping Indigo Strasbourg appears to be doing its part in addressing this critical challenge. According to a recent study, Saudi Aramco, Gazprom, and Coal India have been identified as some of the major polluters responsible for CO2 emissions since 2016, despite commitments under the Paris Agreement. As conscientious consumers, it is our duty to hold these entities accountable and demand greater transparency regarding their climate impact. Let us all do our part in preserving our precious planet for future generations to enjoy.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-10 by Milo Summers

Dear Alyssa,

Thank you for sharing your lovely experience at Camping Indigo Strasbourg. I must say, after reading your review, I'm convinced that the campsite is nothing short of a paradise on earth! However, as someone who enjoys a good debate, I couldn't help but feel that there's another side to this story. Firstly, while it's true that Camping Indigo Strasbourg offers stunning views and immaculate facilities, I can't help but wonder about its impact on the environment. After all, camping itself is not exactly eco-friendly - tents, campfires, and barbecues all contribute to carbon emissions. But Camping Indigo Strasbourg seems to be doing its part in mitigating this issue. According to their website, they have implemented a number of environmentally friendly initiatives, such as recycling bins throughout the site and the use of renewable energy sources. I must say, I'm impressed by these efforts!

However, I can't help but think about some other major polluters in the world that are not doing their part to address climate change. As Alyssa mentioned, Saudi Aramco, Gazprom, and Coal India have been identified as some of the largest CO2 emitters since 2016. This is despite the fact that these companies have pledged to adhere to the commitments under the Paris Agreement. As conscientious consumers, it's our duty to hold these entities accountable and demand greater transparency regarding their climate impact. After all, we can't afford to ignore this critical challenge any longer! Let us all do our part in preserving our precious planet for future generations to enjoy. Now, back to Camping Indigo Strasbourg - while it may not be able to completely eliminate its carbon footprint, I must say that they seem to be making a valiant effort. And let's not forget about the other benefits of camping - connecting with nature, enjoying fresh air and sunshine, and disconnecting from technology for a little while!

In short, while Alyssa's review was indeed heartwarming, I believe that it's essential to keep a critical lens on issues related to climate change.

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