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Preparations for the campsite

I went to Lidl to buy a tent and the necessary things such as eating a flashlight and drinking so that we would not run out of them during the camp should also buy spare clothes and socks. If it was cold, you could have warmer clothes.

A road to the campsite

  I set off with my Mitsubishi Pajero lll car to the campsite, the car half way down the road, so we had to pitch the tent near the highway and wait for the roadside assistance when the road assistance arrived took us and towed to the service. The site was 150 km away from the campsite, so we waited long enough for me to buy a lot of food and drink.

At the campsite

  We arrived at the campsite it was very cold. We had to get dressed in warm clothes and spread out the tent and strengthen it with an additional layer. material so that it was warmer in it, I already lay down with my family to sleep was very loud because people played on different speakers songs were heavy metal and rap songs could not sleep That's why I decided to shout them that you can not sleep I would turn it off immediately I will call the police, they calmed down And everyone went to bed was really interesting because at night our cats were walking around our tent different animals such as cats and they landed near our tent

My opinion

This campsite was very successful except that the car broke down. I recommend it to anyone who likes outodor Rhodes, July 26, 2016 at 7:25 PM There is a little supermarket in the village where we stopped but we wanted hot coffee when we arrived, so we went to the shop at Rhodes itself which is within walking distance of the town. In the morning we visited the little church of St Antistes and also the Roman Acropolis ruins in the town. We went to the little village square in the center of town and got some lunch.


Best campings holidays in Braunschweig

If you love camping and want to stay in your tent around the Braunschweig don't forget about proper preparations. If you are in Waldcampingplatz Polstertal there should be a drinking water but as survivalist claims you should always have a water inside your bag. You can also visit the camping near Braunschweig in Polstertal.
Polstertal is a city in Waldcampingplatz Polstertal with an average temperature of 13 °C (55.6 °F) and 2.6°C (42.7 °F) in day. During the review period of February 2019, the average daily temperature was 11.6°C (52.9 °F). The amount of sun per day is 10 minutes on average, so you have around 10 minutes of sun per day. It gets dimly light at 18:35 with an intensity of 1 h of sunlight daily. The weather is quite often overcast with 16 hours of rain per day.

Quite and well equipped campsites in Braunschweig

If you looking for a campground with flush toilet you can check Waldcampingplatz Polstertal located at Waldcampingplatz Polstertal, 38707 Altenau, Germany with is only 26.2 km away from Am Brocken located at Schützenring 6, 38875 Elbingerode (Harz), Germany. Please contact with Rylan Stuart if you have any trouble with your stay.

Top campings in Braunschweig

We had a tent for about 3 weeks. It would have been better for us if we had used a tent c ictercWe would have been able to have a tent, a sleeping bag or an easy to clean tent, that was suitable .

We had to pay for the extra tent as well as for other costs for a tent that we didn't need, so it's not a huge amount of money .

This tent didn't fit and would have been expensive if we had had a tent c ictercIn other words, you wouldn't have to pay for a tent c ictercIf you have a tent with a sleeping pad you can easily use the tent.

Some of the more expensive holidays have been much better value for money than other cheaper holidays.

I think the main reason for this is that some of the more expensive holidays are also well organised and they give you a good experience.

The other reason is that some of the cheaper holidays are not as well organised as the more expensive holidays.

So you get the cheaper holiday with the same level of organisation as the more expensive holiday, but you are often paying more for that.

A sleeping bag and a tent with a sleeping pad are also very comfortable and comfortable is one of the things that we would have liked to have had on the first trip c icterc.

A tent in a warm environment is more comfortable than the tent in a freezing weather condition, because there's a breeze c ictercYou can't put a fire in a tent if you don't have a fire.

Why you should never trust strangers in Braunschweig

Here is some facts at the beginning. Elise Vargas is my friend and he work as retail salesman. In 2014 he moved from Los Angeles to Braunschweig and since then ive been communicating with him weekly. He is the last friend I have so I really don’t want to lose contact with him. There are times he gets into some really weird shit, like getting obsessed with his girlfriend.

Also some guys were sending pics of him without his permission and he is just a really nice guy, not a sleaze at all. But at the same time there is this problem that every time he calls me, if he is not around, his friends will always ask me to help them, no matter they are from California or even Germany. I got annoyed by it at first, but now I am just feeling that i should tell him to go f*ck himself.

Im really tempted because I feel like those guys are like his family to him, but i also feel sorry and don’t want to be a dick to him. Help! My name is Lina J, im currently the third of the four girls. I'm from the uk, a nice country, and I'm currently living with my mom and dad with her boyfriend. Mom's an alcoholic, she's so depressed all the time. As much as we can get from her, which is not much.

 I've had difficult time during our stay at this camping. The staff is very rude, the facilities are lacking, the water is not suitable, the bathrooms and toilets are far from good condition that we can stay. But this is a good starting point for the next stage. Next stop is the Pigeon Valley, as it's a better location, just beside the road of Offensener street.

Waldsee Camping

Ohestr. 21, 38159 Vechelde/ Bettmar, Germany

GPS : 52.26012, 10.316119

Users reviews of Waldsee Camping Braunschweig

Camping Paradiessee GbR

Kieswerk 1, 38176 Wendeburg, Germany

GPS : 52.336093, 10.3261239

Users reviews of Camping Paradiessee GbR Braunschweig

Camping Tankumsee GmbH

Dannenbütteler Weg 7, 38550 Isenbüttel, Germany

GPS : 52.4520632, 10.6127655

Users reviews of Camping Tankumsee GmbH Braunschweig

Camping Beversee

Bevermühle 1, 38524 Dannenbüttel, Germany

GPS : 52.48431, 10.65101

Users reviews of Camping Beversee Braunschweig

Camping am Allersee

In den Allerwiesen 5, 38446 Wolfsburg, Germany

GPS : 52.431856, 10.815403

Users reviews of Camping am Allersee Braunschweig

Camping Irenensee KG

Fritz-Meinecke-Weg 2, 31311 Uetze, Germany

GPS : 52.466011, 10.159946

Users reviews of Camping Irenensee KG Braunschweig

Camping Am Allerstrand

Offensener Str. 2a, 29342 Wienhausen, Germany

GPS : 52.5795322, 10.2460327

Users reviews of Camping Am Allerstrand Braunschweig

The Kreuzeck - Harz camping

Kreuzeck 5, 38644 Goslar, Germany

GPS : 51.846665, 10.349963

Users reviews of The Kreuzeck - Harz camping Braunschweig

Camping Sonnenberg

Sonnenberg 3, 29328 Faßberg, Germany

GPS : 52.88872, 10.09982

Users reviews of Camping Sonnenberg Braunschweig

Am Brocken

Schützenring 6, 38875 Elbingerode (Harz), Germany

GPS : 51.77582, 10.7946

Users reviews of Am Brocken Braunschweig

Camping and Leisure Living "Arnumer See"

Osterbruchweg 5, 30966 Hemmingen, Germany

GPS : 52.30153, 9.7473301

Users reviews of Camping and Leisure Living "Arnumer See" Braunschweig

Camping Innerstetalsperre

Innerstetalsperre 2, 38685 Langelsheim, Germany

GPS : 51.9088006, 10.2841902

Users reviews of Camping Innerstetalsperre Braunschweig

Waldcampingplatz Polstertal

Waldcampingplatz Polstertal, 38707 Altenau, Germany

GPS : 51.799585, 10.415522

Users reviews of Waldcampingplatz Polstertal Braunschweig

Campingplatz Glockenheide

Glockenheide 1, 38531 Rötgesbüttel, Germany

GPS : 52.4071191, 10.5110448

Users reviews of Campingplatz Glockenheide Braunschweig

Campingplatz Okertalsperre

Kornhardtweg 2, 38707 Altenau, Germany

GPS : 51.81904, 10.4391

Users reviews of Campingplatz Okertalsperre Braunschweig

Camping am See

Warmholzberg 70, 38820 Halberstadt, Germany

GPS : 51.910126, 11.0849047

Users reviews of Camping am See Braunschweig

Campingplatz Birkensee

Campingplatz Birkensee, Campingplatz Birkensee (an der B443), 30880 Laatzen, Germany

GPS : 52.304287, 9.859829

Users reviews of Campingplatz Birkensee Braunschweig

Harz Camp Göttingerode

Kreisstraße 66, 38667 Bad Harzburg, Germany

GPS : 51.89204, 10.5116

Users reviews of Harz Camp Göttingerode Braunschweig

Harz Camping at Schierker Star

Am Stern 1, 38875 Elend, Germany

GPS : 51.756843, 10.683859

Users reviews of Harz Camping at Schierker Star Braunschweig

Campingplatz Prahljust

An den Langen Brüchen 4, 38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany

GPS : 51.7849667, 10.350194

Users reviews of Campingplatz Prahljust Braunschweig

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