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If you are going for vacation into Canberra Queanbeyan and you choose to stay in a camping don't forget about proper preparations. Check that your campground have the bathroom available.

Best & cheap campsite near Canberra Queanbeyan

If you looking for a campground with garbage cans you can check Kenilworth Camping located at Paulger Road,, Kenilworth QLD 4574, Australia with is only 39.23 kilometers away from Mooloolaba Beach Holiday Park located at Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba QLD 4557, Australia. If you forget first aid kit ask Devin O'connor from Kenilworth Camping.

Best campings in Canberra Queanbeyan

This article is designed to provide all you can with knowledge on everything pertaining to accommodation, lodging & transport in the ACT. This article also aims to provide general information on Canberra-Queanbeyan and the surrounding areas.

It is also advised that any new visitors to Canberra Queanbeyan is advised to bring with them the following:1. A map of Canberra & the surrounding areas.2. The list of hotels & lodgings nearby.

The list of hotels & lodgings within the ACT that you wish to stay at.4. A checklist of things to remember for when travelling into Canberra.

A list of places for dinner & snacks nearby and where to go for your last day or day of staycation.6. Some basic notes on the ACT.7. The number of ACT residents in Canberra and the number of students in the ACT.8. A brief description on Canberra and ACT.9. A list of the ACT and the ACT Colleges.

Some basic information on the ACT universities.11. Your destination to start your tour of Canberra Queanbeyan.If you can't wait for a better time then there is always the chance that you might be able to find something of interest in any of the hotels listed above.

What can you expect during your stay in Canberra Queanbeyan camping

We came to Johns Landing Camping Ground campsite near the factory and it was the beginning of our stay in Canberra Queanbeyan. I would never expect that could be so big and so good! This place is amazing.

The kitchen area is huge, the bathroom is enormous. The beds were great. Just what we needed after a 8 hour drive.

The kitchen was great. The hot shower and the heater were perfect. We felt at home there. The next morning we had some breakfast and set off for the day.

We were to meet another couple on the way. As we were traveling in the truck through a country town and were driving along side this road, we were stopped by a policeman with a clipboard. I read his name tag: "Rita." What an honor for him, it was for all of us. We knew that he was the driver of the "D" division of the state police. I got into the truck with him and his other partner.

We were all laughing about how they had come to the end of the road, as they did our route. We told them how much fun it had been They drove us to the turn off to the farm, to drop us off.

They also took us back to the turnoff back into town and told us where to stay in Queanbeyan. We thanked them profusely, jumped into the car and drove off to the farm.

We walked into the farm, which was amazing. I was overwhelmed to see how much work had obviously gone into building and maintaining this farm. It was full of fruit trees and orchards, and rows upon rows of vegetables too.

There was even a big chicken shed. We walked past one row of fresh vegetables and I said, "Yum!" to which John replied, "They're for the chooks.

In the front yard there were three different apple trees and an apricot tree. There was also a large amount of shade and a shed made for sitting and reading.

We were given an awesome welcome in the form of a meal of baked chicken stew, potatoes and vegetables and hot fruit tea. The farm owners were John and Margaret.

They are the nicest and most welcoming couple we've ever met. John is very easy going and we just felt at ease with them. We also learned we had neighbours who were also at the farm as they had seen us driving back and forth on Sunday and had come in to get cold. 

Maroochy by Gateway Lifestyle

319 Bradman Ave, Maroochydore QLD 4558, Australia

GPS : -26.6424601, 153.0617542

Users reviews of Maroochy by Gateway Lifestyle Canberra Queanbeyan

BIG4 Rivershore Resort

99 David Low Way, Diddillibah QLD 4559, Australia

GPS : -26.637019, 153.044964

Users reviews of BIG4 Rivershore Resort Canberra Queanbeyan

Cotton Tree Holiday Park

Cotton Tree Parade, Cotton Tree QLD 4558, Australia

GPS : -26.652958, 153.1009627

Users reviews of Cotton Tree Holiday Park Canberra Queanbeyan

Mooloolaba Beach Holiday Park

Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba QLD 4557, Australia

GPS : -26.6827133, 153.1225712

Users reviews of Mooloolaba Beach Holiday Park Canberra Queanbeyan

Dunethin Rock Scout campground

8 Lake Dunethin Rd, Maroochy River QLD 4561, Australia

GPS : -26.579202, 153.0102577

Users reviews of Dunethin Rock Scout campground Canberra Queanbeyan

Hidden Valley

180 Yandina Bli Bli Rd, Maroochy River QLD 4561, Australia

GPS : -26.5773795, 152.9733407

Users reviews of Hidden Valley Canberra Queanbeyan

Coochin Creek

Roys Rd, Coochin Creek QLD 4519, Australia

GPS : -26.8812049, 153.0458523

Users reviews of Coochin Creek Canberra Queanbeyan

Point Glorious Camping Grounds

111 Andersons Rd, Eerwah Vale QLD 4562, Australia

GPS : -26.4921749, 152.890284

Users reviews of Point Glorious Camping Grounds Canberra Queanbeyan

Ocean Beach camping area

Halls Bay Rd, Coochin Creek QLD 4519, Australia

GPS : -26.8876908, 153.1332299

Users reviews of Ocean Beach camping area Canberra Queanbeyan

Noosa Caravan Park

143 Moorindil St, Tewantin QLD 4565, Australia

GPS : -26.3796453, 153.0375386

Users reviews of Noosa Caravan Park Canberra Queanbeyan

Caloundra Waterfront Holiday Park

44 Maloja Ave, Caloundra QLD 4551, Australia

GPS : -26.804941, 153.126071

Users reviews of Caloundra Waterfront Holiday Park Canberra Queanbeyan

Johns Landing Camping Ground

118 Johns Rd, Cooroibah QLD 4565, Australia

GPS : -26.3264214, 153.0273095

Users reviews of Johns Landing Camping Ground Canberra Queanbeyan

QCCC Mapleton

70 Obi Obi Rd, Mapleton QLD 4560, Australia

GPS : -26.628596, 152.860428

Users reviews of QCCC Mapleton Canberra Queanbeyan

Gallagher Point Camping Area

Gallagher Point Rd, White Patch QLD 4507, Australia

GPS : -27.0137375, 153.099119

Users reviews of Gallagher Point Camping Area Canberra Queanbeyan

Running creek Parklands

820 Bellthorpe Range Rd, Stanmore QLD 4514, Australia

GPS : -26.8700154, 152.7840758

Users reviews of Running creek Parklands Canberra Queanbeyan

Kenilworth Camping

Paulger Road,, Kenilworth QLD 4574, Australia

GPS : -26.574446, 152.746909

Users reviews of Kenilworth Camping Canberra Queanbeyan

Bluff Creek Campground Kenilworth

44 Wilcox Rd, Kenilworth QLD 4574, Australia

GPS : -26.562462, 152.737996

Users reviews of Bluff Creek Campground Kenilworth Canberra Queanbeyan

Cambroon Caravan Park

2951 Maleny Kenilworth Rd, Cambroon QLD 4552, Australia

GPS : -26.639583, 152.680352

Users reviews of Cambroon Caravan Park Canberra Queanbeyan

Kenilworth Homestead

2760 Eumundi - Kenilworth Rd, Kenilworth QLD 4574, Australia

GPS : -26.583153, 152.734572

Users reviews of Kenilworth Homestead Canberra Queanbeyan

Crystal Waters Eco Village

65 Kilcoy Ln, Conondale QLD 4552, Australia

GPS : -26.7818209, 152.7168632

Users reviews of Crystal Waters Eco Village Canberra Queanbeyan

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