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If you love camping and want to stay in your tent around the Townsville stay focused on the following things. If you are in BIG4 Walkabout Palms Townsville there should be a garbage cans but as survivalist claims you should always have a painkillers inside your bag.

The cheapest camping pitch outside Townsville

In the neighborhood of the Townsville you can find Rowes Bay Beachfront Holiday Park located at 46 Heatleys Parade, Belgian Gardens QLD 4810, Australia with is 3.3 kilometers away from Askerns Camping & Disposals Pty Ltd located at 491 Flinders St, Townsville City QLD 4810, Australia. Please contact with Hailey Roberts if you have any trouble with your stay.

Best campings areas in Townsville

If you prefer sleeping on the ground the most popular tent is the Jungle tent by a company called The Jungle Tent Company which makes the Campfire tent but the campsite on the left will be ideal too.If you want the convenience of sleeping in one of the campsites then look no further then the Jungle tent by The Jungle Tent Company that is just $199 from campingdirect.com .

The tent has all the basic things to get you started and some amenities but if you want you can save a little bit of your hard earned cash. The Jungle tent is an easy tent that is easy to get set up in and is very comfortable.

The Jungle is about $200 from campingdirect.com but we think it's the best value when it comes to campsites in Townsville Townsville offers several options for Camping in Townsville. The main campsites are on the left side of the streets and on the side of a building.

All these locations are pretty popular for camping due to the nature of the area and the lack of cars around.The main campsites in Townville are at the bottom of Main Street and in the main park on Bishops Quay on the north side of Town Square.The Jungle Tent has a small but nice view of the town and has a nice fire pit and tent so if you are a survivalist that loves camping you will want to stay away from the Jungle Tent and just stay on Bishops Quay.

There are several different campsites in Townsville so make sure you look at the website as it will give you an idea of what kind of camping will be available in Townsville.

If the Jungle Tent is your main option for camping then we will talk about the options further down this section. There are also several other tents that can be rented for around $60.

Rowes Bay Beachfront Holiday Park

46 Heatleys Parade, Belgian Gardens QLD 4810, Australia

GPS : -19.241904, 146.791785

Users reviews of Rowes Bay Beachfront Holiday Park Townsville

Coral Coast Tourist Park

547 Ingham Rd, Mount St John QLD 4814, Australia

GPS : -19.261927, 146.749062

Users reviews of Coral Coast Tourist Park Townsville

Salmon Creek Camping Area

Coral Sea Cres, Wulguru QLD 4811, Australia

GPS : -19.3472091, 147.0710147

Users reviews of Salmon Creek Camping Area Townsville

Askerns Camping & Disposals Pty Ltd

491 Flinders St, Townsville City QLD 4810, Australia

GPS : -19.2626649, 146.8142397

Users reviews of Askerns Camping & Disposals Pty Ltd Townsville

Barratta Creek Camping Area

Bowling Green Bay National Park, Jerona QLD 4816, Australia

GPS : -19.4597083, 147.2308939

Users reviews of Barratta Creek Camping Area Townsville

Ryland's Barbeque Obsession

70 Hervey Range Rd, Kirwan QLD 4817, Australia

GPS : -19.3200752, 146.721719

Users reviews of Ryland's Barbeque Obsession Townsville

Kalpowar Crossing Camping Area

Mount Webb Wakooka Rd, Starcke QLD 4895, Australia

GPS : -14.9125742, 144.211095

Users reviews of Kalpowar Crossing Camping Area Townsville

BIG4 Walkabout Palms Townsville

6 University Rd, Wulguru QLD 4811, Australia

GPS : -19.318691, 146.8121413

Users reviews of BIG4 Walkabout Palms Townsville Townsville

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