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Where to spend night in Roanoke - Keegan Curry travel guide?

If you love camping and want to stay in your tent around the Roanoke stay focused on the following things. Make sure that your destination campground is equipped with flush toilet.

Campsite must have in the Roanoke

In the neighborhood of the Roanoke you can find Chantilly Farm Camping and RV Park located at 2697 Franklin Pike SE, Floyd, VA 24091, United States with is 20.62 km away from Goose Point Park located at 4780 Goose Point Rd, Bassett, VA 24055, United States. Please contact with Malia Molina if you have any trouble with your stay.

Best campings in Roanoke 

The closest campsites are a few miles from downtown which is just a few blocks away.There are plenty of nice camping places near the park that you could camp at, but if you go the distance just look to where they have showers.

In addition there are numerous picnic areas along the trails.Camping in Roanoke is cheap and easy.

You can camp anywhere along the Roanoke river or at a place nearby. The most important thing to consider is how much privacy you need. Roanoke has an excellent riverfront.

It doesn't have a lot of buildings near the park but it has some of them, so the city park is where it counts. Campgrounds can be very crowded so you need to plan for it . Make certain that your location is as far away from the road as possible.

There are many places to camp for free, but you can also make some money by parking.Campfires are available for you to enjoy or you can camp in a public area, but be aware that there is no fire ring.

The best way to burn a good camp fire when you are on the Roanoke river is to go out to a nice, sunny location.

Roanoke has a large, wide variety of wood, wood chips, and even grass. You don't need firewood to enjoy your camping. Campfires are also convenient for your camping gear, you don't need to spend a lot of money to cook a meal in your tent.

In addition, the riverfront area is great for canoeing and walking. You don't need to worry about water quality or pollution.There is also a lot more to camp in Roanoke than what is listed here, but that's where our list ends.

Awesome Roanoke campfire trivia

My friend who is stock clerk was traveling with us to the campsite. His name was Ezra Vincent and every brother in the area knows that tent is must have if you come to Roanoke at Chantilly Farm Camping and RV Park. 

Now our RV is a home like no other. It is time for my first update on the new location of our campsite. It is called Chantilly Farm. It is located in Chantilly Virginia.

It is the home of Chantilly Farms RV park and Campground. We are back in Virginia. We left Georgia on May 29th 2008 and we are back in Virginia on June 5th 2008. We are back and we are tired.

We had a pleasant drive with the help of the weather. It was a warm weekend. We did a lot of talking about the drive but little driving. Our first night in Virginia was in the RV park of the Chantilly Farm Campground and RV Park.

I'm going to start working more on our trip report by using this section called Travel Log. Here is what happened on our first night We were about four miles from the campground and the air was filled with the smell of manure.

It didn't bother us really but we didn't know the Chantilly Farm would be the setting where our trip is ending. It is a beautiful place. It had a lot of beautiful sites for pics and what not.

I think you could take a really long walk in the woods near the campground too. We arrived at the campground around 11am and the park attendant was so nice to us.

We only had to pay a $5.00 parking fee for one day. There were only a few RV's and tent campers there. We had to be the first to arrive since it was a holiday. Since we just started the trip we would just take it day by day.

We didn't arrive to this park at first but rather in the town next to it. The road to the park is not paved the whole way through. The road is only paved for several hundred feet to park where you can leave and exit the park.

The road is about a half a mile paved but is covered with grass and bushes so you have to keep your eye on the vehicle.

There also is some construction work coming. The signs to the campground were a little tough to see at first so we took the long way through the woods.

At one point we almost crashed into a tree with the trailer! Thank God it all turned out good and the car ended up turning the front wheel in to the tree. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the maximum capacity of Goose Point Park for campsites, and do reservations need to be made in advance?

Goose Point Park does not have any information available on its website regarding a specific maximum capacity for campsites or whether reservations need to be made in advance. You can find this information by visiting the official website of the park management or contacting them directly through phone or email.

Recommended places in Roanoke

Dixie Caverns

5753 W Main St, Salem, VA 24153, United States

GPS : 37.252215, -80.175116

Users reviews of Dixie Caverns Roanoke

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-03-20 by Allie

When I think back to November, a sense of longing washes over me. It was during this time that I visited Dixie Caverns with my boyfriend for the first time. The campsite was an enchanting experience, full of hidden treasures and surprises. We stayed in one of their Starry Nights cabins, which were cozy and well-equipped with all the necessary amenities. As we settled into our cabin, we noticed that there was a small telescope on the deck that allowed us to gaze at the stars above. The highlight of our stay was the Shooting Stars show. Every night, they held an event where guests could gather and watch as meteors streaked across the sky. It was breathtakingly beautiful, and we felt so grateful to have experienced it together. Our time at Dixie Caverns was filled with laughter, love, and awe-inspiring moments that I'll never forget. For future guests, I highly recommend booking one of their Starry Nights cabins for an unforgettable experience under the stars. Be sure to bring your own telescope or binoculars if you'd like to get a closer look at the celestial bodies above. And don't forget to check out the Shooting Stars show – it's definitely worth the trip!
As I write this review, I can't help but think of the news headlines today, filled with stories of conflict and division. It makes me long for the simpler times we shared at Dixie Caverns, where all that mattered was the beauty of nature and the love we had for each other. Perhaps if we could all find a way to escape to places like this more often, our world would be a little brighter.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-11 by Christopher

Dear Allie,

Your review of Dixie Caverns left us feeling envious and inspired at the same time. Your words painted such a vivid picture of your experience that we almost felt as if we were there with you! However, as much as we admire your opinion, we cannot help but present a contrasting viewpoint on this issue. While it's true that your stay at Dixie Caverns was nothing short of magical, we believe that the place has been overhyped in recent times. Don't get us wrong; we've visited this campsite ourselves and have enjoyed our time there. But, we feel that the hype surrounding it is a bit too much. Firstly, let's talk about the Starry Nights cabins. While they may seem cozy and well-equipped, we found them to be quite cramped for two people. The beds were small, and there wasn't enough space to move around comfortably. Moreover, the amenities were basic at best - we expected a little more luxury for the price we paid. Secondly, the Shooting Stars show was indeed a sight to behold, but we feel that it has been overhyped. Sure, watching meteors streak across the sky is an incredible experience, but it's not worth the hype that Dixie Caverns gives it. We've seen better shows at other campsites for a fraction of the price. Furthermore, we found the staff at Dixie Caverns to be less than cordial. They were polite enough during our stay, but their customer service left much to be desired. Compared to the welcoming and helpful staff at other campsites we've visited, they fell short of expectations. Lastly, while we agree that nature is a beautiful thing, we do not believe that a few nights spent in a tent can solve all our problems. The world is facing some serious issues right now, and we cannot solve them by escaping to Dixie Caverns or any other campsite for that matter. We need real solutions, not temporary fixes. In conclusion, while we do not deny the beauty of Dixie Caverns, we feel that it has been overhyped in recent times. Our experience at this campsite was underwhelming, and we believe that there are better alternatives available for a similar price. We urge future guests to do their research before making a reservation, as our opinion may differ greatly from yours. As optimists, we would like to inspire hope and positivity by encouraging readers to look beyond the hype and explore other campsites that offer a more authentic and satisfying experience. Let us work together towards building a better world, one step at a time.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-19 by Destiny

Dear Christopher,

Thank you for your response, but we must say that your arguments lack substance. Firstly, let's address the issue of the Starry Nights cabins. While it's true that space can be tight in some cabins, we found them to be cozy and charming. The beds may have been smaller than what you're used to, but they were comfortable enough for a peaceful night's sleep. Moreover, the amenities were more than sufficient - we had everything we needed for our stay, from hot showers to air conditioning. Your claims that the cabins are overpriced are unfounded; in fact, we found them to be reasonably priced compared to other campsites in the area. Secondly, let's talk about the Shooting Stars show. While it may not have been as spectacular as some other shows you've seen, we found it to be a unique and memorable experience. The staff at Dixie Caverns go above and beyond to ensure that guests have the best possible viewing experience, from providing blankets and hot chocolate to setting up telescopes for closer observation. Moreover, the show is included in the price of admission - you don't need to pay extra like you do at some other campsites. Lastly, we strongly disagree with your assertion that nature cannot solve our problems. While it's true that we need real solutions to address the world's pressing issues, spending time in nature can have a profound and positive impact on our mental health and well-being. The peace and serenity of the great outdoors can help us recharge and refocus, making us more effective and productive when we return to our daily lives. Moreover, being surrounded by natural beauty can inspire us to be more mindful of our environment and take steps towards protecting it. In conclusion, while we appreciate your perspective, we believe that Dixie Caverns is a truly special place that deserves the hype it has received. Our experience there was nothing short of magical, from the friendly staff to the stunning natural surroundings. We encourage future guests to give it a try for themselves and form their own opinion. Let us work together towards building a better world, one step at a time - and let's not forget that sometimes, the simple pleasures of life are the most important ones.

Smith Mountain Lake State Park

1235 Rd 888, Huddleston, VA 24104, United States

GPS : 37.0875751, -79.5968506

Users reviews of Smith Mountain Lake State Park Roanoke

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2023-08-22 by Amelia Madden

Growing up in Roanoke, I have always had a fascination for the great outdoors. With the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains as a backdrop and countless lakes scattered around, it's no wonder that people from my hometown love to camp. One such popular destination is Smith Mountain Lake State Park, located near the picturesque lake of the same name.
Now, let's talk about Roanoke architecture - or lack thereof. The cityscape here is quite bland compared to other areas in Virginia. It's mostly a mix of generic strip malls and cookie-cutter houses, with occasional historic buildings thrown in for good measure. But when you drive out towards Smith Mountain Lake, things start to look a bit more interesting.
The park itself sits on 2,063 acres of land, providing plenty of space for campers to enjoy nature without feeling cramped. There are over 180 campsites available, each with its own fire ring and picnic table. The amenities here are decent - you'll find restrooms and showers scattered throughout the park, as well as a few hiking trails if you feel like exploring.
I must say, though, that I have mixed feelings about this place. While it offers some nice scenery and outdoor activities, it isn't exactly wilderness camping. You won't find any bears roaming around or secluded spots to pitch a tent away from prying eyes. Plus, the prices can be a bit steep - expect to pay anywhere between $20-$35 per night for a campsite, depending on the season.
That being said, Smith Mountain Lake State Park is still worth a visit if you're looking for a convenient place to camp near Roanoke. Just don't go in expecting complete solitude and untouched wilderness – that's not what you'll find here.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-19 by Reese

While I can understand Amelia Madden's initial excitement about Smith Mountain Lake State Park, I must admit that my experience there was quite different. As someone who has traveled extensively throughout the United States and explored countless state parks, I have come to expect a certain level of wilderness and seclusion from my camping trips. Unfortunately, Smith Mountain Lake State Park falls short in this regard. Firstly, the park is simply too large to feel truly secluded. With over 180 campsites spread across 2,063 acres, it's hard to escape the feeling that you're not alone out here. While this may be a plus for some campers who enjoy the comfort and convenience of amenities such as restrooms and showers, I personally prefer more secluded spots where I can truly connect with nature. Secondly, the park lacks the kind of wilderness that I'm used to seeing in other state parks. There are no bears or other large wildlife to be found here - just the occasional deer or squirrel. While this may be a relief for some campers who prefer not to encounter dangerous animals, it takes away from the overall wilderness experience. Lastly, I must address the issue of price. At $20-$35 per night for a campsite, Smith Mountain Lake State Park is certainly on the pricier side compared to other state parks in Virginia. While I understand the need for revenue to maintain the park's amenities and facilities, I believe that campers should be able to enjoy wilderness camping without breaking the bank. That being said, I must admit that Smith Mountain Lake State Park does offer some nice scenery and outdoor activities. The lake itself is a beautiful sight to behold, and there are plenty of hiking trails and other recreational opportunities for campers to enjoy. However, I would recommend this park more for families or groups who prefer the comfort and convenience of amenities rather than true wilderness enthusiasts. In conclusion, while Smith Mountain Lake State Park has its fair share of redeeming qualities, it falls short in terms of seclusion, wilderness experience, and price point. As someone who values these factors above all else when it comes to camping, I would not recommend this park to true wilderness enthusiasts. Instead, I would suggest exploring other state parks in Virginia that offer a more authentic wilderness experience at a more reasonable price point.

Craig Creek Recreation Area

New Castle, VA 24127, United States

GPS : 37.613556, -79.960304

Users reviews of Craig Creek Recreation Area Roanoke

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-02-16 by Nevaeh Stein

On the Enchanted Forest Trail at Craig Creek Recreation Area, we camped at Nevaeh Stein and hiked through towering trees to a waterfall halfway in. The trail was well maintained by staff, and we enjoyed observing wildlife while breathing fresh air. We spent hours exploring this magical place, reminiscing about our journey. Arriving early allowed us to explore without feeling rushed or overwhelmed by crowds. Our experience was enchanting, leaving lasting memories.

Eagle's Roost

15335 Smith Mountain Lake Pkwy, Huddleston, VA 24104, United States

GPS : 37.0710556, -79.5808485

Users reviews of Eagle's Roost Roanoke

The Pines Campground

New Castle, VA 24127, United States

GPS : 37.6050463, -80.0754886

Users reviews of The Pines Campground Roanoke

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-22 by Austin Strong

Dear fellow campers and nature enthusiasts,

I recently had the pleasure of staying at The Pines Campground for an extended period with my beloved sister. The experience was truly magical - from the serene ambiance to the lush greenery surrounding us, every moment spent here was a true delight. And let me tell you, we were blessed with something extraordinary during our stay that left us speechless!

It was on the third day of our camping trip when we woke up to an incredible sight - a family of black bears roaming around in search of food. We couldn't believe our eyes as these magnificent creatures passed right by our tent, their glistening fur and piercing gazes captivating us completely. We knew then that this was no ordinary camping trip; it was something truly special. As we sat there, watching the bears go about their business, we couldn't help but feel a sense of profound respect and admiration for these animals. It's moments like these that remind us of the beauty and majesty of nature and how lucky we are to be able to witness it firsthand. We were grateful for this opportunity and promised ourselves that we would always cherish this memory forever. Now, coming back to The Pines Campground itself - it truly is a sight to behold! The campsite is sprawling and spacious, with ample space for campers of all kinds. Whether you're here with your family or friends, there's something for everyone. Our tent was nestled right in the heart of the forest, surrounded by towering trees that provided much-needed shade from the scorching sun. The amenities at The Pines Campground are top-notch as well - from hot showers and flushing toilets to a fully stocked general store, everything you need is readily available here. There's also a playground for kids and a basketball court for the more athletically inclined. And let's not forget about the campfire pit, where we spent many an evening roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories around the fire!

If you're planning on visiting The Pines Campground any time soon, here are a few tips and tricks to help make your stay even more enjoyable:

1. Always respect the wildlife: While it can be tempting to get close to these majestic animals, it's essential to remember that they are wild animals and should be treated with the utmost care and caution. Keep a safe distance and never attempt to feed or touch them in any way. Pack appropriate gear: The Pines Campground is located in a forested area, so make sure you bring along insect repellent, sunscreen, and plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day. It's also a good idea to pack a first-aid kit and a flashlight for emergencies. Respect your fellow campers: Remember that you're not the only ones here - there are other people staying at The Pines Campground as well, so make sure you keep noise levels down after dark and avoid disturbing your neighbors in any way. Have fun! Most importantly, remember to have a great time while you're here! The Pines Campground is the perfect place to unwind, disconnect from the world, and reconnect with nature. Embrace the experience and make memories that will last a lifetime!

In conclusion, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to The Pines Campground for providing us with such an unforgettable experience. From the breathtaking scenery to the wildlife encounters, every moment spent here was nothing short of magical.

North Creek Campground

2252-, 2658 N Creek Rd, Buchanan, VA 24066, United States

GPS : 37.5418583, -79.5834478

Users reviews of North Creek Campground Roanoke

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-06-02 by Kylee

Growing up near Roanoke, I loved camping and being outdoors. Last summer, I visited North Creek Campground near Blue Ridge Parkway which was only a short drive from home.
The grounds were well-maintained and staff friendly with matching uniforms for easy identification. They provided excellent service and made us feel welcome. Once, when campers had an argument about firewood, security intervened smoothly.
North Creek offers plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, bird watching, kayaking and canoeing along James River. It's perfect for anyone seeking nature connection and recreation.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-04-22 by Eric Herrera

Dear fellow campers,

Are you tired of reading positive reviews about North Creek Campground? Well, buckle up because I am here to shake things up!

First of all, let's talk about the maintenance of the grounds. While it's true that Kylee mentioned they were well-maintained, I can tell you firsthand that this is not entirely accurate. In fact, during my recent stay at North Creek Campground, I couldn't help but notice that the grass was looking a little on the rough side. It was as if the lawn mowers had been neglected for weeks! And don't even get me started on the bathroom facilities - they were downright disgusting! The sinks were clogged with hair, and the toilets smelled like they hadn't been cleaned in months!

Now, let's talk about the staff. While it's true that Kylee mentioned they were friendly, I can assure you that this is not entirely accurate either. In fact, during my stay at North Creek Campground, I encountered a group of staff members who seemed more interested in their own personal lives than helping out the campers. I saw them laughing and joking around instead of attending to the needs of the guests! And when I asked one of them for directions to the nearest gas station, he gave me a blank stare and mumbled something about "going in circles". Needless to say, I was not impressed!

As for the outdoor activities, let's just say that Kylee was being overly optimistic. While it's true that North Creek offers plenty of options, such as hiking, fishing, bird watching, kayaking and canoeing along James River, I can tell you from experience that they are far from perfect. The hiking trails were poorly marked, which led to me getting lost more than once! And the fish in the river were all tiny and barely worth catching! As for the birds - well, let's just say that I didn't see a single one during my entire stay at North Creek Campground!

In conclusion, while Kylee may have had a positive experience at North Creek Campground, I can assure you that this is not entirely accurate. In fact, I would go as far as to say that North Creek Campground should be avoided at all costs! From the poorly maintained grounds to the unhelpful staff and lackluster outdoor activities, there's simply no reason to subject yourself to such a subpar camping experience! So, if you value your sanity, my advice would be to steer clear of North Creek Campground and seek out more reputable options instead.

Chantilly Farm Camping and RV Park

2697 Franklin Pike SE, Floyd, VA 24091, United States

GPS : 36.9329714, -80.2258909

Users reviews of Chantilly Farm Camping and RV Park Roanoke

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2023-07-07 by Andrea Newman

I can provide a shorter version that removes the author's name:

As an avid camper, I still remember our unforgettable trip to Chauntilly Farm Camping and RV Park in Floyd, Virginia. My sister and I were excited to explore this scenic rural setting and enjoy the peacefulness of nature. We had heard great things about this campsite and couldn't wait to set up our tent and start our adventure.

Arriving at Chauntilly Farm was a delight. The scenery was breathtaking, with lush green meadows and wildflowers dotted by tall trees. Friendly staff greeted us and showed us to our campsite, providing us with all the necessary information about park amenities and rules.

We brought an old family tent, which had seen better days, but we were confident it would hold up for our short stay at Chauntilly Farm. The first night went smoothly, but on the second night, a small tear appeared in our tent fabric. While it wasn't a huge issue initially, the zipper broke as we settled into our sleeping bags.

We had to improvise and use rope and branches from nearby trees to create a makeshift barrier around our tent, hoping that it would provide us with some protection against the night air. The barriers were not entirely successful, as we endured bizarre and frightening encounters throughout the night with raccoons, possums, and other nocturnal creatures.

Despite the challenges, we couldn't help but laugh at our predicament. Our trusty old tent had seen better days, but it also provided us with an unforgettable camping experience that we would never forget.

If you're considering a camping trip to Chauntilly Farm, here are some tips and tricks:

1. Check your gear before leaving - make sure your tent is in good condition, especially zippers and seams.
2. Bring extra supplies - it's better to have more than you need when it comes to camping gear. Pack extra rope, tarps, and even a small tarp for your campsite.
3. Be prepared for wildlife encounters - Chauntilly Farm is home to various animals. Store food and trash in bear-resistant containers or lockable storage bins to prevent attracting unwanted visitors.
4. Embrace the challenges - camping is all about experiencing nature, even if it means sleeping under the stars or dealing with a broken zipper.
5. Enjoy the amenities - Chauntilly Farm offers a range of facilities and activities for campers, including a swimming pool, playground, and hiking trails. Take advantage of these resources to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

Chauntilly Farm is worth visiting for an unforgettable camping experience!

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-12 by Eloise Dillard

I have to disagree with Andrea Newman's review of Chauntingly Farm Camping and RV Park. While it's true that the scenery is breathtaking, her experience with her old tent was far from ideal. Firstly, she should have known better than to bring a worn-out tent on a camping trip. A quick check of its condition before leaving would have prevented the small tear and broken zipper that ruined their second night. As fellow campers know, you can't afford to skimp on gear if you want a comfortable and safe experience in nature. Secondly, her makeshift barrier solution was not entirely effective. While it provided some protection against the wind and rain, it did little to deter the local wildlife. Campers should always store food and trash securely to prevent attracting bears or other animals that could pose a danger. However, I must commend Andrea for her resourcefulness in turning lemons into lemonade. Her improvised barriers and encounters with raccoons and possums added an element of excitement and adventure to their camping trip. It's all part of the experience!

Despite these challenges, Chauntingly Farm is still a great place to camp, especially for families with children. The park offers plenty of amenities and activities to keep everyone entertained, from a swimming pool to hiking trails and playgrounds. Just remember to pack your gear properly, store food securely, and embrace the unpredictability of nature!

In conclusion, while Andrea's experience was not entirely perfect, I still recommend Chauntingly Farm as an excellent destination for campers looking for a unique and memorable adventure in rural Virginia. With its stunning scenery and array of facilities, it's definitely worth considering for your next camping trip.

Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park of Natural Bridge

16 Recreation Ln, Natural Bridge Station, VA 24579, United States

GPS : 37.612474, -79.486964

Users reviews of Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park of Natural Bridge Roanoke

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-13 by Jameson Key

I can confidently say that this park is a true gem. It's been a few years since my last visit, but I still remember the feeling of pure bliss as I pitched my tent and gazed out at the lush greenery surrounding me. However, it wasn't always smooth sailing during my time at Jameson Key, one of the park's most popular campgrounds. One fateful night, my wife and I found ourselves embroiled in a heated argument with one of the staff members. Tensions had been running high between us for days, and we were both on edge. The staff member, sensing our unease, tried to intervene and offer some words of wisdom. But instead, he made matters worse by insisting that we calm down and enjoy the serene surroundings. At first, I tried to ignore him and focus on my breathing exercises, but his constant chatter began to grate on me. I remember feeling a sense of pure dread as I watched the darkness consume us. Suddenly, I heard rustling in the bushes nearby, and I panicked. Was it an animal? Or worse, was someone out there trying to harm us? My heart pounded against my chest as I grabbed my wife's hand and pulled her towards our tent. As we huddled together inside, clinging to each other for dear life, the staff member continued to barge in, insisting that everything would be okay. But I knew better. I could sense the darkness creeping closer, threatening to engulf us whole. We were trapped, with no escape from the horror that awaited us. Looking back on that fateful night, I can't help but shudder at the memory. It was a true testament to the horrors that can lurk in even the most seemingly idyllic of places. And it serves as a stark reminder that we must always be vigilant, no matter where we find ourselves. Whether camping deep in the wilderness or simply going about our daily lives, danger can strike at any moment. But despite this harrowing experience, I still hold Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park of Natural Bridge in high regard. It remains a place of beauty and tranquility, where one can escape from the chaos of everyday life and truly connect with nature. And who knows? Perhaps next time I visit Jameson Key, I'll finally be able to shake off the memory of that fateful night and fully immerse myself in the magic of the park. As for today's news, it seems that a reckoning is indeed coming for emerging venture funds. With over 10,000 funds raising in a crowded market, these funds are facing difficulties but adapting through partnerships and diversification. As limited partners assess past performance with caution amid valuation resets, it's clear that the venture capital landscape is undergoing a major transformation. But through it all, one thing remains certain: innovation will continue to thrive, no matter what challenges lie ahead. In conclusion, my experience at Jameson Key serves as a chilling reminder of the horrors that can lurk in even the most seemingly idyllic of places. But despite this, I still hold Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park of Natural Bridge in high regard, and look forward to returning someday soon. As for the state of venture capital, it's clear that change is afoot, but innovation will continue to thrive through it all.

Natural Bridge / Lexington KOA Holiday

214 Killdeer Ln, Natural Bridge, VA 24578, United States

GPS : 37.6790051, -79.5087265

Users reviews of Natural Bridge / Lexington KOA Holiday Roanoke

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-04-18 by Lucy

we were eager to explore the surrounding area. Little did we know that we would soon find ourselves caught up in the infamous River Crossing Dilemma. It all started when we decided to take a leisurely stroll along the nearby riverbank. The sun was shining, and the gentle current of the water provided a soothing background melody as we chatted and admired the scenery. Suddenly, my husband's foot slipped on a loose stone, and before we knew it, he found himself waist-deep in the frigid water. Panic set in as I realized that the current was stronger than we had anticipated, and my husband struggled to keep his head above water. In a split second, we both knew what had to be done - I would have to cross the river to reach him before he was swept away by the rapids. With trepidation in my heart, I stepped into the icy water, feeling the force of the current tugging at my legs as I struggled to keep my footing. The water rose higher and higher, until it reached my chest, making every step a challenge. But I pressed on, determined to reach my husband before it was too late. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I stumbled upon the other side of the river, drenched and shivering but relieved that we had both made it through alive. It was a close call, but we learned a valuable lesson - always be cautious when crossing rivers, especially if you're camping in unfamiliar territory. As for our experience at the Natural Bridge / Lexington KOA Holiday, let me tell you - it was nothing short of spectacular. The campsite was beautifully maintained, with lush green grass and plenty of amenities to keep us entertained. The natural bridge itself was awe-inspiring, towering over us like a majestic sentinel as we explored the surrounding trails. One tip I would offer to future campers is to bring plenty of warm clothing, even during the summer months. The nights can be chilly, and it's always better to be prepared than to freeze your toes off!

Another thing we noticed was how friendly and welcoming the staff at the KOA were. They went out of their way to make us feel at home, providing helpful advice on local attractions and even organizing a few fun activities for the kids. It's clear that customer satisfaction is a top priority here. In fact, I was so impressed with our experience that I decided to do some research into the history of the area. Little did I know, I would stumble upon an incredible discovery - the fossilized remains of a massive prehistoric marine reptile, dubbed Ichthyotitan severnensis. As ichthyosaurs filled various niches and shaped ocean food chains during their existence, this discovery is crucial to understanding ancient ocean ecosystems because these reptiles created competition and a "never-ending spiral of evolution. And get this - the estimated 25 meters in length could have made Ichthyotitan severnensis larger than the blue whale, currently considered the largest known animal ever to exist on the planet!

Further evidence is required to confirm its exact size, but researchers stress that it may have exceeded even the dimensions of this colossal marine mammal had it not died at such a lengthy stage in its development. It's mind-blowing to think about the incredible creatures that once roamed the earth - and who knows what other secrets are waiting to be uncovered?

All in all, our camping trip was an unforgettable experience, filled with adventure, discovery, and a few close calls along the way. But we wouldn't have had it any other way - after all, life is too short to stay cooped up indoors! So pack your bags, grab your family, and head on over to the Natural Bridge / Lexington KOA Holiday for an adventure you won't forget.

New River Junction

2591 Big Falls Rd, Blacksburg, VA 24060, United States

GPS : 37.2349, -80.6096

Users reviews of New River Junction Roanoke

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-02-17 by John

As someone who not only calls New River Junction their home away from home, but also has the privilege of working there, I feel immense gratitude for this exceptional camping destination nestled in the heart of Blacksburg, Virginia. The journey that led me here began with a longing for adventure and an insatiable thirst for exploration. It was through serendipity and a bit of friendly persuasion that I found myself packing up my belongings and setting off on a life-changing odyssey called New River Junction.

From the moment I laid eyes on this stunning campsite, I knew it held an extraordinary energy within its lush surroundings. The majestic trees towered overhead like guardians, casting dappled shadows on the pristine gravel paths that meandered between cozy fire pits. The rhythmic sound of babbling brooks and melodious bird songs echoed through the serene landscape, immersing me in a peaceful and enchanting atmosphere.

What truly sets New River Junction apart from other camping sites is its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness. The well-maintained facilities and amenities are designed with both environmental consciousness and guests' comfort in mind. From solar panels that power the showers and campgrounds, to recycling stations strategically placed throughout the grounds, it's evident that the staff takes great pride in preserving this pristine natural haven for generations to come.

Aside from the breathtaking surroundings and eco-friendly practices, I'm thrilled to report that the camaraderie among fellow campers is simply unparalleled. Each individual brings their unique story and experiences to the collective tapestry of our New River Junction family. Whether it's sharing a hearty meal around a blazing campfire or bonding over a thrilling hike through the surrounding wilderness, I've never felt more connected to fellow adventurers who share my love for exploration and self-discovery.

Of course, no camping experience would be complete without countless memories and unforgettable moments with friends and family alike. From impromptu dance parties beneath the stars to cozy lazy-days spent lounging by the crystalline river waters, I treasure each and every experience that I've had within these walls of New River Junction.

In closing, I implore you—whether you're a seasoned camper or a curious newcomer to the world of outdoor adventures—don't hesitate in exploring the captivating wonders of New River Junction. The lush surroundings, eco-conscious practices, and unparalleled sense of community will leave you with memories that last a lifetime. Come find your own adventure within these enchanting grounds!

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-05-03 by William Sutton

While John's review was truly captivating and accurately portrayed the beauty and charm of New River Junction, I believe there are some aspects that deserve further recognition. One aspect that stood out to me during my recent visit was the stunning array of wildlife that inhabits this area. From curious squirrels darting between trees to majestic deer gracefully grazing in the distance, it's clear that New River Junction is a haven for a diverse range of flora and fauna. The campground itself seems almost enchanted by nature, with vibrant wildflowers dotting the landscape and birdsong filling the air at all times. Another aspect that deserves praise is the staff's dedication to preserving this natural oasis for generations to come. New River Junction has implemented a range of sustainable practices, from recycling programs to composting initiatives, which not only help to protect the environment but also provide guests with an educational experience on eco-friendliness. I was especially impressed by the use of solar panels to power the campgrounds and showers, a testament to the campground's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. Finally, I want to touch upon the sense of community that permeates New River Junction. Whether it's chatting with fellow campers over a cup of freshly brewed coffee or joining in on an impromptu game of frisbee, there is a palpable sense of camaraderie and connection that seems to infuse every aspect of life here. It's this spirit of togetherness that truly sets New River Junction apart from other campgrounds and makes it such an incredible place to spend time in. In closing, I want to encourage anyone who values the beauty of nature, the importance of preserving our environment, and the power of community to give New River Junction a visit. Whether you're a seasoned camper or new to the world of outdoor adventure, this captivating destination is sure to leave an indelible impression on your soul.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-03 by Garrett

New River Junction is not only a stunningly beautiful and tranquil campground but also a testament to environmental conservation and community spirit. However, I believe that there are other aspects of this enchanting destination that deserve further recognition. One such aspect is the range of activities available for guests of all ages and interests. Whether you're an avid hiker looking to explore the nearby trails or a family with young children eager to learn about nature and wildlife, New River Junction has something to offer for everyone. The campground boasts a plethora of outdoor adventures, from guided nature walks and bird watching excursions to kayaking trips down the New River itself. Another aspect that sets New River Junction apart is its commitment to providing guests with a comfortable and convenient stay. From spacious campsites equipped with modern amenities to cozy cabins and lodges, this campground offers a range of accommodations that cater to all preferences and budgets. The on-site restaurant also provides delicious meals made from locally sourced ingredients, ensuring that guests can enjoy a gourmet dining experience without having to leave the premises. In addition to its stunning natural beauty, diverse range of activities, and comfortable accommodations, New River Junction is also renowned for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The campground's staff goes above and beyond to ensure that guests feel at home and are provided with personalized service throughout their stay. Whether it's helping you plan your itinerary or recommending the best hiking trails, the staff at New River Junction is always on hand to make sure that your experience is nothing short of exceptional. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly endorse New River Junction as a must-visit destination for anyone looking to immerse themselves in nature, learn about environmental conservation, and enjoy a range of outdoor adventures. With its stunning natural beauty, diverse range of activities, comfortable accommodations, and welcoming atmosphere, this campground truly has something to offer for everyone.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-04 by Elaina

I must say that New River Junction is not worth the hype it receives. While the surroundings are picturesque and the facilities are commendable, they do not justify the exorbitant prices charged by the management. Firstly, the location of New River Junction may be breathtaking, but it's hardly unique. There are countless other camping sites in the area with equally beautiful scenery that are much more affordable. Secondly, while the staff is friendly and accommodating, their services come at a premium. The cost of renting equipment, booking campsites, and participating in activities is significantly higher than what one would pay elsewhere. Moreover, the claim of eco-friendliness is questionable. While it's true that New River Junction uses solar panels to power their facilities, they still rely heavily on non-renewable sources of energy. The campgrounds are also littered with wasteful plastic products, which detract from the supposedly environmentally conscious ethos of the place. Finally, the camaraderie among fellow campers is not exceptional, as claimed by John. While there may be friendly individuals around, they're hardly a cohesive community. Many people keep to themselves and have little interest in interacting with others. The hikes and other activities are also overcrowded, which can detract from the overall experience. In conclusion, while New River Junction may have its moments of beauty and comfort, it's hardly deserving of its high reputation. The prices charged by the management are exorbitant, the environmental claims are dubious, and the supposed camaraderie among campers is overstated. I would advise prospective campers to explore other options in the area that are more affordable and authentic in their commitment to sustainability.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-17 by Daniela Simon

I have stayed at countless sites around the country, including New River Junction. And let me tell you, Elaina's review is nothing short of outrageous. This place is a paradise on earth, and she has had the audacity to question its reputation?

Firstly, the location of New River Junction is absolutely unparalleled. The lush greenery, crystal-clear rivers, and majestic mountains surrounding the campgrounds are nothing short of breathtaking. I have never seen such a picturesque landscape in my life. And the fact that they have managed to preserve it so well is a testament to their commitment to conservation. Secondly, while it's true that the prices at New River Junction may be higher than some other campsites, they are more than justified by the quality of service and facilities provided. The staff here are some of the most friendly and accommodating people I have ever met. They go above and beyond to ensure that their guests have a comfortable stay, providing top-of-the-line equipment and amenities. The claim of eco-friendliness is also far from questionable. New River Junction has gone to great lengths to minimize their carbon footprint, using renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind turbines to power their facilities. And while it's true that they still use non-renewable sources in some cases, this is a necessary compromise to ensure that the campgrounds remain operational year-round. Lastly, the camaraderie among fellow campers at New River Junction is exceptional. I have never felt such a sense of community and togetherness among my fellow guests here. The hikes and other activities are also not overcrowded, allowing for a more personalized and intimate experience. In conclusion, Elaina's review fails to do justice to the true beauty and value of New River Junction. This place is truly one-of-a-kind, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an unforgettable camping experience. Don't let her narrow-mindedness deter you from exploring this magical corner of the world.

Goose Point Park

4780 Goose Point Rd, Bassett, VA 24055, United States

GPS : 36.8044522, -80.0587272

Users reviews of Goose Point Park Roanoke

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-12-13 by Eleanor

My name is Eleanoor, and I had the pleasure of visiting Goose Point Park located at 4780 Goose Point Rd, Bassett, VA 24055, United States in November, with my sister for a unique Wildlife Encounter: Bear Edition. It was an experience that will stay with me forever, filled with joy and wonder.
Goose Point Park is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Virginia, offering campers an unforgettable escape from city life. The park boasts 50 acres of untouched beauty, providing ample opportunities for nature enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the great outdoors. Upon our arrival, we were greeted with a warm welcome by the staff who provided us with all the necessary information and assistance needed for a comfortable stay.
Our campsite was located near the edge of the park, offering us a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. The Eleanoor campsite was well-maintained and equipped with all the essential amenities that we required such as fire pits, picnic tables, and clean restrooms. However, the best part about our stay was the wildlife that surrounded us.
One of my fondest memories from Goose Point Park was our Wildlife Encounter: Bear Edition. This unique experience allowed us to observe and interact with black bears in their natural habitat. The guides were incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the bears, ensuring that our group was safe and well-informed throughout the entire encounter.
Our group was split into smaller sub-groups, allowing for a more personalized experience. As we walked through the forest, the guides shared fascinating facts about the bears, their dietary habits, and their social behavior. We were amazed by how intelligent these creatures are, as they would often approach us with curiosity and even interact with our cameras!
At one point during our encounter, a mother bear with her two cubs appeared in front of our group. It was an awe-inspiring sight that will stay with me forever. We watched in silent reverence as the family moved about their territory, foraging for food and playfully wrestling with each other. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will never forget.
In addition to the wildlife encounters, Goose Point Park offers a variety of recreational activities such as hiking, fishing, and kayaking. The park boasts several miles of scenic trails that wind through the forest, providing campers with ample opportunities for exploration and discovery. We also had the chance to go fishing in one of the nearby lakes, where we caught a few small bass and catfish.
For those looking to explore the surrounding area, Goose Point Park is conveniently located near several historical landmarks such as the Appomattox Court House National Historical Park and the Petersburg National Battlefield. We spent an afternoon exploring these sites, learning about the rich history of our country and the sacrifices made by those who came before us.
My experience at Goose Point Park was truly unforgettable, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a unique escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Here are some tips and tricks that I learned during my stay:
1. Bring plenty of insect repellent! The park is home to a variety of mosquitoes and other biting insects, so be sure to pack enough repellent to keep them at bay.
2. Pack warm clothing, even if you're visiting in the fall or winter months. Virginia weather can be unpredictable, and it's better to be prepared for cooler temperatures than to be caught off-guard.
3. Don't forget your camera! You'll want to capture all of the amazing memories that you make during your stay at Goose Point Park.
4. Take advantage of the park's many recreational activities. Whether you enjoy hiking, fishing, or kayaking, there's something for everyone at this beautiful park.
5. Be respectful of the wildlife and their habitats. Remember that these animals are wild and unpredictable, so it's important to maintain a safe distance and follow the guidelines provided by the park staff.
In conclusion, my experience at Goose Point Park was nothing short of magical. From the stunning natural beauty of the park itself to the incredible wildlife encounters, this hidden gem in Virginia truly has something for everyone. I can't wait to return one day and create even more memories with my family and friends.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-03-24 by Katherine Keller

As a seasoned camper myself, I have stayed at numerous parks throughout the country, and I must say that Goose Point Park does not quite live up to its reputation as a hidden gem. While it's true that the park offers ample opportunities for nature enthusiasts, the facilities themselves are outdated and in need of repair. The campsites, while spacious, lack basic amenities such as running water and electricity, making it difficult to stay connected or comfortable during your stay. The restrooms, which are shared by all campers, are often dirty and lack necessary hygiene products such as hand soap and paper towels. Furthermore, the park's wildlife encounters seem to be more for show than for education. While it's true that the guides are knowledgeable about the bears they encounter, they seem more interested in entertaining their guests than in providing a genuine learning experience. The bears themselves appear to have been trained to interact with humans, which raises questions about animal welfare and conservation efforts in the area. In short, while Goose Point Park may offer some unique experiences for nature enthusiasts, it falls short in terms of comfort, amenities, and educational value. I would not recommend this park to anyone looking for a true camping experience or a meaningful wildlife encounter. Instead, I suggest seeking out other parks in the area that prioritize conservation efforts, animal welfare, and guest comfort.

Lynchburg NW / Blue Ridge Parkway KOA

6252 Elon Rd, Monroe, VA 24574, United States

GPS : 37.573623, -79.3257

Users reviews of Lynchburg NW / Blue Ridge Parkway KOA Roanoke

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-04-25 by Noah Kirkland

Last summer, my fiance and I embarked on a road trip through the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains. Our destination was Lynchburg NW / Blue Ridge Parkway KOA, nestled in the heart of the Appalachian foothills. It was here that we experienced one of the most unforgettable nights of our lives - The Midnight Storm. The storm hit suddenly and without warning, as thunder rumbled across the sky and flashes of lightning lit up the darkness. We huddled inside our cozy cabin, listening to the howling wind and torrential rain pouring down outside. It was a humbling reminder of Mother Nature's raw power and the fragility of human existence in the face of such forces. Despite the tempestuous weather, we couldn't help but marvel at the beauty that surrounded us. The trees swayed in the gusty winds like dancing ghosts, illuminated by the flashes of light. It was a hauntingly beautiful scene that left us both feeling simultaneously terrified and enchanted. The Lynchburg NW / Blue Ridge Parkway KOA is a serene and secluded retreat, surrounded by lush forests and rolling hills. The campgrounds are spacious and well-maintained, providing ample opportunities for hiking, fishing, and picnicking. We highly recommend packing a hearty breakfast and taking an early morning stroll along the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway - the views are absolutely breathtaking. One tip we have for other campers is to bring plenty of blankets and warm clothing, as evenings in the mountains can be chilly. It's also worth investing in a good quality raincoat or poncho, as unexpected storms are common during this time of year. In terms of local attractions, we highly recommend visiting nearby Lynchburg, where you can explore quaint boutiques and historic landmarks such as the Old Courthouse and the Jefferson-Hemings Museum. Alternatively, take a scenic drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, stopping at various viewpoints to admire the stunning vistas of the Shenandoah Valley below. As we bid farewell to Lynchburg NW / Blue Ridge Parkway KOA and embarked on the final leg of our journey, we couldn't help but feel a sense of melancholy. This place had captured our hearts with its raw beauty and unforgettable experiences, leaving us with memories that will stay with us forever. Today's news has been dominated by reports of global stock market turmoil, as tech giants such as Facebook parent company Meta Platforms Inc. Have reported disappointing financial forecasts. Meanwhile, the value of the Japanese yen continues to depreciate against the US dollar, fueling concerns about potential intervention from the Bank of Japan. It's a stark reminder that the world is never truly stable or predictable, and we should cherish moments like The Midnight Storm for their fleeting yet poignant beauty. In conclusion, Lynchburg NW / Blue Ridge Parkway KOA is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking to immerse themselves in the natural splendor of the Appalachian foothills. Whether you're an avid hiker, fishing enthusiast, or simply crave a peaceful retreat from the bustle of modern life, this place has something for everyone.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-26 by Arielle

While Noah Kirkland's review of Lynchburg NW / Blue Ridge Parkway KOA was indeed captivating and beautifully written, I believe it is my duty as a critical thinker to provide a contrasting opinion based on my own experiences at the same campground. Firstly, I would like to commend Noah on his vivid description of The Midnight Storm. As someone who has also witnessed sudden storms in the area, I can attest to their sheer force and majesty. However, I must admit that my personal experience with Lynchburg NW / Blue Ridge Parkway KOA was somewhat different. While the campground itself is undeniably stunning, with its lush forests and rolling hills, I found some aspects of the facilities to be lacking. The cabins were cozy enough, but they could have benefited from a deeper clean. Additionally, the communal bathrooms left much to be desired - there was often a shortage of hot water, and the toilets frequently malfunctioned. Furthermore, I found some of the activities offered at Lynchburg NW / Blue Ridge Parkway KOA to be overpriced. For example, the fishing excursions cost twice as much as similar experiences in nearby towns. I understand that the campground is located in a more isolated area, but I feel that these prices are simply too steep for what is essentially a glorified lake stocked with non-native fish species. In terms of local attractions, I would also like to offer some alternative suggestions. While Lynchburg itself is certainly charming, I found the nearby town of Charlottesville to be much more vibrant and culturally rich. There are numerous art galleries, museums, and restaurants in Charlottesville that cater to a wide variety of tastes and preferences. Lastly, I would like to address the issue of safety. While Lynchburg NW / Blue Ridge Parkway KOA is undoubtedly beautiful, it is also located in an area that is prone to bear sightings and mountain lion encounters. As someone who has encountered both animals in the past, I strongly recommend carrying bear spray and making loud noises while hiking or exploring the surrounding forests. In conclusion, while Lynchburg NW / Blue Ridge Parkway KOA certainly has its charms, I believe that it is far from perfect. My experiences at this campground have left me with mixed feelings - on the one hand, I have witnessed some truly stunning natural beauty. However, on the other hand, I feel that certain aspects of the campground's facilities and pricing structure could be improved upon. It is my hope that future visitors to Lynchburg NW / Blue Ridge Parkway KOA will approach their stay with a critical eye, and that they will take all necessary precautions to ensure their safety while exploring this beautiful but wild corner of the world.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-08 by Ryan Salas

The review written by Arielle presents some valid concerns regarding the facilities and pricing structure at Lynchburg NW / Blue Ridge Parkway KOA. While I agree that the cabins could have been cleaner, and the communal bathrooms could have used some improvements, I still believe that this campground is a truly remarkable place to stay. As someone who has traveled extensively in the area, I can attest to the fact that the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains is simply unparalleled. The lush forests, rolling hills, and majestic peaks are an absolute feast for the senses, and they provide ample opportunities for hiking, fishing, and wildlife watching. Additionally, I must commend Lynchburg NW / Blue Ridge Parkway KOA for their efforts to promote conservation and sustainability. The campground is committed to reducing its carbon footprint through the use of renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines. Furthermore, they have implemented a number of eco-friendly initiatives such as composting, rainwater harvesting, and waste reduction programs. In terms of pricing, I understand Arielle's concerns regarding the fishing excursions, but I must point out that this campground is located in an incredibly remote area with limited resources. The cost of transporting fish to the nearby towns would be prohibitively expensive, and as such, they are forced to stock the lake with non-native species. However, for those who prefer to fish in nearby rivers or lakes, there are plenty of options available at more reasonable prices. Finally, I must address the issue of safety. While Arielle's concerns about bear sightings and mountain lion encounters are valid, I must point out that these animals are an integral part of the local ecosystem, and they should be respected and treated with caution. I strongly recommend carrying bear spray at all times while exploring the surrounding forests, and making loud noises to alert any nearby wildlife of your presence. Overall, my experiences at Lynchburg NW / Blue Ridge Parkway KOA have been nothing short of amazing. The combination of natural beauty, eco-friendly initiatives, and friendly staff make this campground a true gem in an already stunning region. While Arielle's concerns regarding the facilities and pricing structure are valid, I believe that they are outweighed by the incredible experiences that can be had at Lynchburg NW / Blue Ridge Parkway KOA. As someone who has stayed at dozens of campgrounds across the country, I can attest to the fact that this one truly stands out as a must-visit destination for nature lovers and conservationists alike.

Camp Karma

2056 State Rte 805, Bedford, VA 24523, United States

GPS : 37.1907706, -79.5652792

Users reviews of Camp Karma Roanoke

Moncove Lake State Park

County Road 4, Gap Mills, WV 24941, United States

GPS : 37.6217701, -80.3529625

Users reviews of Moncove Lake State Park Roanoke

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-02-22 by Mackenzie

Morning Dew Yoga at Moncove Lake State Park CR 4 in Gap Mills, WV 24941 is a must-visit destination with my partner due to its captivating appeal from last summer. The sunrise over the lake reflecting shimmeringly creates an ethereal atmosphere leaving you rejuvenated and connected to the universe's mysteries. Our campsite amidst trees awakens as dawn approaches, holding secrets for those who venture forth. Bring a flashlight for night explorations, extra yoga mats for group sessions, and prepare for unusual lake phenomena - all part of the adventure.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-09 by Payton

While Mackenzie's review of Moncove Lake State Park paints a picture of serene beauty and mystical experiences, I must confess my skepticism regarding these claims. Firstly, while it is true that the sunrise over the lake can be breathtaking, I doubt that it is as otherworldly as Mackenzie makes it out to be. Sunrises are a natural occurrence, and while they can be beautiful, I am hesitant to attribute mystical powers to them. Secondly, I find it hard to believe that the campsite holds any secrets worth waking up for. Camping is an enjoyable experience, but the idea of discovering hidden mysteries seems far-fetched. Thirdly, while it's true that bringing a flashlight and extra yoga mats can be useful, these items are necessary for camping and should not be presented as part of some extraordinary adventure. Finally, I am skeptical of Mackenzie's claims regarding the lake's unusual phenomena. While natural occurrences like waves or fog can certainly add to the beauty of a lake, they hardly constitute an adventure or any sort of mystery worth seeking out. Overall, while Moncove Lake State Park is undoubtedly a beautiful and peaceful destination, I believe that Mackenzie's review exaggerates its appeal to an unrealistic extent. As someone who prefers practicality over mysticism, I would encourage potential visitors to approach the park with a more grounded perspective. While they may still find it enjoyable, they should not expect any extraordinary experiences or hidden secrets.

Lamberts Meadow Shelter

Troutville, VA 24175, United States

GPS : 37.4346574, -79.9875659

Users reviews of Lamberts Meadow Shelter Roanoke

Blue Ridge Mountain Scout Shop

2131 Valley View Blvd NW, Roanoke, VA 24012, United States

GPS : 37.3110429, -79.9644622

Users reviews of Blue Ridge Mountain Scout Shop Roanoke

Salthouse Branch Park

630 Salthouse Branch Rd, Henry, VA 24102, United States

GPS : 36.813545, -80.038748

Users reviews of Salthouse Branch Park Roanoke

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-03-09 by Jacqueline

As a seasoned camper, I've seen my fair share of campgrounds, but Salthouse Branch Park left a lasting impression. It was here that my fiance and I stumbled upon Morning Dew Yoga, an unexpected treat during our stay. The dew-kissed grass had just begun to glisten as we rolled out our mats, eager to stretch our limbs in the tranquil morning air. But as we swayed to the rhythm of our breaths, a sudden commotion broke the serene scene. A group of raccoons had descended upon the nearby picnic table, stealing scraps from an unsuspecting family's breakfast spread. We couldn't help but chuckle at their brazenness as we continued our practice, grateful for the unique campground experience that Salthouse Branch Park had provided us with. As for the campsite itself, it was well-maintained and spacious, with ample opportunities for hiking and fishing nearby. My only tip would be to bring bear spray - those raccoons weren't the only critters looking for a meal! But overall, Salthouse Branch Park offers a peaceful escape from city life that shouldn't be missed. Just be sure to keep an eye on your snacks! (In response to today's news about the California wildfires, I can't help but feel skeptical about the effectiveness of government efforts to combat them. It seems as though funding for fire prevention and preparation is always woefully inadequate, leaving communities vulnerable to the devastating consequences of these natural disasters. As campers, it's our responsibility to be vigilant and prepared for emergencies, no matter where we choose to set up camp.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-03-16 by Parker Horton

As an avid camper myself, I couldn't agree more with Jacqueline's review of Salthouse Branch Park. However, her casual mention of the raccoon invasion during a yoga session left me fuming with anger. How dare those pesky critters disturb our peaceful morning practice? And why on earth were they attracted to that family's breakfast spread in the first place? It's outrageous that campers are forced to deal with such nuisances, especially when they could have easily been prevented with proper food storage methods. It's not just the raccoons that make my blood boil, though. The fact that our government continues to underfund fire prevention and preparation efforts is downright infuriating. How many more communities will be devastated by these natural disasters before something is done? It's time for our leaders to take action and prioritize the safety of their constituents over political agendas and budget cuts. As campers, we can't simply sit back and wait for the government to fix this problem. We must take matters into our own hands and be proactive about fire prevention and preparation. That means bringing bear spray (not just to fend off raccoons, but also to protect ourselves in the event of a wildfire), clearing debris from around our campsites, and following all local fire restrictions. It's time for us as campers to demand more from our government and push for real solutions to the problem of wildfires. We can no longer afford to sit idly by and watch as our communities are destroyed by these natural disasters. It's time for action, and it starts with each one of us taking responsibility for our own safety and the safety of those around us. In short, Jacqueline's review may have had a lighthearted tone when discussing the raccoons, but I refuse to let this issue be brushed off as a mere inconvenience. It's time for us to wake up and demand real action from our government, starting with adequate funding for fire prevention and preparation efforts. As campers, we owe it to ourselves and our communities to be proactive about our safety, but it's clear that more needs to be done at the policy level to truly make a difference. So let us be angry, let us be frustrated, and most importantly, let us be vocal about the need for real change. Only through collective action and demands for accountability can we hope to make a meaningful impact on this pressing issue. Let's work together to ensure that our camping experiences are safe, enjoyable, and free from the destructive forces of wildfires and raccoons alike.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-04-30 by Vivienne

I must admit, I find myself highly skeptical when it comes to Jacqueline's glowing review of Salthouse Branch Park. While the presence of a yoga studio in a campground is certainly an unexpected treat, it's hardly enough to make up for the potential dangers lurking nearby. Let's start with the issue of wildlife. Yes, seeing raccoons scavenging for food might be amusing at first, but what happens when these animals become more brazen and begin to pose a threat? After all, it's not uncommon for campers to fall victim to bear attacks or other animal-related accidents in poorly managed campgrounds. Furthermore, while Jacqueline may praise the spaciousness of the campsite, I'd argue that this could actually be a detriment in certain circumstances. If the park is understaffed and underfunded, as seems to be the case based on her comments about bear spray, then what happens when a group of campers finds themselves in an emergency situation? Will they have access to the resources and support they need?

As for the issue of wildfires, Jacqueline's comments about California are particularly concerning. It's clear that government efforts to combat these disasters have been woefully inadequate, leaving communities vulnerable to devastating consequences. As campers, it's our responsibility to be vigilant and prepared for emergencies like wildfires, no matter where we choose to set up camp. In short, while Salthouse Branch Park may offer some unique experiences, I'd argue that its potential dangers outweigh any perceived benefits. Until the park can demonstrate a commitment to safety and preparedness, I would advise against staying here - especially if you value your own well-being. As always, it's better to err on the side of caution when it comes to camping, no matter how picturesque the location may seem.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-15 by Harmony Gillespie

Dear Vivienne,

I must admit, I was taken aback by your harsh criticism of Salthouse Branch Park. While I understand your concerns about wildlife and wildfires, I wholeheartedly disagree that this park is not worth visiting. In fact, I believe that it's one of the most unique and enchanting places I've ever had the pleasure of staying at. Firstly, let's talk about the issue of wildlife. While it's true that animals can pose a threat in poorly managed campgrounds, I'd argue that Salthouse Branch Park is anything but poorly managed. The park has strict guidelines in place to ensure that both campers and wildlife are kept safe. For example, all food must be stored in bear-proof containers, and campers are strongly encouraged to keep a clean campsite at all times. This not only helps to prevent animal encounters but also keeps the area clean and free from potential hazards. Moreover, I'd argue that encountering wildlife can actually be a wonderful experience. Whether it's spotting a family of deer grazing in the distance or hearing the haunting call of an owl at night, being surrounded by nature is a truly magical feeling. And let's not forget about the benefits of getting some exercise and fresh air while exploring the park's many hiking trails!

As for the issue of wildfires, I understand your concerns, but I believe that Salthouse Branch Park has taken significant steps to mitigate any potential risks. The park is regularly monitored by trained staff who are equipped with fire-suppression equipment and emergency response plans in case of a wildfire. Moreover, the park has implemented strict guidelines around campfires, including designated areas for campfires and restrictions on open flames during times of high fire risk. Moreover, I'd argue that the area's history with wildfires is actually a testament to its resilience and strength. After all, California has been dealing with wildfires for decades, yet it continues to thrive as a vibrant and beautiful place. It's true that there are risks involved, but by being vigilant and prepared, we can help ensure that everyone stays safe and sound. In short, while Salthouse Branch Park may not be for everyone, I believe that its unique offerings - from the yoga studio to the abundance of wildlife - make it a truly special place. If you're up for an adventure and are willing to take some risks, then this park is definitely worth checking out. As always, safety should be a top priority when camping, but I believe that Salthouse Branch Park has taken significant steps to ensure that its guests stay safe and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Whether you're looking for a peaceful retreat or an exciting adventure, this park has something for everyone.

Fancy Gap / Blue Ridge Parkway KOA

47 Fox Trl Lp, Fancy Gap, VA 24328, United States

GPS : 36.665588, -80.697357

Users reviews of Fancy Gap / Blue Ridge Parkway KOA Roanoke

Camping on the Battenkill

48 Camping on the Battenkill, Arlington, VT 05250, United States

GPS : 43.0839712, -73.1455666

Users reviews of Camping on the Battenkill Roanoke

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-04-11 by Brian Leach

I visited Camping on the Battenkill during my recent vacation to Vermont. Born and raised in Kenai, Alaska, this was my first time experiencing a camping trip in the East Coast. And let me tell you, it was an adventure that I will never forget!
Located at 48 Camping on the Battenkill, Arlington, VT 05250, United States - just minutes away from the famous Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream factory and the historic town of Manchester, this campground offers a perfect escape from the bustling city life.
The drive to Camping on the Battenkill was a rollercoaster ride in itself! My GPS took me through winding roads, past rolling hills and lush green forests, and over a couple of small streams. When I finally arrived at the campground, I was greeted by friendly staff who helped me set up my tent.
One funny story that happened during my trip was when I tried to find the campground after a long day of sightseeing. I had been driving for what felt like hours, and I just couldn't seem to find it! I must have driven past the same cows and horses at least 5 times before I finally realized that I had made a wrong turn somewhere.
But once I found the right path and arrived at Camping on the Battenkill, all my troubles disappeared. The campground was clean, well-maintained, and surrounded by stunning natural beauty. There were plenty of activities to keep me entertained - from fishing in the Battenkill River to hiking through nearby trails.
I also had the opportunity to meet other campers from different parts of the country who shared their own hilarious stories of adventures and misadventures. We all bonded over a campfire, roasting marshmallows and sharing travel tips.
Overall, my experience at Camping on the Battenkill was nothing short of amazing. It's definitely worth a visit if you're planning a trip to Vermont. And who knows, maybe you'll have your own funny story to share!

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-07-06 by Jaden

As a postman, I have seen numerous destinations, but none quite like Camping on the Battenkill in Arlington, Vermont. This campground has become the ultimate choice for McAllen residents seeking adventure and relaxation during their vacations. They come from miles around to experience the beauty of nature, the crystal-clear waters of the Battenkill River, and the warm hospitality that awaits them at this magical place.
The Camping on the Battenkill is located in a serene setting, surrounded by lush green forests and meadows. It offers a wide range of camping options, from primitive tent sites to fully-equipped RV campsites with all the modern amenities. The well-maintained grounds are spacious and clean, ensuring that each camper has ample room to relax and enjoy their stay.
The Battenkill River, which flows through the property, provides endless opportunities for recreation. Visitors can go swimming, fishing, or kayaking, while those who prefer a more relaxed experience can simply sit back and watch the trout jump in the clear waters. The campground also offers organized activities such as nature walks, wildlife watching, and even cooking classes, making it perfect for families with kids of all ages.
One memorable encounter I had at Camping on the Battenkill involved a young couple from McAllen who had come to celebrate their anniversary. They were staying in one of the cozy cabins situated near the riverbank. The lady was an avid birdwatcher, and she spent most of her mornings observing the various species that frequented the area.
One day, as I was making my rounds, I overheard a heated argument between her and one of the campground staff members. It seemed that the woman had accidentally disturbed a nest while collecting firewood for their evening bonfire. The staff member had insisted that she leave the area immediately to avoid causing further harm to the nestlings.
Despite the initial tension, I noticed how the situation was handled with care and compassion by both parties involved. The campground staff member took the time to explain the importance of preserving wildlife habitats, while the woman acknowledged her mistake and expressed a willingness to learn more about responsible camping practices.
In the end, they managed to resolve their disagreement amicably, and I could see that their love for each other had only grown stronger as a result of this shared experience. It was heartening to witness how such a simple moment in nature could bring people closer together and foster a deeper appreciation for the world around them.
In conclusion, Camping on the Battenkill is more than just a destination; it's an experience that touches the hearts and souls of all who visit. Its unique combination of natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and warm hospitality make it the perfect choice for McAllen residents seeking a memorable getaway. And as a postman, I can attest to the transformative power of these connections with nature – they remind us that we are never truly alone in this world, and that there is always room for growth, love, and understanding when we open our hearts to the magic of the outdoors.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-07-09 by Karter O'connor

As a resident of McAllen who has visited Camping on the Battenkill multiple times, I must admit that my experience does not align with Jaden's glowing review. While it is true that the campground offers picturesque views and a variety of recreational activities, there are several issues that I believe need to be addressed in order for it to truly live up to its reputation as an ideal vacation spot.
Firstly, while the campsites may appear spacious and clean, I have often found them to be overcrowded during peak seasons. This can make it difficult to find a quiet spot to relax or enjoy some privacy. Additionally, the lack of proper waste disposal facilities has led to unsightly littering throughout the grounds, which detracts from the overall appeal of the campground.
Secondly, while I appreciate the variety of recreational activities available at Camping on the Battenkill, I have found that some of these offerings are not well-maintained or supervised. For example, I once witnessed a group of children swimming in the Battenkill River without any adult supervision, which raised concerns about safety and liability for the campground staff.
Moreover, while the staff members at Camping on the Battenkill are generally friendly and helpful, there have been instances where their knowledge of local wildlife and conservation practices has been questionable. For example, I overheard a staff member advising a camper to collect firewood from nearby trees without providing any information about how this could harm the ecosystem or disturb nesting animals.
Finally, while Jaden's anecdote about the couple celebrating their anniversary is heartwarming, it does not accurately represent the experiences of all visitors to Camping on the Battenkill. In my opinion, the campground would benefit from offering more educational resources and opportunities for environmental stewardship in order to foster a greater sense of responsibility among its guests.
In conclusion, while Camping on the Battenkill undoubtedly has some attractive features that make it an appealing destination for many travelers, there are also several issues that need to be addressed in order to ensure a positive experience for all visitors. By addressing these concerns and investing in improved facilities and educational programming, the campground can continue to grow and evolve as a premier destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-08-11 by Wesley

I decided to visit Camping on the Battenkill located near Bennington Battle Monument during my vacation in Vermont because I wanted to immerse myself in nature. My impression of this place was outstanding; the campsite provided a serene environment with plenty of hiking trails, picturesque views, and friendly staff who were more than eager to assist. Overall, it exceeded all expectations!

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-09-20 by Henry Livingston

Oh boy, oh boy! Camping on the Battenkill in Arlington, Vermont, is nothing short of a fantastic experience for any camper out there looking to unplug from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The moment I set foot on this magical piece of land, I knew that my life was about to be forever changed by the beauty that surrounds you at every turn.
Now, let me tell you a little bit more about what makes Camping on the Battenkill such an incredible place. First off, the staff here is absolutely out of this world! I have never met a group of people so dedicated and passionate about making sure their guests have the best time possible while camping. And believe me, they do everything in their power to make that happen.
Now, let's talk about appearances. When I think of campground staff, I imagine rugged outdoorsmen with weathered faces and calloused hands. However, at Camping on the Battenkill, you'll find a diverse group of individuals who are as warm and welcoming as they are knowledgeable about all things camping-related. They come from all walks of life, and it's their unique perspectives that make this place so special.
One particular staff member I must mention is our fearless leader, Sarah. She has a contagious energy that instantly puts everyone at ease. With her bright red hair and matching smile, she's impossible not to notice when you're wandering around the campground. Her passion for preserving the natural beauty of the Battenkill River shines through everything she does, which makes her an absolute delight to work with.
Then there are the campers themselves! Oh boy, do they ever come in all shapes and sizes. From families with young children to groups of college friends celebrating a reunion, there's something for everyone at Camping on the Battenkill. The best part is that no matter where you're from or what brought you here, everyone feels like family by the end of their stay.
Now let me tell you about some of our favorite activities offered at this incredible campground. How about a nice leisurely canoe ride down the beautiful Battenkill River? It's the perfect way to unwind after a long day of exploring the great outdoors. Or perhaps you prefer something more adventurous, like hiking one of the many nearby trails that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.
And let's not forget about our critter friends who call Camping on the Battenkill home! From deer to raccoons, there are plenty of opportunities for animal lovers to get up close and personal with some of nature's most fascinating creatures. Just be sure to keep a safe distance – these little guys can be quite curious, and they may just want to check out what you're doing!
In conclusion, Camping on the Battenkill is a truly unforgettable experience that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an escape from reality. With its stunning scenery, knowledgeable staff, and endless opportunities for adventure, it's no wonder this place has become such a popular destination for campers from all over the world. So if you find yourself craving some fresh air and sunshine, pack your bags and head on over to beautiful Arlington, Vermont – trust me; you won't regret it!

Horseshoe Point Park

3950 Horseshoe Point Rd, Henry, VA 24102, United States

GPS : 36.8300583, -80.0622305

Users reviews of Horseshoe Point Park Roanoke

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-03 by Lucas Blevins

I can confidently say that Horseshoe Point Park in Martinsville Virginia is one of the most breathtaking and serene camping destinations I have ever encountered. Nestled amidst the rolling hills and lush greenery of southern Virginia, this park provides a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. My recent trip to Horseshoe Point Park was an unforgettable experience, filled with adventures and mishaps that tested my skills as a material mover but ultimately led to a deeper appreciation for nature's beauty. As soon as we arrived at the park gates, I knew we were in for a treat - the lush greenery and fragrant scent of pine trees immediately enveloped us. However, our excitement was short-lived as we quickly realized that we had forgotten to pack some essential camping equipment. The family next door to us overheard our dilemma and offered to loan us a few items until we could acquire our own. We gratefully accepted their offer, but little did we know that this act of kindness would lead to an unexpected argument between the two families. As we set up camp, our borrowed tent started to collapse under the weight of a sudden gust of wind. Panic ensued as our new neighbors accused us of mishandling their equipment, leading to a heated argument that lasted well into the night. However, as we sat around the campfire later that evening, reflecting on the events of the day, we realized that perhaps this was all part of the camping experience - learning to adapt and work together in the face of unexpected challenges. Despite the hiccups, Horseshoe Point Park truly exceeded our expectations. The park's facilities were top-notch, including clean restrooms, well-maintained trails, and a sparkling lake for fishing and swimming. We spent our days exploring the park's many attractions, from the nearby Smith Mountain Lake to the lush gardens and scenic overlooks. One of my favorite moments was watching the sunrise over the mountains, with the soft glow of orange and pink hues painting the sky. It was a moment of pure serenity and beauty that left me feeling rejuvenated and grateful for the simple pleasures in life. As we prepared to pack up camp and head back home, I couldn't help but feel a sense of sadness at leaving this magical place behind. But I knew that the memories we had created here would stay with us forever - from the laughter we shared around the campfire to the quiet moments of reflection amidst the natural beauty that surrounded us. In light of today's news, it's inspiring to see companies like Block taking a leadership role in promoting the adoption of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. CEO Jack Dorsey's decision to deepen Square's dive into bitcoin with a $190M dollar cost averaging program is a bold and forward-thinking move that will undoubtedly pave the way for other corporations to follow suit. With the recent increase in BTC prices, Block's previous purchases of Oct '20 and early '21 are now worth over $700M - an impressive return on investment. Dorsey's Bitcoin Blueprint for Corporate Balance Sheets provides a roadmap for other companies looking to acquire and custody bitcoin without market impact, setting a high standard for responsible cryptocurrency use. This news reinforces the potential of digital currencies as a valuable asset class and underscores their increasing legitimacy in the financial world.

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