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Bike at the Campsite - why this is not a very good idea ?

My history in Saarbrucken start in Forbach. I went with my backpack bike to the campsite. It was a bad decision because it crumbled a lot of rain and storm I wanted to go very fast and that's why I came back and I had serious problem.

I had to go quickly to the hospital because of my bad condition. Same day later I came back from the hospital I went straight to the campsite.

When I arrived at the campsite I did not have enough amount of money. I wanted to spend on camping and renting a house Because I lost more for treatment in the hospital I had to go back to the ATM to withdraw money. When I paid and rent a cottage in the cottage began to happen strange things began to crack I wanted to tell the owner owner said it was a defect technical house.


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If you are going for vacation into Saarbrucken and you choose to stay in a camping stay focused on the following things. Make sure that your destination campground is equipped with food store.

Quite and well equipped campsites in Saarbrucken

In the neighborhood of the Saarbrucken you can find Parc Résidentiel de Loisirs **/camping St Vit/ Restaurant Aux Deux Tours located at 14 Rue de Roth, 57910 Neufgrange, France with is 19.78 kilometers away from Kanu-Wanderer Saarbrücken e.V. located at Mettlacher Str. 13, 66115 Saarbrücken, Germany. There shouldn't be a problem with piped potable water or food store.

One of the best campsites in Saarbrucken

A lot of parking at the campsite. The parking lot had so many cars  in the back  all very crowded, I felt very unsafe. I didn't see anyone else with a bicycle. I went to the bike repair station and they said they didn't have a repair service, which is sad because they do?ve all my repairs.

I went and saw that there is a very strong and fast line of cyclists, which you are probably not going to like, especially if you are not the strongest cyclist. I thought, "I don't want to come with my backpack on my back because I?ve experienced this before 're I don?t want to get injured. I don?t want to be a target to others, so that I won?" My bike was broken and I had to pay for a lot of damage to it.

There was a lot of mud and a lot of ice at the back of the bike, so I?m not comfortable going down it anytime soon. The next day, after my accident, I started getting a bit mad and said that I would never come around again. I got very upset, so I told some friends about this 's, who came over to my camp.

I went to the park, which wasn't a great experience, because there was lots of traffic , but they helped me with it , and they made a great first stop to the bike repair shop. That?s where I got the new bike. It?s nice that they made sure to get the wrong kind of bike for me, as I?m not a fast rider or a very strong.

They told me not to be so upset and that I should take it easy, because I was too upset. They also told me to think about what I had just said. I was really upset at the time, and I wasn?t thinking straight, and I was very annoyed at myself for saying such a thing.

After a while I realised that I was being really stupid, and that I was actually being really selfish. I told the same friends that I didnt want to be like this any more and that I wanted to get better.

Am Spicherer Berg Campingplatz

Spicherer Weg 10, 66119 Saarbrücken, Germany

GPS : 49.2097785, 6.9745381

Users reviews of Am Spicherer Berg Campingplatz Saarbrucken

Kanu-Wanderer Saarbrücken e.V.

Mettlacher Str. 13, 66115 Saarbrücken, Germany

GPS : 49.24023, 6.9394

Users reviews of Kanu-Wanderer Saarbrücken e.V. Saarbrucken

Camping municipal "Le Felsberg"

Rue en Verrerie, 57500 Saint-Avold, France

GPS : 49.1095523, 6.7083931

Users reviews of Camping municipal "Le Felsberg" Saarbrucken

Campingplatz "Dr.E.Dadder"

Marschall-Ney-Weg 2, 66740 Saarlouis, Germany

GPS : 49.3171917, 6.7404825

Users reviews of Campingplatz "Dr.E.Dadder" Saarbrucken

Parc Résidentiel de Loisirs **/camping St Vit/ Restaurant Aux Deux Tours

14 Rue de Roth, 57910 Neufgrange, France

GPS : 49.0786051, 7.053165

Users reviews of Parc Résidentiel de Loisirs **/camping St Vit/ Restaurant Aux Deux Tours Saarbrucken

Campingplatz Walsheim

Heuweg 2, 66453 Gersheim, Germany

GPS : 49.1598818, 7.2450972

Users reviews of Campingplatz Walsheim Saarbrucken

Campingplatz Siersburg

Zum Niedwehr 1, Inh. Bernhard Treinen, 66780 Rehlingen-Siersburg, Germany

GPS : 49.3673223, 6.6604775000001

Users reviews of Campingplatz Siersburg Saarbrucken

Camping Bon Accueil

2 Rue Du Camping, 5815 Alzingen, Luxembourg

GPS : 49.5691018, 6.1599693000001

Users reviews of Camping Bon Accueil Saarbrucken

Camping Municipal De l'Etang

Rue de l'Étang, 57230 Haspelschiedt, France

GPS : 49.081816, 7.4935780000001

Users reviews of Camping Municipal De l'Etang Saarbrucken

M.g.c. Gross

14 Rue de Roth, 57910 Neufgrange, France

GPS : 49.0793606, 7.0431174

Users reviews of M.g.c. Gross Saarbrucken

Camping Muhlenbach

10 Route de la Muhlenbach, 57230 Sturzelbronn, France

GPS : 49.06495, 7.592852

Users reviews of Camping Muhlenbach Saarbrucken

Restaurant, Camping**, Cave à vins "La Bremendell"

3 Route de la Bremendell, 57230 Sturzelbronn, France

GPS : 49.0594177, 7.6250933

Users reviews of Restaurant, Camping**, Cave à vins "La Bremendell" Saarbrucken

Landgut Girtenmühle

Girtenmühle 1, 66679 Losheim (Britten), Germany

GPS : 49.532439, 6.6881980000001

Users reviews of Landgut Girtenmühle Saarbrucken

Caravanplatz Mühlenweiher

Unnerweg 5C, 66459 Kirkel, Germany

GPS : 49.281845, 7.229001

Users reviews of Caravanplatz Mühlenweiher Saarbrucken

Camping Martbusch

3, Beim Martbusch, 6552 Berdorf, Luxembourg

GPS : 49.825877, 6.343495

Users reviews of Camping Martbusch Saarbrucken

Camping L'etang

Rue du Canal, 67260 Harskirchen, France

GPS : 48.94136, 7.0299387

Users reviews of Camping L'etang Saarbrucken

Camping Camp Municipal Le Lac Vert

Rue de la Plage, 57930 Mittersheim, France

GPS : 48.8552113, 6.9379215

Users reviews of Camping Camp Municipal Le Lac Vert Saarbrucken

Mosel-Camping Dreiländereck

Zur Moselbrücke 15, 66706 Perl, Germany

GPS : 49.5419065, 6.3713471

Users reviews of Mosel-Camping Dreiländereck Saarbrucken


Im Fichtenhain 4, 54439 Saarburg, Germany

GPS : 49.601166, 6.526824

Users reviews of Waldfrieden Saarbrucken

Camping Municipal

67290 Wingen-sur-Moder, France

GPS : 48.915179, 7.369542

Users reviews of Camping Municipal Saarbrucken

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