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Campsite - a good alternative to the hotel

I really like to go camping, so I went to this campsite to this German city. I did not want to rent a hotel, because I had things for camping and the price for admission is very small. It was really cool, because I had a large tent, and a large portable grill and of course I had a motorhome. Some slept in a tent, while others in a motorhome with me this solution. It was really profitable, because I would not have to rent a very expensive hotel and here at least I have here a forest and a lake where they could fish .A campsite in a big city is a good alternative to a hotel because you can spend your time better and cheaper

Famous traveler Lily Young - recommended camping pitch the wild of Mulheim an der Ruhr.

If you are going for vacation into Mulheim an der Ruhr and you choose to stay in a camping make sure that you are well organized. Check that your campground have the concrete pad for parking available.

The cheapest camping pitch outside Mulheim an der Ruhr

In the neighborhood of the Mulheim an der Ruhr you can find Rheincamping Meerbusch Breitbach & Brix GbR located at Zur Rheinfähre 21, 40668 Meerbusch, Germany with is 49.29 kilometers away from Camping ‘t Veerhuys located at Veerweg 7, 5863 AR Blitterswijck, Netherlands. If you forget water ask Lily Young from Camping-Café Het Engelke.

Best campings in Mulheim an der Ruhr

I was not worried with the price. There, and then after a couple of hours, I went there. The campgrounds are not very large. A lot of people camped here, there. icterCampsiteI went on a camping trip, to this lake.

I really liked it, the water, the trees, the lakes. I really appreciated that, that there is an opportunity in our land to take part in nature, as the only way you can experience these beautiful things. icterCampsite was at these campsites to do a day at the lake. In the summertime it is not as bad. And in winter it is not as bad was able to enjoy the campgrounds.

The price, for the whole day, is really nice. It is like a little village, I had a good experience. icterCampsite icterCampsiteI spent the night in this village.

And then, there is this, very cool town with many things. There is this place that is called the city of Zürich. And there is also a place called the capital city. But I just wanted to get a quick picture of all the places.

And I have already been in the capital city for a night, so I don't have to go out into the city. Also, the other thing that they have are beautiful parks. So, it is a great town.

icterCampsite icterCampsiteI stayed the night at a small hotel in a small city. I did not want to have to worry if my car was stolen or something. And the cost for the same was just a few dollars, it was really nice. I am very happy to stay in the capital because I don't feel like I'm in the capital anymore. 

KNAUS Campingpark Essen-Werden

Im Löwental 67, 45239 Essen, Germany

GPS : 51.3810348, 6.9923381999999

Users reviews of KNAUS Campingpark Essen-Werden Mulheim an der Ruhr

Camping Strandterrasse

Grind 1, 41541 Dormagen, Germany

GPS : 51.1442617, 6.8208361

Users reviews of Camping Strandterrasse Mulheim an der Ruhr


Geurdeland 9, 6673 DR Andelst, Netherlands

GPS : 51.9154527, 5.7113243

Users reviews of ACSI Mulheim an der Ruhr

Rheincamping Meerbusch Breitbach & Brix GbR

Zur Rheinfähre 21, 40668 Meerbusch, Germany

GPS : 51.3004808, 6.7253171

Users reviews of Rheincamping Meerbusch Breitbach & Brix GbR Mulheim an der Ruhr

Gut Halfeshof

Diepensiepen 20, Für das Navigationsgerät lieber: Talstrasse 189, 40822 Mettmann, Germany

GPS : 51.235821, 6.9725579999999

Users reviews of Gut Halfeshof Mulheim an der Ruhr

Camping Hohensyburg

Syburger Dorfstraße 69, 44265 Dortmund, Germany

GPS : 51.4200772, 7.493915

Users reviews of Camping Hohensyburg Mulheim an der Ruhr

Camping ‘t Veerhuys

Veerweg 7, 5863 AR Blitterswijck, Netherlands

GPS : 51.5309385, 6.1180567

Users reviews of Camping ‘t Veerhuys Mulheim an der Ruhr

Grav Island GmbH & Co KG

Gravinsel 1, 46487 Wesel, Germany

GPS : 51.667213, 6.55565

Users reviews of Grav Island GmbH & Co KG Mulheim an der Ruhr

D'n Eykelenbosch

Herenbosweg 25b, 5961 Horst, Netherlands

GPS : 51.4753626, 6.0835009

Users reviews of D'n Eykelenbosch Mulheim an der Ruhr

camping de Weerd

Weerdweg 22, 5941 AT Velden, Netherlands

GPS : 51.4008858, 6.1666576

Users reviews of camping de Weerd Mulheim an der Ruhr

Vreehorst Camping Winterswijk

Vreehorstweg 43, 7102 EK Winterswijk, Netherlands

GPS : 51.949026, 6.691145

Users reviews of Vreehorst Camping Winterswijk Mulheim an der Ruhr

Camping De Molenhof

Kleijsenweg 7, 7667 RS Reutum, Netherlands

GPS : 52.364996, 6.843796

Users reviews of Camping De Molenhof Mulheim an der Ruhr


Midden Peelweg 5, 5975 MZ Sevenum, Netherlands

GPS : 51.3831125, 5.9761851000001

Users reviews of Schatberg Mulheim an der Ruhr

Camping De Wittsee

Am Wittsee 23, 41334 Nettetal, Germany

GPS : 51.3268441, 6.2380779

Users reviews of Camping De Wittsee Mulheim an der Ruhr

Waldcamping "Speetenkath" GmbH

Urseler Str. 18a, 46509 Xanten, Germany

GPS : 51.657928, 6.385985

Users reviews of Waldcamping "Speetenkath" GmbH Mulheim an der Ruhr

Camping Natuurplezier

Keulseweg 200, 5953 HP Reuver, Netherlands

GPS : 51.2746338, 6.1239494

Users reviews of Camping Natuurplezier Mulheim an der Ruhr

Camping Berger

Uferstraße 71, 50996 Köln, Germany

GPS : 50.8908344, 7.0227924

Users reviews of Camping Berger Mulheim an der Ruhr

Camping Warnsborn

Bakenbergseweg 257, 6816 PB Arnhem, Netherlands

GPS : 52.007212, 5.871484

Users reviews of Camping Warnsborn Mulheim an der Ruhr

Camping Petrushoeve

Heidenheimseweg 3, 5954 PB Beesel, Netherlands

GPS : 51.2524725, 6.0727198

Users reviews of Camping Petrushoeve Mulheim an der Ruhr

Camping-Café Het Engelke

Broekhuizerdijk 27, 5962 NL Melderslo, Netherlands

GPS : 51.463974, 6.089711

Users reviews of Camping-Café Het Engelke Mulheim an der Ruhr

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