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I went to the campsite because I had very close to a very good place where you could take a break from all the noise in the city I wanted to buy the necessary things such as a tent sarkarek knife Krzesiwo and food when I did so I sat in my car and went to the camping road was very nice I did not have any problems on it then I realized that I did not have a phone I was born on the phone and I was on the campsite spread out the tent and lit the fire at night I decided to put out the fire but before I made it sausages sausages were very tasty then I drank more juice and I went to sleep

My History at the Campsite

WheI went to the campsite because I had very close to a very good place where you could take a break from all the noise in the city I wanted to buy the necessary things such as a tent sarkarek knife, magnesium fire starer and food.

When I did so I sat in my car and went to the camping road was very nice I did not have any problems on it then I realized that I did not have a phone I was born on the phone and I was on the campsite spread out the tent and lit the fire at night I decided to put out the fire but before I made it sausages sausages were very tasty then I drank more juice and I went to sleep


Where to spend night in Freiburg - Collin Sharp travel guide?

If you love camping and want to stay in your tent around the Freiburg you should read this tips & trick article. Check that your campground have the garbage cans available.

Campsite must have in the Freiburg

If you looking for a campground with fence around campsite you can check Camping Tohapi Ile du Rhin ** located at Zone touristique île du Rhin, 68600 Biesheim, France with is only 24.13 km away from Terrassen-Camping Alte Sägemühle located at Badstraße 57, 79295 Sulzburg, Germany. If you forget sleeping bag ask Collin Sharp from Camping Tohapi Ile du Rhin **.

Most comfortable campings in Freiburg 

Was there any particular reason why I chose to go to the campsite in this country that I did not think would be good for me ? The answer is yes and that was the reason for my very bad experience with the campsite and I will be making the same mistake again and again if I have to.

I think it is a very bad idea to pay more for a small camping site and I have no idea why it's that they are willing to do such a thing but what they are doing is not good at all. In summary.

The only reason for this site is to have a small camp that you have to walk from your house into but they did not do anything to make it better or make me more comfortable. 

I cannot say if this is an isolated incident or an isolated problem as there are many people with the same problem. But I did find out that there is this other camp that is not very nice and in some cases they even have an electric tent but that can't be said that there are not others who have similar problems or even worse problems.

I have experienced this before with other sites and if I had had this site instead of that another option would have been to just take it to that other site and get a tent from that one site but that would have cost a lot of money and not the site.

I had wanted and what did they get to do the first time and I mean that I did not really want to pay more and I did not need it but if I had to pay more it would have been more expensive and I do not think it would have been more useful as there are more options than just a basic tent. So for me it's not even the right or the bad thing. 

What to Prepare Before Going on a Camping Trip with Your Family Near Freiburg

Choosing the Campsite

Before anything else, you need to decide on where to camp. Freiburg boasts of numerous scenic spots that are perfect for family camping trips. You can choose among the different campgrounds available and pick the one that suits your taste and needs. Take note of the amenities and facilities available and make a reservation to ensure that you have a slot on your preferred dates.

Packing Essentials

Packing the necessary items is crucial to making your family camping trip a success. Some of the essentials include a tent, sleeping bags, camping chairs, flashlights, and insect repellent. Don't forget to bring extra clothing, towels, and toiletries as well. If you plan to cook your meals, bring cooking utensils, a portable stove, and fuel.

Food and Water

Whether you plan to cook your meals or buy them, it's important to bring enough food and water to last your entire stay. Pack non-perishable items such as canned goods, dried fruits, and nuts. Don't forget to bring snacks and treats for the kids. Aside from food, bring enough water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning.

Fun Activities for the Family

Camping is not just about sleeping in a tent; it's a great opportunity to bond with your family and do fun activities together. Bring board games, coloring books, and playing cards for the kids. You can also plan outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and swimming. Don't forget to bring cameras to capture the moments.

Leave No Trace

Lastly, it's important to leave no trace when camping. Respect nature and follow the rules of the campsite. Dispose of your trash properly, and never leave them behind. Always clean up after yourselves, especially when using public restrooms or shower facilities. Remember, it's up to all of us to preserve the beauty of nature.

Final Thoughts

Camping with your family near Freiburg is an excellent way to create lasting memories. By preparing ahead of time, you'll ensure that your trip is a success. Remember to bring the essentials, plan fun activities for the family, and leave no trace when camping. Have fun and enjoy the great outdoors!

Where Can I Rent RV or Camping Trailer near Freiburg?


Freiburg is a beautiful city in southwestern Germany that lies on the edge of the Black Forest. It is a popular tourist destination known for its historic city center, picturesque landscapes, and outdoor recreational activities. If you're planning to explore the region, renting an RV or camping trailer can be an excellent accommodation option. In this article, we will explore the options for renting RV or camping trailers near Freiburg.

1. McRent

McRent is a leading RV and campervan rental company with several locations across Europe, including one in Freiburg. They offer a wide range of camping trailers and motorhomes for rent, catering to different requirements and budgets. You can choose from basic models to luxury campervans with comprehensive amenities. They also provide 24-hour roadside assistance, insurance, and other necessary services.

2. PaulCamper

PaulCamper is a peer-to-peer RV and camping trailer sharing platform that connects renters with private owners. It is a reliable and affordable way to rent a camping trailer near Freiburg. The platform lists several models, ranging from vintage to modern, with different sizes and features. You can book directly with the owner and arrange pickup and drop-off details. They also provide insurance and roadside assistance.

3. Wohnwagon

Wohnwagon is a local provider of eco-friendly camping trailers based in the Black Forest. Their trailers are custom-built with sustainable materials and equipped with solar panels, composting toilets, and other eco-friendly features. They offer a unique and memorable camping experience, perfect for nature lovers and eco-conscious travelers.

4. Camper4Travel

Camper4Travel is a family-owned RV and campervan rental company based in Freiburg. They provide a range of vehicles, from compact campervans to spacious motorhomes, for short and long-term rentals. They also offer additional equipment, such as bike racks, awnings, and camping chairs, to make your trip more comfortable. They have a friendly and helpful team who can assist you with any queries and provide travel advice.


Renting an RV or camping trailer near Freiburg can be a fantastic way to explore the region's scenic routes, charming villages, and natural attractions. There are several options available to suit different preferences and budgets. Whether you prefer a luxurious motorhome or an eco-friendly camping trailer, you can find the perfect home on wheels for your next adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the proper technique for starting a campfire in cold weather conditions?

Starting a campfire in cold weather conditions requires extra precautions to prevent accidental ignition of surrounding vegetation, wildfires, and personal injuries. SAFETY FIRST! Here's how you can safely start your fire:
1. Choose a safe location that meets the following criteria:
- Away from dry or flammable vegetation like pine needles, leaves, and brush.
- Clear of any nearby trees to avoid fires spreading too quickly.
- Avoid building campfires near natural gas wells, electric lines, or water sources as these pose safety hazards.
2. Gather all necessary fire materials:
- Dry kindling (crumpled paper, wood shavings) and small sticks.
- A lighter or matches to start the fire.
3. Create a fire ring:
- Begin by creating a "fire pit" with rocks or dirt about three feet in diameter at least 18 inches deep. This helps contain the fire and prevents it from spreading too far.
4. Build the fire:
- Gather the kindling and small sticks within the fire pit to create a teepee structure.
- Place your lighter or matches on one of the kindling pieces and wait for it to catch fire before adding more dry twigs, branches or logs.
5. Extinguish the fire safely:
- Allow the embers to cool completely before putting out the fire by pouring water over the entire area or using a tool with a flat edge to scrape out any remaining embers. Never use water on an open flame as this can cause the fire to flare up again.
Remember, campfires should always be treated with respect and left in good condition for other outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy.

Recommended places in Freiburg

Camping Hirzberg

Kartäuserstraße 99, 79104 Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

GPS : 47.9921285, 7.873871

Users reviews of Camping Hirzberg Freiburg

Camping & Gästezimmer am Möslepark in Freiburg

Waldseestraße 77, 79117 Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

GPS : 47.9817094, 7.8816015

Users reviews of Camping & Gästezimmer am Möslepark in Freiburg Freiburg

Camping Tunisee

Seestraße 30, 79108 Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

GPS : 48.06435, 7.81454

Users reviews of Camping Tunisee Freiburg

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-02-25 by Leah Wallace

In Camping Tunisee Freiburg, budget-savvy Leah experienced the beauty of nature while working with her colleagues last summer, discovering a hidden gem for affordable camping accommodations. Yet, amidst this peaceful retreat, a troubling family dispute necessitated the swift action of our security team, shrouding the area in an unsettling cloud of mystery and uncertainty. As I reflect on that fateful night, I am left to wonder whether justice was truly served or if the culprits still roam free, lurking in the shadows of Camping Tunisee's serene surroundings. The intrigue lingers as I await resolution to this enigmatic case, my curiosity piqued and my senses heightened in anticipation of what may come next.

Kaiserstuhl Camping

Sportzentrum Nachtwaid 5, 79241 Ihringen, Germany

GPS : 48.0283029, 7.6600105

Users reviews of Kaiserstuhl Camping Freiburg

Camping Steingrubenhof

Haldenweg 3, 79271 St. Peter, Germany

GPS : 48.0231909, 8.0325209

Users reviews of Camping Steingrubenhof Freiburg

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-02-22 by Camila Mccall

I've been fortunate enough to have experienced many camping trips throughout my life, but none quite compare to Camping Steingrubenhof in Freiburg. Nestled among the lush greenery along the Haldenweg street, this campground offers a perfect blend of nature and comfort that leaves me longing for my next visit.

The first time I arrived at Camping Steingrubenhof, however, was an adventure in and of itself. I'll never forget the day when I set off on what seemed like a simple journey to find this idyllic campground. With map in hand and campsite reservation confirmation printed out, I confidently embarked on my mission.

As I navigated through the winding roads of Freiburg's charming town center, I couldn't help but be captivated by the stunning architecture that surrounded me. The colorful buildings with their intricate details seemed to tell a story of history and resilience, reminding me of the ancient city's rich past.

But just as I thought I was making good progress, I encountered a rather unexpected obstacle: a detour due to road construction. My GPS informed me that I needed to take a slight detour through a scenic forested area. Confidently, I followed the directions, only to find myself on an increasingly narrow and steep path.

The deeper I ventured into the woods, the more doubtful I became. The path became so narrow that my car could barely fit, and the trees seemed to loom ominously overhead. I began to question whether this was really the best way to reach Camping Steingrubenhof. But just when I was about to turn around, a group of friendly locals appeared out of nowhere, offering assistance and encouraging words.

They assured me that I was indeed on the right track and that the campsite was just a short distance away. With renewed determination, I continued on the narrow path until, at last, I arrived at Camping Steingrubenhof. The warm welcome from the campground staff and the breathtaking beauty of my surroundings made all the earlier uncertainty worth it.

Since that initial adventure, Camping Steingrubenhof has become one of my favorite camping destinations. Its picturesque location, modern facilities, and friendly atmosphere have left a lasting impression on me. And every time I recall that nerve-wracking drive through the forest, I can't help but chuckle at the memories of my own intrepid exploration.

Camping Belchenblick

Münstertäler Str. 43, 79219 Staufen im Breisgau, Germany

GPS : 47.8708684, 7.7374274

Users reviews of Camping Belchenblick Freiburg

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-08-13 by Isabelle

As a native of Mulhouse, I have always enjoyed exploring the picturesque landscapes of Alsace and its neighboring regions in France and Germany. When my family decided to go camping for a weekend getaway, we chose Camping Belchenblick located at Münstertäler Str. 43, 79219 Staufen im Breisgau, Germany as our destination due to its stunning views of the Black Forest and easy access from Mulhouse.
The journey began with a scenic drive through the beautiful French countryside of Alsace, where we passed by famous points of interest such as the historic city of Colmar, known for its colorful half-timbered houses and charming canals. We also made a brief stop at the Ecomusée d'Alsace in Saint-Aursille to take a step back in time and experience life in a typical Alsatian village from the 18th century.
After crossing the border into Germany, we followed the picturesque route through the Black Forest, admiring the lush green forests and beautiful vistas along the way. The road led us to Münstertäler Str. 43, 79219 Staufen im Breisgau, where Camping Belchenblick awaited us.
Upon arriving at the campsite, we were greeted by friendly staff who provided us with a comfortable spot for our tent and offered us assistance in setting it up. We quickly settled in and explored the well-maintained facilities, which included clean restrooms, hot showers, and a small convenience store stocked with essentials.
One of the highlights of our trip was an adventurous hike to the nearby Belchen viewpoint, where we were rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of the Black Forest and the surrounding countryside. The trail was moderate in difficulty, suitable for hikers of all ages and experience levels, and offered plenty of opportunities to admire the flora and fauna along the way.
During our stay at Camping Belchenblick, we also enjoyed spending time by the campsite's outdoor pool, where we cooled off from the summer heat and splashed around with other campers. The children's playground was another popular spot for families to gather and let their kids burn off some energy while making new friends.
One night, after a delicious barbecue dinner prepared by my family, we decided to explore the surrounding area on bicycles. As we pedaled along the winding country roads, we stumbled upon a quaint village tavern that served up hearty German fare and local beer. We were greeted by the friendly owner, who regaled us with stories of his life in the Black Forest and even shared some traditional Breisgau music on his accordion.
As the sun began to set, we returned to our campsite, tired but happy from our adventure-filled day. The peaceful ambiance of Camping Belchenblick made it the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the company of loved ones.
In conclusion, Camping Belchenblick at Münstertäler Str. 43, 79219 Staufen im Breisgau is an ideal destination for families and friends seeking a relaxing getaway surrounded by natural beauty. Its convenient location, comfortable amenities, and endless opportunities for exploration make it a must-visit spot for those looking to experience the best of Alsace and the Black Forest.

Camping Münstertal

Dietzelbachstraße 6, 79244 Münstertal/Schwarzwald, Germany

GPS : 47.8599062, 7.7645264

Users reviews of Camping Münstertal Freiburg

Campingplatz Kirnermarteshof

Vörlinsbachstraße 19A, 79254 Oberried, Germany

GPS : 47.93029, 7.9592

Users reviews of Campingplatz Kirnermarteshof Freiburg

Camping Elztalblick

Biehlstraße 10, 79183 Waldkirch, Germany

GPS : 48.101936, 7.991051

Users reviews of Camping Elztalblick Freiburg

Camping Hochschwarzwald

Oberhäuserstraße 6, 79674 Todtnau, Germany

GPS : 47.864048, 7.916376

Users reviews of Camping Hochschwarzwald Freiburg

Müller-See Camping and Leisure GmbH

Müller-See 1, 79359 Riegel am Kaiserstuhl, Germany

GPS : 48.163389, 7.741123

Users reviews of Müller-See Camping and Leisure GmbH Freiburg

Camping Tohapi Ile du Rhin **

Zone touristique île du Rhin, 68600 Biesheim, France

GPS : 48.027627, 7.571739

Users reviews of Camping Tohapi Ile du Rhin ** Freiburg

Camping Sulzbachtal

Sonnmatt 4, 79295 Sulzburg, Germany

GPS : 47.84802, 7.69832

Users reviews of Camping Sulzbachtal Freiburg

Camping Ried

1 Rue du Camping, 67860 Boofzheim, France

GPS : 48.3299108, 7.694396

Users reviews of Camping Ried Freiburg

Camping Schwarzwaldhorn

Ettersbach 4b, 79263 Simonswald, Germany

GPS : 48.100526, 8.050654

Users reviews of Camping Schwarzwaldhorn Freiburg

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2023-06-11 by Jayden Horton

Greetings, fellow camping enthusiasts! I'm here to share my wildly entertaining experience at Camping Schwarzwaldhorn in Ettersbach 4b, 79263 Simonswald, Germany. My beloved fiance and I stayed there long ago and had quite the adventure, complete with campfire ghost stories that left us chuckling and shivering in equal measure!
Now, let me set the stage for you. Picture this: it was a crisp autumn night, the air was cool, and we were nestled in our cozy tent after a day of exploring the stunning Black Forest. We decided to join other campers around a roaring fire for some ghost stories, thinking it would be a harmless way to pass the time. Little did we know that our campfire tales would take an unexpectedly hilarious turn!
As the sun dipped below the treetops and twilight enveloped us in its velvety embrace, our group gathered around the fire, huddling together for warmth. The campground manager, a jovial fellow with a booming laugh, took center stage to regale us with tales of phantom hikers and haunted cabins. And then, just as I was about to drift off into blissful slumber, he told the story that would leave an indelible mark on our hearts - the legend of the Camping Schwarzwaldhorn Ghost!
According to local lore, a mischievous spirit roamed the campsite, playfully moving items and leaving mysterious footprints in the sand. Our campground manager said that he had witnessed the ghost's antics many times and was eager to share his experiences with us. And so, with bated breath, we listened as he spun a yarn that was equal parts spooky and side-splittingly funny.
As the story unfolded, it became clear that our ghostly friend had a penchant for practical jokes. One camper reported finding his tent zipper undone in the middle of the night, while another claimed to have woken up with their flashlight turned on and rolling off the edge of their bed! It was as if our unseen companion was determined to make us laugh, even if it meant causing a little chaos along the way.
And so, we found ourselves giggling and gasping in equal measure, taking turns sharing tales of our own supernatural encounters. We spoke of the time my fiance swore he saw a pair of glowing eyes watching him from the shadows, or when I woke up to find my water bottle mysteriously empty in the middle of the night. Our fellow campers shared their own stories of eerie occurrences, and we all began to wonder if our ghostly friend was trying to tell us something.
As the fire flickered and danced, we realized that there was a certain charm to being haunted by such a light-hearted spirit. It seemed as though Camping Schwarzwaldhorn's resident ghost had an uncanny ability to bring people together, fostering a sense of camaraderie among campers who might otherwise have been strangers.
In the end, our encounter with the Camping Schwarzwaldhorn Ghost left us with memories that still make us smile today. And while we may never know for certain if our ghostly friend was real or merely a figment of our imagination, one thing is clear: this campground has a special kind of magic that can't be found anywhere else.
If you're planning a trip to the Black Forest and are looking for a unique camping experience, I highly recommend staying at Camping Schwarzwaldhorn in Ettersbach 4b, 79263 Simonswald, Germany. Just remember to pack your sense of humor and be prepared for a few laugh-out-loud moments along the way!
Here are some tips and tricks to help you make the most of your stay:
1. Bring a flashlight - not only will it come in handy when nature calls in the middle of the night, but it's also the perfect tool for spotting those mysterious glowing eyes!
2. Don't take yourself too seriously - embrace the campground's light-hearted atmosphere and be prepared to laugh at life's little surprises.
3. Participate in group activities - whether it's joining a game of cards or sharing ghost stories around the fire, getting involved will help you forge connections with fellow campers and make your stay more enjoyable.
4. Take advantage of the stunning natural surroundings - the Black Forest is a breathtakingly beautiful place, so be sure to take plenty of photos and soak up the scenery while you can.
5. Don't forget to pack your sense of adventure - who knows what wonders await you in the great outdoors? With an open mind and a willing spirit, there's no telling what kind of mischief you might get into!
In conclusion, Camping Schwarzwaldhorn is a truly enchanting destination that offers something for everyone. From its picturesque setting to its lively community of campers, this place has a certain magic that is sure to leave you smiling long after you've packed up your tent and headed home. So why not plan a visit today? Who knows - you might just find yourself sharing a laugh with our friendly ghostly friend!

Camping Schönenbuchen

Friedrichstraße 58, 79677 Schönau im Schwarzwald, Germany

GPS : 47.791231, 7.9005991

Users reviews of Camping Schönenbuchen Freiburg

Camping de l'Ill - Colmar

1 Allée du Camping, 68180 Colmar - Horbourg Wihr, France

GPS : 48.0791101, 7.3864747

Users reviews of Camping de l'Ill - Colmar Freiburg

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-07-28 by Paisley

I stayed at Camping de l'Ill - Colmar located on Allée du Camping road, and it was an amazing experience! The beautiful architecture of Straßburg's city center is clearly visible from the campground, adding a picturesque touch to our stay. While arriving, we got so lost that we ended up driving through the charming village of Horbourg-Wihr instead. We couldn't help but stop for some delicious Alsatian treats and explore the quaint streets before finally finding our way to Camping de l'Ill. The staff was friendly, the facilities were clean, and the scenery was breathtaking - a perfect camping getaway!

Rothaus Camping

Mettmatalstraße 2, 79865 Grafenhausen, Germany

GPS : 47.79494, 8.23487

Users reviews of Rothaus Camping Freiburg

Terrassen-Camping Alte Sägemühle

Badstraße 57, 79295 Sulzburg, Germany

GPS : 47.8358537, 7.723448

Users reviews of Terrassen-Camping Alte Sägemühle Freiburg

Campingpark Oase

Mühlenweg 34, 77955 Ettenheim, Germany

GPS : 48.247047, 7.828273

Users reviews of Campingpark Oase Freiburg

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