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Fat man at the campsite

I went to this campsite with my friend who was fat. At kempig, he took away the power generator, a portable television set, and 2kg of meat for a bonfire. He also had two flints that would last for a week. the first two days were very pleasant but then John started eating meat all the time. It was impossible to draw him away because one day I extinguished him with a bonfire, but instead of laughing, he became angry with me and began to challenge me. On the second day, John went to a nearby supermakretu and bought 1kg of meat and 2 days left to leave the kempigno! . I gave him the limit on the credit card up to 10EUR. Then he bought only three bars and a packet of sausage

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Nothing is better than recreation in the wild outside Oberhausen. If you are a fan of camping read carefully those informations. Check that your campground have the food store available.

The cheapest camping pitch outside Oberhausen

In the neighborhood of the Oberhausen you can find Vreehorst Camping Winterswijk located at Vreehorstweg 43, 7102 EK Winterswijk, Netherlands with is 5.07 kilometers away from Camping Klompenmakerij ten Hagen located at Waliënsestraat 139A, 7103 EA Winterswijk, Netherlands. If you forget tent ask Aliyah Cote from camping de Weerd.

Best campings in Oberhausen

At night they went to sleep in the house but John didn't sleep in the house. He didn't want to be left alone and had a flashlight with him that night. On Thursday morning, when he woke up with a light on, he realized that the power had been switched off because John hadn't slept. He ran to the camp to find that his friend was gone.

The lights had not been turned on since the morning and no signs of life. He tried to find John but found him hiding at the bottom of an ancient tree. In the middle of an ancient tree was a little boy with a knife in his neck.

John called this child a "pig" as he was a bit of a big boy. His eyes were blue and he had a big face and big ears. He looked like an animal from a story. A few other children, who were with him in the house, looked at the child and said he looked like a pig.

I don't think it was fair that the child wasn't given the option of killing the pig, but John had it made. A small dog was standing guard at the side of the road next to his campsite. He was very scared, but John decided to take the dog and run him into the woods where he could be taken care of later.

The next day they found the animal had been shot through the neck and had blood oozing out. John tried to take out the body with the knife but the animal just kept on attacking him. John put a rope around the body of all the pigs, but it was too late. the pig had been dismembered.

He couldn't take it out of his body because he didn't have a knife, and his eyes were blue. His ears were missing. In the end, his body was discovered near the body of a cow. He was just a little baby, not more than a few months old. 

Freizeitdomizil Entenfangsee

Am Entenfang 7, 45481 Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany

GPS : 51.3719152, 6.8150527

Users reviews of Freizeitdomizil Entenfangsee Oberhausen

KNAUS Campingpark Essen-Werden

Im Löwental 67, 45239 Essen, Germany

GPS : 51.3810348, 6.9923381999999

Users reviews of KNAUS Campingpark Essen-Werden Oberhausen

Freizeitpark Tillessensee

Bestener Str. 253, 46282 Dorsten, Germany

GPS : 51.6448795, 6.9208932

Users reviews of Freizeitpark Tillessensee Oberhausen

Rheincamping Meerbusch Breitbach & Brix GbR

Zur Rheinfähre 21, 40668 Meerbusch, Germany

GPS : 51.3004808, 6.7253171

Users reviews of Rheincamping Meerbusch Breitbach & Brix GbR Oberhausen

Gut Halfeshof

Diepensiepen 20, Für das Navigationsgerät lieber: Talstrasse 189, 40822 Mettmann, Germany

GPS : 51.235821, 6.9725579999999

Users reviews of Gut Halfeshof Oberhausen


In den Wellen 30, 45711 Datteln, Germany

GPS : 51.67825, 7.282562

Users reviews of Haard-Camping Oberhausen

Waldcamping "Speetenkath" GmbH

Urseler Str. 18a, 46509 Xanten, Germany

GPS : 51.657928, 6.385985

Users reviews of Waldcamping "Speetenkath" GmbH Oberhausen

Camping Strandterrasse

Grind 1, 41541 Dormagen, Germany

GPS : 51.1442617, 6.8208361

Users reviews of Camping Strandterrasse Oberhausen

Camping Hohensyburg

Syburger Dorfstraße 69, 44265 Dortmund, Germany

GPS : 51.4200772, 7.493915

Users reviews of Camping Hohensyburg Oberhausen

camping de Weerd

Weerdweg 22, 5941 AT Velden, Netherlands

GPS : 51.4008858, 6.1666576

Users reviews of camping de Weerd Oberhausen

Campingpark Wisseler See

Zum Wisseler See 15, 47546 Kalkar, Germany

GPS : 51.7610064, 6.2857458999999

Users reviews of Campingpark Wisseler See Oberhausen

Vreehorst Camping Winterswijk

Vreehorstweg 43, 7102 EK Winterswijk, Netherlands

GPS : 51.949026, 6.691145

Users reviews of Vreehorst Camping Winterswijk Oberhausen

Camping ‘t Veerhuys

Veerweg 7, 5863 AR Blitterswijck, Netherlands

GPS : 51.5309385, 6.1180567

Users reviews of Camping ‘t Veerhuys Oberhausen

Holiday park De Twee Bruggen

Meenkmolenweg 13, 7109 AH Winterswijk Miste, Netherlands

GPS : 51.9490115, 6.6462121

Users reviews of Holiday park De Twee Bruggen Oberhausen

Camping Goorzicht

Boterdijk 3, 7122 PC Aalten, Netherlands

GPS : 51.9442768, 6.5436076999999

Users reviews of Camping Goorzicht Oberhausen

Camping 't Wieskamp

Kobstederweg 13, 7113 AA Winterswijk Henxel, Netherlands

GPS : 51.9866516, 6.7423613

Users reviews of Camping 't Wieskamp Oberhausen

Camping Klompenmakerij ten Hagen

Waliënsestraat 139A, 7103 EA Winterswijk, Netherlands

GPS : 51.991313, 6.7189807

Users reviews of Camping Klompenmakerij ten Hagen Oberhausen

Camping De Hei V.O.F.

Gochsedijk 37, 5853 AA Siebengewald, Netherlands

GPS : 51.643148, 6.086999

Users reviews of Camping De Hei V.O.F. Oberhausen

Slootermeer Recreatie en Camping

Varsselderseweg 9, 7075 DR Etten, Netherlands

GPS : 51.8996204, 6.3545498999999

Users reviews of Slootermeer Recreatie en Camping Oberhausen


Midden Peelweg 5, 5975 MZ Sevenum, Netherlands

GPS : 51.3831125, 5.9761851000001

Users reviews of Schatberg Oberhausen

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