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Great outdoor adventures on camping pitch the wild of Alexandria.

What is better than living with nature on campground with your friends ? If you are in Alexandria please read this guide to avoid problems. If you choose to stay on Milos Camping & Bungalows Achivadolimni or Camping Park Soline which is 1107.29 kilometers away but you should never forget headlamp.

Quite and well equipped campsites in Alexandria

If you looking for a campground with dish water you can check Milos Camping & Bungalows Achivadolimni located at Achivadolimni Milos, Milos 848 00 with is only 1107.29 kilometers away from Camping Park Soline located at Ul. Tina Ujevića 7, 23210, Biograd na Moru, Croatia. There shouldn't be a problem with picnic table or wood for campfire.

Amazing camping in Alexandria

We offer a good quality of service. We have the best deals for RV rental in Alexandria in the area! We rent out RV sites at no extra cost ! In addition to our cheap and friendly rates you also enjoy a great selection of campsites.

We have RV rental sites at no extra cost ! In addition to our cheap and friendly rates you also enjoy a great selection of campsites.

Read About Rentals In Alexandria Camping in the park! If your looking for a cheap, friendly place for your camping experience or just an easy place to stay or sleep we offer RV and Camping camping sites at no extra cost ! We offer RV rentals at the most affordable prices and a large selection of campsites at the park or park site.

Our rental areas are located at: Alexandria National Park, Alexandria State College, Alexandria National Recreation Area , Milos Camping and Bungalows. We have RV sites at no extra cost ! In addition to our cheap and friendly rates you also enjoy a great selection of campsites.

Awesome Alexandria campfire trivia

My lover who is nanny was traveling with us to the campsite. His name was Lilah Sawyer and every father in the area knows that rope is must have if you come to Alexandria at Camping Škrila 3. 

 Anyway, he left the rope and he went to the restroom to wash his hands, I went into the kitchen and was starting to make a snack. But I did forgot to tell him that I forgot to use the rope just now, so I went back to the bed in order to use it. But, it was gone?

And then, my lover was standing in the living room, looking for that rope. I asked him to stop what he was doing and wait for me at the bed Then I told him that it was gone.

He became scared, he ran to the kitchen and asked my mother who was cooking in the kitchen and she told him that she did use it the night before. Then I explained him that it was on his bed and that I went to the kitchen to make a snack.

He started to ask me where were you in the kitchen when he came home, why I did not explain that I was not with him. I replied that I was sleeping and my eyes were closed, and after that he just started to argue with me, he told me I was not normal.

He asked me why did I go to the kitchen when it was night and tell him I went there for just snacks, then I explained him that my sister who live with us, has no friends and that I go there to play with her.

He asked me again, where were you in the kitchen and I told him that it was night, and I went to play with my sister. He asked me again, what about my parents and I told him that they are not awake.

He told me that he is sorry, he told I should go sleep and not lie, then he said he was sorry for doing this. I told him not to worry, I was going to go to sleep to be safe. I left that night and he went back to his room. 

El Segelaby Store

El Segelaby Stores, 70 Safeya Zaghloul street, El Raml Station - Alexandria, Alexandria Governorate 21519, Egypt

GPS : 31.200512, 29.900826

Users reviews of El Segelaby Store Alexandria

Le Metropole Hotel

52 Saad Zaglol Street, Raml Station, Alexandria, Al Seifarah Al Etalia, Al Mesallah Sharq, Qesm Al Attarin, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

GPS : 31.2009547, 29.9002039

Users reviews of Le Metropole Hotel Alexandria

Paradise Inn Windsor Palace Hotel

17 EL Shohada Street Alexandria, El-Gaish Rd, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

GPS : 31.200488, 29.896751

Users reviews of Paradise Inn Windsor Palace Hotel Alexandria

Jeddah Hotel

137 El-Gaish Rd, سبورتنج، Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

GPS : 31.2211754, 29.9326539

Users reviews of Jeddah Hotel Alexandria

Alexandria Romance Hotel

303 Tareek El Gueish Saba Pasha, Alexandria, Egypt

GPS : 31.2367875, 29.9531146

Users reviews of Alexandria Romance Hotel Alexandria

Milos Camping & Bungalows Achivadolimni

Achivadolimni Milos, Milos 848 00

GPS : 36.687779, 24.448935

Users reviews of Milos Camping & Bungalows Achivadolimni Alexandria

Camping Tholo Beach

Tholo beach, Tholo 270 54, Greece

GPS : 37.410954, 21.667978

Users reviews of Camping Tholo Beach Alexandria

Camping Kato Alissos

Kato Alissos, 250 02, Greece

GPS : 38.150382, 21.577548

Users reviews of Camping Kato Alissos Alexandria

Aigeas Camping

1st km Nea Kallikratia Nea Irakleia, Nea Kallikratia 630 80

GPS : 40.316506, 23.04382

Users reviews of Aigeas Camping Alexandria

Camping Sunset

SH81, Ksamil albania, Albania

GPS : 39.779411, 20.006945

Users reviews of Camping Sunset Alexandria

Camping Curtea de Arges

Strada Luncilor, Curtea de Argeș 115300, Romania

GPS : 45.0956395, 24.6541793

Users reviews of Camping Curtea de Arges Alexandria

Transfagarasan Camping

Road, Transfăgărășan, Transfagarasan 117040, Romania

GPS : 45.570043, 24.611237

Users reviews of Transfagarasan Camping Alexandria

camping De Oude Wilg

carta nr 311, Carta Sibiu 557070, Romania

GPS : 45.784398, 24.5674519

Users reviews of camping De Oude Wilg Alexandria

Camping Labadusa

Uvala Duboka bb, 21223, Okrug Gornji, Croatia

GPS : 43.4815977, 16.2457025

Users reviews of Camping Labadusa Alexandria

Camping Rožac

Šetalište Stjepana Radića 56, 21223, Okrug Gornji, Croatia

GPS : 43.5052855, 16.2580812

Users reviews of Camping Rožac Alexandria

Camping Park Soline

Ul. Tina Ujevića 7, 23210, Biograd na Moru, Croatia

GPS : 43.9276387, 15.4560573

Users reviews of Camping Park Soline Alexandria

Camping Village Roma

Via Aurelia, 831, 00165 Roma RM, Italy

GPS : 41.8875261, 12.4044944

Users reviews of Camping Village Roma Alexandria

Camping Place Cvetkovic

Croatia, D1 23, 53231, Jezerce, Croatia

GPS : 44.8635821, 15.6399044

Users reviews of Camping Place Cvetkovic Alexandria

Camping Slapić

Mrežnicki Brig bb, 47250, Duga Resa, Croatia

GPS : 45.419797, 15.483625

Users reviews of Camping Slapić Alexandria

Camping Škrila 3*

Stara Baška 300, 51521, Stara Baška - Punat, Croatia

GPS : 44.966665, 14.674088

Users reviews of Camping Škrila 3* Alexandria

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