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Preparations for the campsite

I went to a store with survival items like: tent and tinder shovel etc.

A road to the Halle campsite

The ride was nice because I had my limited wrangler jeep. It had a large engine and large wheels so getting to the campsite was not a problem. I even crossed the river

At the campsite in Halle

the campsite was quiet clean and above all cheap. Everyone will be able to enter the entrance. There was a lot of space for a tent and I did not expect it. You could even light a fire because there was a designated area for this. I decided to test my new chair and start the fire. I baked sausages and meat on it. I did not make too much smoke because I only threw wood.


This campsite has a lot of free space and a low price. I recommend it to anyone who likes camping

Camping pitch in Halle - chosen by users.

If you are going for vacation into Halle and you choose to stay in a camping make sure that you are prepared. If you choose to stay on Campsite Lake Markkleeberg or Camping at Lake Kulkwitz which is 13.61 km away but knife must be always with you.

The cheapest camping pitch outside Halle

In the neighborhood of the Halle you can find Camping at Lake Kulkwitz located at Seestraße 1, 04207 Leipzig, Germany with is 42.75 kilometers away from Camping an der Rudelsburg located at Germany. There shouldn't be a problem with shower or picnic table.

Best camsites in Halle

The water was nice enough for us, but I don't know if I could get enough to drink without it running. It did have quite a bit of water in the tank in the front, so I think you should use it for this. I also took a couple for lunch at the park.

(This was on the same day.) I did not notice that the water was actually quite good, and I think that was a good thing because it did not make it to the bottom of the tank, as the water was quite cold and very muddy.I was able to make a decent fire from the small campfire.

It took a good few hours for it to get started because I was not sure how to set it up, but when it did I was able to keep going. I did not have any other kind of fire.

The fire was nice enough, but it was not quite the fire the campfires were. A few days after I came back from the Halle I spent the first month or so getting a few things done.

I did not have the time or the money that was needed for a lot of the campsite tasks, and I decided to spend my nights in the house, in a small house, and spend the rest of my time watching movies or whatever I needed to do while I got my stuff in the truck.

This was in September, so by Christmas I was really excited to get it all together. The house I had is on an old lot, so you could see my trailer there on the far right hand side, with the old car. You could also see my trailer with the tent that I had and all my supplies in the front.

In the back are my two dogs in the sleeping cot; one of them has the little yellow dog that I named after me, and the other is the big brown dog that I named after the dog.

Zeltwiese Löbejün

Merbitzer Berg 1, 06193 Wettin-Löbejün, Germany

GPS : 51.6274711, 11.897128

Users reviews of Zeltwiese Löbejün Halle

Campingplatz Elsteraue

Pestalozzistraße 39a, 06258 Schkopau, Germany

GPS : 51.3887297, 12.157296

Users reviews of Campingplatz Elsteraue Halle

Campingplatz Saaletal

Ankerstraße 9, 06198 Kloschwitz, Germany

GPS : 51.588699, 11.755273

Users reviews of Campingplatz Saaletal Halle

Campingplatz Seeburg

Nordstrand 1, 06317 Seegebiet Mansfelder Land, Germany

GPS : 51.4963639, 11.6836757

Users reviews of Campingplatz Seeburg Halle

Geiseltalsee Camp

Strandallee, 06249 Mücheln (Geiseltal), Germany

GPS : 51.3180876, 11.820516

Users reviews of Geiseltalsee Camp Halle

Camping lido Gerlebogk

Gröbziger Str. 25, 06420 Könnern, Germany

GPS : 51.7043164, 11.8310255

Users reviews of Camping lido Gerlebogk Halle

Hasse Campingplatz und Strandbad GmbH

Gardinenstraße 33, 06242 Braunsbedra, Germany

GPS : 51.2584786, 11.9122009

Users reviews of Hasse Campingplatz und Strandbad GmbH Halle

Camping at Lake Kulkwitz

Seestraße 1, 04207 Leipzig, Germany

GPS : 51.3100302, 12.2526849

Users reviews of Camping at Lake Kulkwitz Halle

Camping Am Wald/Ferienhaus/Reisemobil-Stellplatz / Wohnmobilstellplatz

A, Weststraße 3, 06667 Goseck, Germany

GPS : 51.193474, 11.870185

Users reviews of Camping Am Wald/Ferienhaus/Reisemobil-Stellplatz / Wohnmobilstellplatz Halle

Heide-Camp Schlaitz

Am Muldestausee, 06774 Muldestausee, Germany

GPS : 51.6499773, 12.4190854

Users reviews of Heide-Camp Schlaitz Halle

Camping Blütengrund GmbH

Blütengrund 6, 06618 Naumburg (Saale), Germany

GPS : 51.1752303, 11.8040401

Users reviews of Camping Blütengrund GmbH Halle

Camping and leisure center Schaepmann

Am Schwimmbad 4, 06647 Bad Bibra, Germany

GPS : 51.2130151, 11.6041417

Users reviews of Camping and leisure center Schaepmann Halle

Campinghof Bartl

Bornaer Chaussee 36, 04416 Markkleeberg, Germany

GPS : 51.2703471, 12.4318054

Users reviews of Campinghof Bartl Halle

Campsite Lake Markkleeberg

Paddelsteg 5, 04416 Markkleeberg, Germany

GPS : 51.2580535, 12.4299515

Users reviews of Campsite Lake Markkleeberg Halle

Camping an der Rudelsburg


GPS : 51.1219085, 11.7172503

Users reviews of Camping an der Rudelsburg Halle

Campingplatz "Camping Hain" am Hainer See

Hainweg 1, 04575 Neukieritzsch, Germany

GPS : 51.175347, 12.453337

Users reviews of Campingplatz "Camping Hain" am Hainer See Halle

Camping & Holiday Park In Jena

Rabeninsel 3, 07778 Neuengönna, Germany

GPS : 50.9726351, 11.6493786

Users reviews of Camping & Holiday Park In Jena Halle

T C James & Sons Churchtown Farm Caravan & Camping site

19 Churchtown Rd, Churchtown Farm, Gwithian, Caravan & Camping site, Hayle TR27 5BX, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.2223794, -5.3869351

Users reviews of T C James & Sons Churchtown Farm Caravan & Camping site Halle

Campingplatz Adria

06842 Dessau-Roßlau, Germany

GPS : 51.8107094, 12.307282

Users reviews of Campingplatz Adria Halle

Camping on the Battenkill

48 Camping on the Battenkill, Arlington, VT 05250, United States

GPS : 43.0839712, -73.1455666

Users reviews of Camping on the Battenkill Halle

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