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What is better than living with nature on campground with your friends ? If you are in Portsmouth stay focused on the following things. Check that your campground have the shower available.

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If you looking for a campground with cooking grill you can check Eastern Slope Camping Area located at 03818, 584 White Mountain Hwy, North Conway, NH 03860, United States with is only 130.92 km away from Pines Camping Area located at 28 Sand Hill Rd, Salisbury, MA 01952, United States. If you forget first aid kit ask Jonah Moses from Eastern Slope Camping Area.

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There are lots of choices when choosing a camper and it is a really fun time to visit your favorite local spots! It is worth checking for campground reviews as this is where you can get some info about them.

You can also check to see if there is any free camping and RV parks in Portsmouth by just searching online.

The campgrounds in Portsmouth are often quite clean & neat and very clean in their campsites. Campground reviews and photos are a good indicator to know if the campground you are looking for is good. If you find a campground with clean camping conditions check it out.

Also check whether the camper park has any facilities for your camper that are needed for the summer.If you are thinking about staying with a friend in Portsmouth and want to book campgrounds close to home it is a good idea to do some research on the availability of campsites in Portsmouth.

You may have been told that the nearest campsites are in Portsmouth or even in Portsmouth itself. If not, it's a good idea to book campsites close to home as it's quite convenient for you.

You will have to do some searching to find the closest campgrounds in Portsmouth to your choice of destination. The best place to do this is by searching online. Look at the names and the websites that describe the campgrounds to see if they are open to camping.

If the description is right or if the place is near Portsmouth you should definitely book the campsites close to home as it will give you good camping opportunities.

Campgrounds close to Portsmouth are usually booked by the month and not by the day.

However if you are booking before your camping trip starts, you can make some money by making an appointment beforehand and making an extra booking after you have finished your first night's camping trip. Make reservations online or by phone before the arrival of your arrival date.

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Sea Coast Camping and RV Resort

115 Lafayette Rd, North Hampton, NH 03862, United States

GPS : 42.982564, -70.831372

Users reviews of Sea Coast Camping and RV Resort Portsmouth

Camp Eaton

750 York St, York Harbor, ME 03911, United States

GPS : 43.1464549, -70.6283315

Users reviews of Camp Eaton Portsmouth

Libby's Oceanside Camp

725 York St, York, ME 03909, United States

GPS : 43.147162, -70.626173

Users reviews of Libby's Oceanside Camp Portsmouth

Great Bay Camping

60 NH-108, Newfields, NH 03856, United States

GPS : 43.046402, -70.93093

Users reviews of Great Bay Camping Portsmouth

Pinederosa Camping Area

128 N Village Rd, Wells, ME 04090, United States

GPS : 43.2688878, -70.6244373

Users reviews of Pinederosa Camping Area Portsmouth

Pines Camping Area

28 Sand Hill Rd, Salisbury, MA 01952, United States

GPS : 42.8329603, -70.8438396

Users reviews of Pines Camping Area Portsmouth

Country Shore Camping Area

125 NH-125, Kingston, NH 03848, United States

GPS : 42.8969622, -71.0743422

Users reviews of Country Shore Camping Area Portsmouth

Ocean View Cottage & Camping

84 Harbor Rd, Wells, ME 04090, United States

GPS : 43.3223155, -70.5770864

Users reviews of Ocean View Cottage & Camping Portsmouth

Salisbury Beach State Reservation

1 Beach Rd, Salisbury, MA 01952, United States

GPS : 42.842493, -70.818009

Users reviews of Salisbury Beach State Reservation Portsmouth

Moody Beach RV Campground

266 Post Rd, Wells, ME 04090, United States

GPS : 43.2800645, -70.595589

Users reviews of Moody Beach RV Campground Portsmouth

Calef Lake Camping Area

593 Chester Rd, Auburn, NH 03032, United States

GPS : 42.973393, -71.317547

Users reviews of Calef Lake Camping Area Portsmouth

Salmon Falls River Camping Resort

44 Natural High Road, Lebanon, ME 04027, United States

GPS : 43.3391025, -70.9324658

Users reviews of Salmon Falls River Camping Resort Portsmouth

York Beach Camper Park

11 Cappy's Ln, York Beach, ME 03910, United States

GPS : 43.179707, -70.611147

Users reviews of York Beach Camper Park Portsmouth

Hampton Beach State Park

NH-1A, Hampton, NH 03842, United States

GPS : 42.8986941, -70.8125759

Users reviews of Hampton Beach State Park Portsmouth

Old Stage Campground

46 Old Stage Rd, Madbury, NH 03823, United States

GPS : 43.1845263, -70.9304724

Users reviews of Old Stage Campground Portsmouth

Bunganut Lake Camping Area

116 Anderson Rd, Lyman, ME 04002, United States

GPS : 43.505443, -70.695133

Users reviews of Bunganut Lake Camping Area Portsmouth

Exeter Elms Campground

190 Court St, Exeter, NH 03833, United States

GPS : 42.9597086, -70.9491169

Users reviews of Exeter Elms Campground Portsmouth

Eastern Slope Camping Area

03818, 584 White Mountain Hwy, North Conway, NH 03860, United States

GPS : 43.99398, -71.1153709

Users reviews of Eastern Slope Camping Area Portsmouth

Flat Rock Bridge Family Camping

21 Flat Rock Bridge Rd, Lebanon, ME 04027, United States

GPS : 43.346282, -70.964632

Users reviews of Flat Rock Bridge Family Camping Portsmouth

Scott's Cove Camping Area

356 Brock Rd, Lyman, ME 04002, United States

GPS : 43.5136952, -70.7096386

Users reviews of Scott's Cove Camping Area Portsmouth

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