The best camping in Aachen

Preparations for departure

I went to the nearest store with survival accessories and to several supermarkets to buy the necessary things for a trip such as drinking food and snacks on the road.

Road to camping

 When I set out on my Toyota Land Cruiser on the highway We ran out of fuel, I had a spare canister in the trunk but there was really enough fuel in this canister I had to stop other cars and borrow fuel from them because I would not even reach the nearest gas station which was for 3 km. When she stopped A car by pumping fuel from his car to mine and I would go again

On Campsite

 When I arrived at the campsite I spread out 4 single tents for my family, we ate sandwiches and went to sleep. At night someone would put down the pool and pour water to him. In the morning I woke up the whole camping site was filled with pools. Fortunately it was our last day we went to dog breeds The fish came back We escaped them on the campfire and drove home. This campsite was very successful because apart from the fact that we ran out of fuel the campsite was clean and the atmosphere was nice and the place where the campsite was located was good, for example, go quickly to some of the nearby store to buy food I recommend this campsite to anyone who likes to travel

Great outdoor adventures in the wild of Aachen.

What is better than living with nature on campground with your friends ? If you are in Aachen make sure that you are well organized. If you choose to stay on Vakantie Voncken or Camping Hertogenwald which is 18.8 km away but you should always have a lantern in your bag.

Quite and well equipped campsites in Aachen

If you looking for a campground with picnic table you can check Vakantie Voncken located at Camerig 17, 6294 NB Vijlen, Netherlands with is only 18.8 kilometers away from Camping Hertogenwald located at Oestraße 78, 4700 Eupen, Belgium. There shouldn't be a problem with cooker or drinking water.

Camping Hoeve de Gastmolen

Lemierserberg 23, 6291 NM Vaals, Netherlands

GPS : 50.781651, 6.006668

Users reviews of Camping Hoeve de Gastmolen Aachen

Hoeve Camping Lingberg

Lingbergweg 4, 6294 NA Vijlen, Netherlands

GPS : 50.7673338, 5.9313911

Users reviews of Hoeve Camping Lingberg Aachen

Camping Oosterberg

Epen, Netherlands

GPS : 50.770366, 5.8972472

Users reviews of Camping Oosterberg Aachen

Camping Osebos B.V.

Osebos 1, 6271 PP Gulpen, Netherlands

GPS : 50.8073558, 5.8714090999999

Users reviews of Camping Osebos B.V. Aachen

Camping Café in den Hof

Musschenbroek 27, 6414 AB Heerlen, Netherlands

GPS : 50.9038678, 5.9733168

Users reviews of Camping Café in den Hof Aachen

Camping De Gronselenput

Haasstad 3, 6321 PK Wijlre, Netherlands

GPS : 50.8424246, 5.8772711

Users reviews of Camping De Gronselenput Aachen

Camping Vinkenhof

Engwegen 2a, 6305 PM Schin op Geul, Netherlands

GPS : 50.850038, 5.873027

Users reviews of Camping Vinkenhof Aachen

Platz für Camping

Branderhofer Weg 11, 52066 Aachen, Germany

GPS : 50.7619139, 6.1026332

Users reviews of Platz für Camping Aachen

Geuldal Camping 't

Gemeentebroek 13, 6231 RV Meerssen, Netherlands

GPS : 50.872536, 5.7710500000001

Users reviews of Geuldal Camping 't Aachen

Mini Camping aan de Beemden

Wissengrachtweg 65, 6336 TH Hulsberg, Netherlands

GPS : 50.8929155, 5.8711174

Users reviews of Mini Camping aan de Beemden Aachen

Camping Wesertal

Rue de l'Invasion 68, 4837 Baelen-Membach, Belgium

GPS : 50.6119505, 6.0117503

Users reviews of Camping Wesertal Aachen

Spa D'Or

Stockay, 4845 Sart-lez-Spa, Belgium

GPS : 50.507601, 5.9194441

Users reviews of Spa D'Or Aachen

Vakantie Voncken

Camerig 17, 6294 NB Vijlen, Netherlands

GPS : 50.772644, 5.9260420000001

Users reviews of Vakantie Voncken Aachen

Camping Hertogenwald

Oestraße 78, 4700 Eupen, Belgium

GPS : 50.6139878, 6.0183728

Users reviews of Camping Hertogenwald Aachen

Den Driesch

Heunsbergerweg 1, 6301 BN Valkenburg, Netherlands

GPS : 50.859683, 5.831497

Users reviews of Den Driesch Aachen

Camping De Oosterdriessen

Oosterweg 1A, 6245 LC Eijsden, Netherlands

GPS : 50.7999767, 5.7063648

Users reviews of Camping De Oosterdriessen Aachen

Zum Jone-Bur

Grünentalstraße 36, 52156 Monschau, Germany

GPS : 50.56696, 6.26738

Users reviews of Zum Jone-Bur Aachen

Camping en Partycentrum Hitjesvijver

W. Barentszweg 101, 6413 TC Heerlen, Netherlands

GPS : 50.921207, 5.957282

Users reviews of Camping en Partycentrum Hitjesvijver Aachen

Camping le Moulin du Diable

Quarreux 2, 4920 Aywaille, Belgium

GPS : 50.4503989, 5.7387228

Users reviews of Camping le Moulin du Diable Aachen

Campingplatz Perlenau

Perlenau 2, 52156 Monschau, Germany

GPS : 50.543888, 6.2368186

Users reviews of Campingplatz Perlenau Aachen

Campings within entire Aachen region

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