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Motorhome - The best choice for traveling

I have my motorhome, which is really good equipment, but now my life is better. At least now I do not have to rent a hotel. It was a very good investment because now I am camping and traveling around the world, so I have a lot of fun. When you buy a motorhome, you do not have to look after high prices, worry about high prices, you can have a TV, shower and much more. Buying a motorhome has more advantages than defects, which is why it is a good thing for those who travel. I bought my motorhome for 50,000 USD. I am very happy with the investment. It is worth even more to spend on behalf that makes you happy. Don't hesistate - come to Solingen for a camping with your camper or trailer. 

Camping pitch in Solingen - chosen by users.

What is better than living with nature on campground with your friends ? If you are in Solingen don't forget about proper preparations. If you choose to stay on Campingplatz Waldcamping Glüder or Rheincamping Meerbusch Breitbach & Brix GbR which is 32.93 kilometers away but knife must be always with you.

Campsite must have in the Solingen

If you looking for a campground with electricity you can check Campingplatz Waldcamping Glüder located at Balkhauser Weg 240, 42659 Solingen, Germany with is only 32.93 kilometers away from Rheincamping Meerbusch Breitbach & Brix GbR located at Zur Rheinfähre 21, 40668 Meerbusch, Germany. There shouldn't be a problem with cooker or bathroom.

One of the best campgrounds in Solingen

I have had some bad experiences when it comes to renting a motorhome. I got an alarm and the motorhome didn't even respond, and I was told the battery would be charged tomorrow, even though I had already paid for the moped.

There are a number of ways to get around that alarm and not get charged for the moped. For example, you can call and they will give you the address of the motorhome but, as you can imagine, the motor home would be in a neighborhood you know that is not close to the house.

You have to have your own car so you cannot drive to a place like that and then rent a motorhome. It can be frustrating but that's life.

Furthermore, some of the rental companies do not take into consideration that you may have a small car with you, that could make it expensive and time consuming to call them and find someone to pick you up, or to wait in the car to pick you up if you don't have a car or if you are just trying to get from point A to point B by car. You cannot just say to one of the rental companies, "Hey, this person is really nice, but they charge me $50,000 and I do not live in the district.

In the end if it is a rental company, they charge you for having your own car. Regarding the rental company you have to ask the question: "Is this person my real family?" If you are really nice to your moped you might be charged $100 for having no family, and the same with an alarm.

I am an American citizen who lives in France and I have been renting the motorhome for about a year now. It has been great. I have not had any problems, no problem renting it.

Dangers to Watch Out for While Camping Near Solingen

1. Wildlife Encounters

Camping can be a great way to get closer to nature, but it’s important to remember that animals living in the vicinity of the campsite are not necessarily friendly. Wild boars, deer, and foxes are common in the Solingen region and can pose a threat if approached too closely. Make sure to store food securely and dispose of garbage properly to avoid attracting unwanted guests.

2. Weather Hazards

The Solingen area has a fairly mild climate year-round, but sudden weather changes can occur. Be prepared for rain, wind, and fluctuating temperatures by bringing waterproof clothing and blankets. If camping during the summer, beware of thunderstorms which can produce lightning strikes. In the event of a storm, move to lower ground and avoid tall trees or anything that might attract lightning.

3. Slippery Terrain

The rugged terrain and proximity to bodies of water near Solingen make for scenic views, but also present a risk of injury. Always wear appropriate footwear with good traction to avoid slipping on wet rocks or dirt. Be cautious when hiking near the edges of cliffs or gorges, and keep an eye out for unstable terrain.

4. Local Crime

Although rare, campers should be aware of the potential for theft or vandalism in the area around Solingen. Keep valuables locked in your car or tent when not in use, and avoid leaving expensive electronics or personal items in plain sight. Consider camping with a group or using a campsite with on-site security to minimize the risk of theft.

5. Poisonous Plants and Insects

The Solingen region is home to a variety of poisonous plants and insects such as ticks and mosquitoes that can cause discomfort or illness. Be sure to use insect repellent and wear appropriate clothing to avoid bites. Familiarize yourself with the local flora and fauna before camping and avoid touching any plants that you’re not sure are safe. If you do come into contact with a poisonous plant, seek medical attention immediately.

Camping can be a great experience as long as campers take precautions to stay safe. By being aware of the potential dangers, you can have an enjoyable camping trip while also avoiding unnecessary risks.

Campingplatz Waldcamping Glüder

Balkhauser Weg 240, 42659 Solingen, Germany

GPS : 51.133994, 7.11652

Users reviews of Campingplatz Waldcamping Glüder Solingen

Gut Halfeshof

Diepensiepen 20, Für das Navigationsgerät lieber: Talstrasse 189, 40822 Mettmann, Germany

GPS : 51.235821, 6.9725579999999

Users reviews of Gut Halfeshof Solingen

Camping Strandterrasse

Grind 1, 41541 Dormagen, Germany

GPS : 51.1442617, 6.8208361

Users reviews of Camping Strandterrasse Solingen

Campingplatz der Stadt Köln

Weidenweg 35, 51105 Köln, Germany

GPS : 50.9027284, 6.9906629

Users reviews of Campingplatz der Stadt Köln Solingen

Camping Berger

Uferstraße 71, 50996 Köln, Germany

GPS : 50.8908344, 7.0227924

Users reviews of Camping Berger Solingen

KNAUS Campingpark Essen-Werden

Im Löwental 67, 45239 Essen, Germany

GPS : 51.3810348, 6.9923381999999

Users reviews of KNAUS Campingpark Essen-Werden Solingen

Camping Hohensyburg

Syburger Dorfstraße 69, 44265 Dortmund, Germany

GPS : 51.4200772, 7.493915

Users reviews of Camping Hohensyburg Solingen

Café - Camping - Wiesenhaus

Weidenweg 100, 51105 Köln, Germany

GPS : 50.8991828, 6.9975024

Users reviews of Café - Camping - Wiesenhaus Solingen

Camping im Sülztal

Helmgesmühle, 53797 Lohmar, Germany

GPS : 50.86636, 7.206408

Users reviews of Camping im Sülztal Solingen

Campingplatz Rheinblick

Urdenbacher Weg, 40789 Monheim am Rhein, Germany

GPS : 51.1206204, 6.8734154

Users reviews of Campingplatz Rheinblick Solingen

Camping Krawinkel

Bogenstraße 26, 53819 Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, Germany

GPS : 50.84608, 7.3689101

Users reviews of Camping Krawinkel Solingen

Rheincamping Meerbusch Breitbach & Brix GbR

Zur Rheinfähre 21, 40668 Meerbusch, Germany

GPS : 51.3004808, 6.7253171

Users reviews of Rheincamping Meerbusch Breitbach & Brix GbR Solingen

Campingplatz Ruhrbrücke in Hattingen

Campingplatz Stolle, Ruhrstraße 6, 45529 Hattingen, Germany

GPS : 51.405992, 7.1708949

Users reviews of Campingplatz Ruhrbrücke in Hattingen Solingen

Freizeitdomizil Entenfangsee

Am Entenfang 7, 45481 Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany

GPS : 51.3719152, 6.8150527

Users reviews of Freizeitdomizil Entenfangsee Solingen

T C James & Sons Churchtown Farm Caravan & Camping site

19 Churchtown Rd, Churchtown Farm, Gwithian, Caravan & Camping site, Hayle TR27 5BX, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.2223794, -5.3869351

Users reviews of T C James & Sons Churchtown Farm Caravan & Camping site Solingen

Campingplatz "An der Kost"

An der Kost 18, 45527 Hattingen, Germany

GPS : 51.4168977, 7.2079365

Users reviews of Campingplatz "An der Kost" Solingen

Camping on the Battenkill

48 Camping on the Battenkill, Arlington, VT 05250, United States

GPS : 43.0839712, -73.1455666

Users reviews of Camping on the Battenkill Solingen


Tippelstraße 4, 45529 Hattingen, Germany

GPS : 51.3922845, 7.1494788

Users reviews of Freizeitdomizil Solingen

Campingpark im Bergischen Land

Oberbüschem 45, 51789 Lindlar, Germany

GPS : 51.0677741, 7.3824604

Users reviews of Campingpark im Bergischen Land Solingen

Camping Pod Heaven

Camping Pod Heaven LTD, Angelshare,, Abriachan, Inverness IV3 8LB, United Kingdom

GPS : 57.385426, -4.398586

Users reviews of Camping Pod Heaven Solingen

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