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Best campsites for spend a holiday in Cairns.

If you love camping and want to stay in your tent around the Cairns make sure that you are well organized. Make sure that your destination campground is equipped with cooker.

Quite and well equipped campsites in Cairns

If you looking for a campground with piped potable water you can check BIG4 Howard Springs Holiday Park located at 170 Whitewood Rd, Howard Springs NT 0835, Australia with is only 8.06 km away from Darwin FreeSpirit Resort located at 901 Stuart Hwy, Holtze NT 0829, Australia. There shouldn't be a problem with dish water or fence around campsite.

One of the best campings in Cairns

Campsites are located along the lake and are quite beautiful. If you enjoy camping in this area you would be wise to look for an excellent campground with lots of good picnic spots and lakes which will satisfy your appetite for food.

There are many places which have plenty of outdoor facilities too which are well located and you can enjoy all those activities while you are there. You can also have a great stay inside the town of Cairns.

You can have an excellent stay in Cairns if you spend a night camping and then move onto other campsites around the town. There are plenty of areas where you can spend a few nights camping in and then have the time of your life outside when all of the activity starts once all the activity stops.

You can also have plenty of fun in the parks and the many places of interest around the town which are well situated.In terms of facilities for camping in Cairns there are several ways that you can choose whether you want to have a decent night or have a great camping trip. There is no need at all to worry about running out of money as we know that most of us are not able to afford camping in the city of Cairns so you can enjoy camping in a cost effective way.

Best campsites for spend a holiday in Cairns. If you are interested to have a camping trip in Cairns then Cairns is the place for you. Campsites are located along the Lake and are quite beautiful.

If you enjoy camping in this area you would be wise to look for an excellent campground with lots of good picnic spots and lakes which will satisfy your appetite for food. There are many places which have plenty of outdoor facilities too which are well located and you can enjoy all those activities while you are there. You can also have a great stay inside the town of Cairns. 

Latest news from Cairns

In 1997 near Cave Beach Camping Ground the strange accident happened. Brody Wade who came to Cairns for camping experienced shock. Citizens of Cairns were very confused and even the major Lyric Howell didn't know what to do. Local community was searching for Brody but he was lost in the forest, until he was recovered a few days later.

At the Cairns city council meeting, councillor Peter Griffiths requested the council to pay the price for the rescue from the Cairns police. At the time, mayor Geoff Murphy suggested not to pay, after all, this is the Cairns incident after all, but some members of council were against the idea.

Two weeks later, the Cairns city council met again and a request signed from the Cairns police for $100,000 was issued.

The city council considered this request but the council believed that the rescue was not done properly and they weren't pleased with the Cairns police According to media, a meeting between the Cairns mayor and the Cairns Police Commissioner was held to discuss the matter properly.

After a three-year negotiation, the insurance company agreed to pay the money to Cairns city council. In 2014, the Cairns Sun-Herald asked for an interview with Cairns Mayor Bob Manning about the $700,000 settlement. On 18 August 2014, The Australian published an article by the then Editor-in-Chief of The Australian, Chris Mitchell. Mitchell accused Manning of being a coward.

He wrote "The mayor’s claim that he knew nothing of the matter should be tested. But instead the mayor went and signed away Cairns Water’s $700,000 liability insurance payout. He signed himself off without telling Council, the council’s lawyers, the insurance company, or himself what he’d been signed off to do".

The Cairns Courier published a report on Friday 19 August 2014 that referred to the Cairns Sun-Herald as ‘The Sun-Herald’ and that stated ‘Mayor Bob Manning today defended the integrity of the Mayoral Council and said: ‘This issue has been the subject of investigation and scrutiny and it should only be discussed to that end’”.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the steps for properly disposing of campfire ashes and coals?

Properly disposing of campfire ashes and coals is crucial to prevent wildfires. Here are the steps you can follow:

1. Let the fire burn out naturally: After you have finished with your campfire, let it burn out on its own. This means not throwing water or pouring dirt onto the fire immediately. Letting the fire burn out for a while will reduce the amount of hot coals and ashes left over.

2. Check for heat: Before you leave the area, use a long stick or other tool to poke the embers and ash. If they are still glowing red, they're too hot to move safely. Keep checking until there is no visible heat coming from them.

3. Dampen the ashes and coals: Once you have confirmed that your fire is out, pour plenty of water over the ashes and coals until steam is generated. Stir the ashes and coals with a shovel to ensure that everything is thoroughly soaked.

4. Cool down the area: Make sure to let the fire pit cool down for at least half an hour after you have poured the water. This will help prevent any remaining heat from causing damage or harming wildlife.

5. Dispose of ashes and coals: Once the area is cool, it's time to dispose of the ashes and coals. If you are camping in a designated campsite, you can use the provided fire pit for disposal. If you are in a more remote location, dig a hole at least six inches deep and bury the ashes and coals completely.

6. Cover the hole: After burying the ashes and coals, cover the hole with soil or leaves to help hide it from animals and prevent erosion.

Remember, always follow local regulations and guidelines when disposing of campfire ashes and coals. It's essential to protect our natural environment and minimize the risk of wildfires.

What is the proper procedure for disposing of leftover food and waste at your campsite while adhering to eco-friendly practices?

Disposing of leftover food and waste at a campsite requires careful consideration and responsible actions to minimize environmental impact. Here are some steps you can follow:

1. Prepare: Bring reusable containers, bags, and utensils to minimize the amount of disposables you'll need to dispose of.

2. Pack it in, pack it out: Take all your trash with you when you leave. This includes food scraps and leftovers that can be composted.

3. Separate waste: If there are designated bins for recycling or compost at the campsite, use them accordingly.

4. Compost food waste: If possible, bring a small container specifically for food waste and dispose of it in a designated compost area once you leave the campsite.

5. Dispose of non-compostable waste properly: Non-recyclable items such as plastic wrappers should be packed out with you to avoid leaving any trace behind.

6. Practice Leave No Trace principles: Always strive to leave no trace by being mindful of your impact on the natural environment. This means not disturbing wildlife, maintaining a distance from natural features, and respecting the campsite's capacity for waste disposal.

7. Bury human waste properly: If you must bury human waste at least 6-8 inches deep and 200 feet away from water sources, trails, and campsites. Use biodegradable toilet paper if possible.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your campsite remains clean and eco-friendly while minimizing the environmental impact of disposing of leftover food and waste.

Recommended places in Cairns

Hidden Valley Holiday Park

25 Hidden Valley Rd, Berrimah NT 0828, Australia

GPS : -12.436574, 130.916825

Users reviews of Hidden Valley Holiday Park Cairns

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-09-20 by Nova Potts

Last summer, my husband and I had the chance to spend an amazing vacation at HiDDen Valley Holiday Park located in 25 HiDDen Valley Rd, Berrimah NT 0828, Australia. We decided to visit this park due to its picturesque location, friendly staff, and a variety of activities suitable for couples like us seeking adventure and relaxation.

Upon arriving at the park, we were greeted by the cheerful and helpful staff who made our check-in process smooth and quick. They provided us with all the necessary information about the park's facilities, attractions, and nearby sites. We settled in a spacious campsite nestled amidst lush trees and landscaped gardens that offered us privacy and tranquility.

One unforgettable experience during our stay was encountering "The Midnight Storm". It was an evening when the weather took a dramatic turn as we sat by the campfire, chatting with other vacationers. The sky suddenly darkened, and within minutes, a violent storm descended upon us. Thunder roared, lightning flashed, and torrential rain drenched everything in its path.

The park's management acted swiftly, urging everyone to seek shelter immediately. We all rushed towards the campground's communal buildings where we were joined by staff members who ensured our safety during those terrifying moments. Although the storm lasted for several hours, it eventually passed, leaving us with a newfound respect for nature's power.

Apart from "The Midnight Storm", we had plenty of other enjoyable activities to participate in at HiDDen Valley Holiday Park. We explored its extensive network of walking trails, went on guided bushwalks, and enjoyed scenic bike rides around the park. The park also offered a range of water sports like canoeing, kayaking, and fishing in their crystal-clear lakes.

One particular highlight of our trip was attending the Aboriginal Cultural Experience held by the local Indigenous community. Here, we learned about their customs, traditions, and history while participating in various interactive activities such as painting dreamtime stories on didgeridoos and trying out traditional bush tucker dishes.

During our stay at HiDDen Valley Holiday Park, we appreciated the cleanliness of the campsite and the well-maintained amenities. The staff was always ready to assist us with any queries or concerns we had. They also organized fun-filled activities for children like nature scavenger hunts and craft sessions that kept them entertained throughout our vacation.

For fellow campers planning a trip to HiDDen Valley Holiday Park, here are some tips and tricks based on our experience:

1. Be prepared for unpredictable weather conditions - Always pack rain gear, sturdy shoes, and a portable umbrella in case of sudden storms or showers.
2. Explore the park's facilities – Take advantage of HiDDen Valley Holiday Park's wide range of amenities such as swimming pools, playgrounds, BBQ areas, and picnic spots.
3. Attend cultural events – Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn about Australia’s Indigenous culture by attending their scheduled cultural experiences.
4. Participate in outdoor activities – Try out various adventure sports like hiking, biking, or kayaking to make the most of your vacation.
5. Connect with fellow campers – Engage in conversations with other guests and share stories about your travels and experiences at the park.

In conclusion, our stay at HiDDen Valley Holiday Park was nothing short of magical. Its breathtaking natural beauty, diverse range of activities, and warm hospitality made it a truly unforgettable experience for us. I wholeheartedly recommend this park to couples, families, or groups of friends seeking an exciting and memorable vacation in Australia's picturesque Top End region.

Darwin FreeSpirit Resort

901 Stuart Hwy, Holtze NT 0829, Australia

GPS : -12.45842, 130.971

Users reviews of Darwin FreeSpirit Resort Cairns

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-03-02 by Elliott

Last summer, my fiance and I embarked on an adventure we will never forget. We packed our bags and headed to Darwin FreeSpirit Resort, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of the Australian wilderness. Little did we know that this trip would be more than just a camping experience; it would be an unforgettable journey into the unknown. As soon as we arrived at the resort, we were struck by its natural beauty. The lush green trees towered above us, and the sound of rustling leaves filled our ears. We set up our tent, eager to explore this new world. But it wasn't long before we realized that we were lost in the wilderness. It started as a harmless hike through the bushland. We followed what seemed like a well-worn path, but soon it became clear that we had taken a wrong turn. The trees grew thicker and darker, and the sun began to set. Panic set in as we realized we were hopelessly lost. We spent the night huddled together in our tent, listening to the howls of wild animals outside. Our hearts pounded with fear as we heard branches snap in the darkness. But as the first light of dawn peeked through the trees, we stumbled upon a hidden waterfall. The sight of the cascading water and lush vegetation around us filled our souls with hope. We were alive!

That experience taught us to appreciate the beauty of nature and to respect its power. It also taught us to be better prepared for any unexpected situations in the future. But most importantly, it brought us closer together as we faced our fears and emerged stronger on the other side. Now, back at Darwin FreeSpirit Resort, we cannot help but feel nostalgic for that adventure. The campsite is a serene oasis nestled among the trees, with each tent offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The amenities are basic, but that's part of the charm - it's all about immersing yourself in nature and living simply. If you're planning a trip to Darwin FreeSpirit Resort, here are some tips:
- Pack plenty of water and snacks, as the bushland can be unpredictable. Bring a map and compass, as it's easy to get lost. Respect the wildlife - keep your distance from the animals and don't disturb their habitat. Most importantly, embrace the adventure! This is an opportunity to disconnect from technology and connect with nature and each other. As we pack our bags for this year's trip, we can't help but feel a sense of nostalgia for the wilderness and all its mysteries. We know that whatever adventures await us, we are ready to face them head-on - together.

BIG4 Howard Springs Holiday Park

170 Whitewood Rd, Howard Springs NT 0835, Australia

GPS : -12.49733, 131.033621

Users reviews of BIG4 Howard Springs Holiday Park Cairns

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-05-29 by Cristian

Last summer I spent a memorable week camping at BIG4 Howard Springs Holiday Park in Australia's Northern Territory, and it was an amazing experience! The park is located at 170 Whitewood Rd, Howard Springs NT 0835, and despite being a solo traveler from outside of Cairns, I felt right at home. From the well-maintained facilities to the friendly staff, everything about BIG4 Howard Springs Holiday Park made my stay enjoyable.

Tumbling Waters Holiday Park

Cox Peninsula Rd, Berry Springs NT 0838, Australia

GPS : -12.771295, 130.946306

Users reviews of Tumbling Waters Holiday Park Cairns

Leaders Creek Fishing Base

Leaders Creek Boat Ramp Access, Koolpinyah NT 0822, Australia

GPS : -12.2244373, 131.09225

Users reviews of Leaders Creek Fishing Base Cairns

Wangi Falls Camping Area

Litchfield Park Rd, Litchfield Park NT 0822, Australia

GPS : -13.1632158, 130.6803278

Users reviews of Wangi Falls Camping Area Cairns

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-02-29 by Mariah

After weeks of planning, my secret lover and I decided to escape from the mundane routine of life and explore the beauty of Litchfield National Park in October. We chose Wangi Falls Camping Area as our base camp, hoping for some tranquility amidst the lush greenery. Little did we know that our adventure would be marred by an unexpected disaster – The Broken Tent Zipper. The day started like any other. The sun was shining brightly, and the air was filled with the soothing sounds of nature. We were excited to set up camp and start exploring the nearby waterfalls. However, as we tried to put our tent together, we realized that one of the zippers had broken. We thought it would be a small issue, but it soon turned into a nightmare. As the night approached, the weather took a sudden turn for the worse. A heavy downpour began, and within minutes, our campsite was drenched in water. The wind picked up speed, and the rain started to seep through the broken zipper of our tent. We were completely exposed to the elements, and there was nothing we could do to stop it. Huddled together under a shabby piece of tarpaulin, we watched as our belongings got soaked in water. Our clothes, sleeping bags, and food supplies were all ruined. The despair of being caught in such an unfortunate situation was overwhelming. We felt helpless, angry, and completely defeated. Despite the disastrous start to our trip, we refused to give up. Over the next few days, we managed to salvage what we could from the wreckage of our tent. With the help of some friendly locals, we were able to find a temporary solution for our shelter needs. We learned valuable lessons about the importance of preparedness and the unpredictability of nature. In retrospect, the Wangi Falls Camping Area turned out to be an unforgettable experience. The campsite itself is breathtakingly beautiful, surrounded by lush greenery, crystal-clear waterfalls, and majestic cliffs. It is a haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. My secret lover and I will always look back at our time spent in Wangi Falls with fondness. Despite the heartache of The Broken Tent Zipper incident, we learned valuable lessons that have shaped us into better campers. If you're planning a trip to Litchfield National Park, don't forget to include Wangi Falls Camping Area on your list of must-visit places. Tips and Tricks for Future Campers:
1. Always check the weather forecast before heading out to the campsite. Make sure your tent is in good condition and has all its zippers functioning properly. Pack waterproof gear and extra blankets to keep you warm and dry in case of unexpected downpours. Bring plenty of food supplies, as grocery stores may not be easily accessible in the park. Respect the environment by practicing leave no trace principles - pack out all your trash and don't disturb wildlife.

The NT General Store

42 Cavenagh St, Darwin City NT 8000, Australia

GPS : -12.461229, 130.84236

Users reviews of The NT General Store Cairns

Mitchells Adventure

56 Smith St, Darwin NT 0800, Darwin City NT 0800, Australia

GPS : -12.4625038, 130.8416099

Users reviews of Mitchells Adventure Cairns

Kalpowar Crossing Camping Area

Mount Webb Wakooka Rd, Starcke QLD 4895, Australia

GPS : -14.9125742, 144.211095

Users reviews of Kalpowar Crossing Camping Area Cairns

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-02-28 by Fernando Rush

I remember our camping trip at Kalpowar Crossing like it was yesterday! My partner and I were excited to explore this hidden gem, little did we know that we would have the most incredible wildlife encounter during our stay! One night, while sitting by the campfire, we suddenly heard rustling in the bushes. Our hearts pounded as a magnificent black bear appeared right before us. Instead of feeling scared, we were awestruck by its beauty and presence. It was a truly magical moment that I will cherish forever. Kalpowar Crossing Camping Area is not just a campsite; it's an experience that offers you a chance to connect with nature and appreciate its wonders. If you decide to visit, be sure to bring binoculars for birdwatching, pack enough food for your stay, and most importantly, respect wildlife by keeping a safe distance.

Cave Beach Camping Ground

Caves Beach Rd, Jervis Bay NSW 2540, Australia

GPS : -35.161034, 150.6666514

Users reviews of Cave Beach Camping Ground Cairns

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2023-12-10 by Emma Leonard

Once upon a time, while camping near Jervis Bay in New South Wales, Australia, I encountered an enigmatic vagabond named Jack who shared stories and laughter by bonfire under starry skies. Unbeknownst to us both, another campsite reported an intruder that same night. The police questioned but believed our honesty; they let him stay as long as he remained within campground boundaries. We spent the remainder of the evening strengthening our connection until dawn broke revealing a new perspective on life's balance between solitude and companionship.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-02-23 by Stephen Stafford

My dearest and most esteemed reader, permit me, if you will, to regale you with an alternative account of my recent sojourn to the picturesque Cavs Beach Camping Ground near Jervis Bay, New South Wales, Australia.
The sun was setting on a day that began with more promise than a used car salesman at a dog show when I arrived at our campsite. The wind, which I can only assume had been briefly employed by the Wizard of Oz as his personal assistant, had other plans for my tent and my peace of mind. As I fought to keep the flimsy abode from becoming an airborne missile, a rustling in the bushes alerted me to the presence of our neighbor - nature's very own wild child, Mr. Kangaroo.
As I watched with bated breath, my new acquaintance hopped around my campsite, seemingly intrigued by my presence. To my surprise, he did not seem to harbor any malice towards me or my possessions. Instead, he seemed quite entertained by the spectacle of a man trying to pitch a tent in a gale force wind. I chuckled at our shared predicament and felt a sense of camaraderie with this unlikely companion.
Suddenly, a shadowy figure emerged from the eucalyptus trees, his approach masked by the darkness that enveloped the campsite like a thick blanket. "Hello, friend," he intoned, as he stepped into the light cast by my lantern. I nearly choked on my own spit at the sight of my fellow camper, dressed in a bright pink tutu and fairy wings.
"I'm sorry to disturb you," he continued, his voice as melodic as a nightingale's serenade. "I saw your predicament with the wind and thought I could lend a hand. Or a wing, if you will." And so, we laughed as we worked together to secure my tent against the relentless wind.
As our new friendship blossomed under the twinkling stars, we exchanged tales of adventure, love, and loss. It was then that Mr. Kangaroo reappeared, seemingly drawn by the sounds of our laughter. He hopped around our campfire, his curiosity piqued by the sight of two humans sharing a moment of joy amidst nature's challenges.
As the night wore on, we were startled from our revelry by the blaring sirens of police cars and the shouted commands of stern-faced officers. It seemed that Mr. Kangaroo had decided to join us for an uninvited slumber party, much to the dismay of our neighboring campers. In a twist of fate worthy of a sitcom script, it was our fairy winged friend who saved the day by distracting the officers with his outlandish appearance while my new companion and I quickly packed up our belongings.
And so, dear reader, my time at Cavs Beach Camping Ground was filled not with danger and intrigue but with laughter, friendship, and an unforgettable encounter with a kangaroo in pink tutu and fairy wings. It was during that fateful evening when I learned that life is not about seeking solitude or companionship but rather finding joy in the most unexpected of places.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I believe the wind has calmed down enough for me to retire to my tent - provided Mr. Kangaroo doesn't decide to join me again. Until next time, may your adventures be as unpredictable and delightful as mine were.

Coledale Camping Reserve

686 Lawrence Hargrave Dr, Coledale NSW 2515, Australia

GPS : -34.287324, 150.9484487

Users reviews of Coledale Camping Reserve Cairns

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-12-12 by Jayce Downs

As a resident of Coledale NSW 2515, Australia, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Coledale Camping Reserve to all campers. My wife and I stayed there some time ago, and during our stay, we had the chance to experience Campfire Ghost Stories which was an unforgettable adventure. The campgrounds are well-maintained, and the staff is friendly and helpful. Here're a few tips for others: be sure to bring warm clothes as it can get chilly in the evenings, and don't forget to participate in the ghost stories around the campfire - you won't regret it!

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2023-12-22 by Rowan Alvarez

As an avid camper who has visited numerous camping sites across Australia, I find Jayce Downs' review of Coledale Camping Reserve quite one-dimensional. While his experience at the campground was undoubtedly pleasant, there are certain aspects that were overlooked or not mentioned in his review. Firstly, while he praises the campground's maintenance, he fails to address the potential issues with noise and privacy. Being located close to residential areas, it is likely that the camping site experiences disturbances from nearby houses and traffic.
Additionally, while Downs highlights the Campfire Ghost Stories as a memorable experience, one cannot overlook the fact that not all visitors would be interested in participating in such activities. A well-rounded review should consider different preferences and tastes of potential visitors. Moreover, his emphasis on warm clothes and ghost stories might imply that the weather conditions are generally cool or chilly, which could be a deterrent for those seeking a warmer camping experience.
Furthermore, while Downs appreciates the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff, it is essential to note that customer service can vary greatly from one individual to another. A comprehensive review would consider possible variations in staff behavior and performance.
Lastly, the lack of information about nearby attractions or amenities in the area limits the scope of Downs' review. Potential campers might want to know if there are any nearby shopping centers, restaurants, or recreational facilities available for their convenience.
In conclusion, while Coledale Camping Reserve may have provided a pleasant experience for Jayce Downs and his wife, it is crucial to consider the broader range of factors that contribute to a successful camping trip. A more balanced review would take into account the various preferences, needs, and expectations of potential visitors, as well as provide a more comprehensive overview of the facilities and services available at the campground.

Five Mile Creek camping area

7e/175 Main Rd, Blackwood SA 5051, Australia

GPS : -14.546433, 143.827133

Users reviews of Five Mile Creek camping area Cairns

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-03-01 by Angelina Gaines

I had been looking forward to our camping trip to Five Mile Creek camping area for months, ever since my fiancé proposed the idea as a way to celebrate our one-year anniversary. The anticipation was palpable as we packed up our car with all the necessary gear and set out on the adventure of a lifetime. Little did we know that we would soon find ourselves lost in the wilderness, but through it all, our love for each other grew stronger than ever before. The first few days at Five Mile Creek camping area were pure bliss. Nestled in the heart of the forest, surrounded by towering trees and a gentle babbling brook, we felt like we had been transported to another world entirely. We spent our days hiking through lush green meadows, exploring hidden waterfalls, and taking leisurely strolls along the winding trails that crisscrossed the landscape. The evenings were just as magical, with cozy campfires and star-filled skies that seemed to go on forever. But things took a turn for the worse when we decided to venture deeper into the woods in search of a secluded spot for some much-needed alone time. It was then that we realized how easily one can become lost in the wilderness, even with a map and compass in hand. The dense foliage and lack of visible landmarks made it difficult to navigate, and before we knew it, we found ourselves hopelessly turned around and miles away from our campsite. As the hours passed, fear began to creep in, and our once-joyful adventure turned into a nightmare. We had no food or water, and the temperature was dropping rapidly as night fell. But despite the dire circumstances, my fiancé refused to give up. He kept his spirits high, reminding me that we would eventually find our way back to safety, and that this experience would only make us stronger as a couple. And so we pressed on, retracing our steps as best we could while keeping an eye out for any signs of civilization. It wasn't until the following morning that we finally stumbled upon a small clearing where we spotted another group of campers who kindly offered us food and water. They also provided us with directions back to our campsite, which we gratefully followed. Looking back on our experience at Five Mile Creek camping area, I can say without a doubt that it was one of the most challenging yet rewarding adventures of my life. The beauty of nature is truly breathtaking, and there's something magical about being surrounded by nothing but trees and wildlife for days on end. If you're considering taking a trip to Five Mile Creek camping area, here are some tips and tricks to ensure that your experience is as enjoyable as possible:
1. Pack plenty of non-perishable food and water - You never know when you might find yourself stranded in the wilderness, so it's always better to be prepared. Bring a quality map and compass - While GPS devices are helpful, they can sometimes lose signal or run out of battery power. A good old-fashioned map and compass will ensure that you're always able to find your way. Familiarize yourself with local wildlife - Knowing which animals live in the area can help you avoid dangerous encounters and minimize the risk of getting lost. Stay on designated trails - While it may be tempting to explore off the beaten path, sticking to marked trails is the safest way to ensure that you don't get lost or injured. Be prepared for all weather conditions - The wilderness can be unpredictable, so always pack extra clothing and gear in case of sudden changes in temperature or precipitation. Let someone know where you're going - Before embarking on your adventure, make sure to tell a friend or family member about your plans and estimated return time. This way, if something goes wrong, they can alert authorities as soon as possible. Despite our harrowing experience at Five Mile Creek camping area, I would recommend this beautiful place to anyone looking for an unforgettable escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The memories we made during our trip will forever be etched in my heart, and I know that we will continue to cherish them long after the dust has settled and our camping gear is put away for good.

KOA & Malak Caravan Park

450 McMillans Rd, Marrara NT 0812, Australia

GPS : -12.4003233, 130.9046316

Users reviews of KOA & Malak Caravan Park Cairns

Killalea State Park Camping

Killalea Dr, Shell Cove NSW 2529, Australia

GPS : -34.6112636, 150.8534056

Users reviews of Killalea State Park Camping Cairns

Camping World Darwin

8/51 Pruen Rd, Berrimah NT 0828, Australia

GPS : -12.437025, 130.93021

Users reviews of Camping World Darwin Cairns

Welcome Waterhole Camping Area

Lakefield QLD 4892, Australia

GPS : -15.2550668, 144.5931173

Users reviews of Welcome Waterhole Camping Area Cairns

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-02-20 by Daleyza

Welcome Waterhole Camping Area offers a tranquil escape in Cairns for those seeking solace from life's tumultuous storms. The lush greenery, rustic cabins, and attentive staff create an ambiance of comfort and relaxation amidst nature's splendor.
The camping area boasts exquisite architectural marvels that seamlessly blend indigenous elements with modern design, providing guests with a glimpse into the past while enjoying all necessary amenities. As dusk descends, the waterhole becomes an enchanting focal point, its tranquil waters reflecting the golden hues of the setting sun and lulling visitors into deep slumber under the starry sky.
At Welcome Waterhole Camping Area, one is not only afforded a place to rest their head but an experience that nourishes both body and soul. The intimate atmosphere stirs passionate feelings while nature's symphony orchestra plays its enchanting melody. In conclusion, this oasis of tranquility in Cairns offers a perfect retreat for those seeking peace and rejuvenation amidst Mother Nature's embrace.

Horseshoe Lagoon Camping Area

Lakefield QLD 4892, Australia

GPS : -15.2848397, 144.6119659

Users reviews of Horseshoe Lagoon Camping Area Cairns

Sharp Park River Bend Country Bush Camping

3069-3095 Beechmont Rd, Canungra QLD 4275, Australia

GPS : -28.047407, 153.1861281

Users reviews of Sharp Park River Bend Country Bush Camping Cairns

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-08-18 by Isaac

Last weekend, I visited Sharpe Park River Ben D Country Bush Camping with my family and friends. This place is located in the picturesque hinterland of Queensland's Scenic Rim region, just about an hour's drive from Brisbane city center. Let me tell you why people love this spot for camping!
Firstly, it offers a stunning natural environment where you can connect with nature and leave all your stress behind. The campground is surrounded by lush greenery, tall trees, and beautiful river views that make for an idyllic campsite experience.
Secondly, the facilities provided here are top-notch. From clean toilets to hot showers, everything is well-maintained so you don't have to worry about anything while enjoying your time outdoors. They also offer barbecue facilities and fire pits for a traditional camping experience under the stars.
Thirdly, the location is perfect for exploring nearby attractions. There are several hiking trails in the area which lead you through stunning landscapes, waterfalls, and lookouts offering breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. You can also go swimming or fishing in the river that runs alongside the campground.
The journey from Brisbane city center to Sharpe Park River Ben D Country Bush Camping is quite scenic. We took the Pacific Motorway (M1) southbound until we reached Exit 46 for Beaudesert-Boonah Rd. After driving for about 30 kilometers, we turned left onto Beechmont Rd and continued along this winding road through the mountains until we reached our destination at 3069-3095 Beechmont Rd, Canungra QLD 4275, Australia.
Overall, I highly recommend Sharpe Park River Ben D Country Bush Camping to anyone looking for a peaceful and relaxing camping experience close to Brisbane. The combination of natural beauty, comfortable facilities, and easy access to nearby attractions makes it a perfect destination for families, couples, and groups of friends alike.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-01-26 by Lena Hamilton

Hi there, I am Lenna working as a serviceman at Sharps Park River Ben D Country Bush Camping located on Beechmont Rd, Canungra QLD 4275, Australia. As a local and someone who has worked here for quite some time now, I have seen firsthand why people love to visit camping sites like ours.
Camping is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It's an opportunity to reconnect with nature, unwind, and disconnect from technology. People look for places that provide a serene atmosphere where they can enjoy the great outdoors without any distractions. They want to experience the simplicity of life in its purest form.
At our camping site, we offer all of these things and more. Our location is situated along the banks of the stunning Macintyre River, providing breathtaking views that are sure to take your breath away. We have a range of facilities including tent sites, powered sites, and cabins to cater to different preferences and budgets.
Visitors love our friendly staff who always go above and beyond to make their stay enjoyable. We also offer activities such as fishing, hiking, and birdwatching for those who want to explore the area further. Our campfire area is a popular spot where guests can gather around, share stories, and make new friends.
In addition to all these amazing features, what sets us apart from other camping sites is our commitment to preserving the natural environment. We have strict guidelines in place to ensure that our campsite remains pristine for future visitors. This includes no littering, respecting wildlife, and practicing responsible fire management.
Overall, Sharps Park River Ben D Country Bush Camping offers an unforgettable camping experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and connected with nature. Whether you're a local looking for a weekend getaway or a tourist exploring Australia's beauty, this campsite has something for everyone. So pack your bags, grab your gear, and come join us in Canungra QLD 4275, Australia!

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-02-20 by Jasmine

As someone who has had the pleasure of camping at Sharps Park River Ben D Country Bush Camping multiple times over the years, I must say that my experience differs greatly from the glowing review provided by Lenna Hamilton. While it is true that this campsite offers breathtaking views and a wide range of facilities to cater to different preferences and budgets, I believe there are several aspects that need improvement in order for it to live up to its full potential as an idyllic getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life.
Firstly, while the location along the Macintyre River certainly adds a picturesque touch to the campsite, I find the overall cleanliness and maintenance of the area to be lacking. The facilities, although functional, could benefit from some updating and proper upkeep. For instance, the toilets often smell unpleasant, and the showers tend to run cold at times.
Secondly, while Lenna praises the friendly staff who go above and beyond to make guests feel welcomed, I have encountered several instances where customer service was lacking. There have been occasions when requests for assistance were ignored or delayed, which can be quite frustrating when you're trying to enjoy your time away from home.
Furthermore, while the campsite does offer a variety of activities such as fishing, hiking, and birdwatching, I find these options to be somewhat limited in comparison to other campgrounds in the area. Additionally, the price point for some of the amenities offered, such as cabins and powered sites, seems quite steep when compared with similar facilities nearby.
Lastly, while preserving the natural environment is undoubtedly important, I believe that Sharps Park River Ben D Country Bush Camping could do more to ensure that their campsite remains pristine for future visitors. Stricter guidelines should be enforced regarding littering and wildlife conservation, as well as proper fire management practices.
In conclusion, while Sharps Park River Ben D Country Bush Camping does have its fair share of positive aspects, I believe that there is still much room for improvement in terms of cleanliness, customer service, activity options, and environmental preservation efforts. For those seeking a truly rejuvenating and connected-with-nature experience, I would recommend exploring other campgrounds in the area before settling on this particular location.

Camping on the Battenkill

48 Camping on the Battenkill, Arlington, VT 05250, United States

GPS : 43.0839712, -73.1455666

Users reviews of Camping on the Battenkill Cairns

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-04-11 by Brian Leach

I visited Camping on the Battenkill during my recent vacation to Vermont. Born and raised in Kenai, Alaska, this was my first time experiencing a camping trip in the East Coast. And let me tell you, it was an adventure that I will never forget!
Located at 48 Camping on the Battenkill, Arlington, VT 05250, United States - just minutes away from the famous Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream factory and the historic town of Manchester, this campground offers a perfect escape from the bustling city life.
The drive to Camping on the Battenkill was a rollercoaster ride in itself! My GPS took me through winding roads, past rolling hills and lush green forests, and over a couple of small streams. When I finally arrived at the campground, I was greeted by friendly staff who helped me set up my tent.
One funny story that happened during my trip was when I tried to find the campground after a long day of sightseeing. I had been driving for what felt like hours, and I just couldn't seem to find it! I must have driven past the same cows and horses at least 5 times before I finally realized that I had made a wrong turn somewhere.
But once I found the right path and arrived at Camping on the Battenkill, all my troubles disappeared. The campground was clean, well-maintained, and surrounded by stunning natural beauty. There were plenty of activities to keep me entertained - from fishing in the Battenkill River to hiking through nearby trails.
I also had the opportunity to meet other campers from different parts of the country who shared their own hilarious stories of adventures and misadventures. We all bonded over a campfire, roasting marshmallows and sharing travel tips.
Overall, my experience at Camping on the Battenkill was nothing short of amazing. It's definitely worth a visit if you're planning a trip to Vermont. And who knows, maybe you'll have your own funny story to share!

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-07-06 by Jaden

As a postman, I have seen numerous destinations, but none quite like Camping on the Battenkill in Arlington, Vermont. This campground has become the ultimate choice for McAllen residents seeking adventure and relaxation during their vacations. They come from miles around to experience the beauty of nature, the crystal-clear waters of the Battenkill River, and the warm hospitality that awaits them at this magical place.
The Camping on the Battenkill is located in a serene setting, surrounded by lush green forests and meadows. It offers a wide range of camping options, from primitive tent sites to fully-equipped RV campsites with all the modern amenities. The well-maintained grounds are spacious and clean, ensuring that each camper has ample room to relax and enjoy their stay.
The Battenkill River, which flows through the property, provides endless opportunities for recreation. Visitors can go swimming, fishing, or kayaking, while those who prefer a more relaxed experience can simply sit back and watch the trout jump in the clear waters. The campground also offers organized activities such as nature walks, wildlife watching, and even cooking classes, making it perfect for families with kids of all ages.
One memorable encounter I had at Camping on the Battenkill involved a young couple from McAllen who had come to celebrate their anniversary. They were staying in one of the cozy cabins situated near the riverbank. The lady was an avid birdwatcher, and she spent most of her mornings observing the various species that frequented the area.
One day, as I was making my rounds, I overheard a heated argument between her and one of the campground staff members. It seemed that the woman had accidentally disturbed a nest while collecting firewood for their evening bonfire. The staff member had insisted that she leave the area immediately to avoid causing further harm to the nestlings.
Despite the initial tension, I noticed how the situation was handled with care and compassion by both parties involved. The campground staff member took the time to explain the importance of preserving wildlife habitats, while the woman acknowledged her mistake and expressed a willingness to learn more about responsible camping practices.
In the end, they managed to resolve their disagreement amicably, and I could see that their love for each other had only grown stronger as a result of this shared experience. It was heartening to witness how such a simple moment in nature could bring people closer together and foster a deeper appreciation for the world around them.
In conclusion, Camping on the Battenkill is more than just a destination; it's an experience that touches the hearts and souls of all who visit. Its unique combination of natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and warm hospitality make it the perfect choice for McAllen residents seeking a memorable getaway. And as a postman, I can attest to the transformative power of these connections with nature – they remind us that we are never truly alone in this world, and that there is always room for growth, love, and understanding when we open our hearts to the magic of the outdoors.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-07-09 by Karter O'connor

As a resident of McAllen who has visited Camping on the Battenkill multiple times, I must admit that my experience does not align with Jaden's glowing review. While it is true that the campground offers picturesque views and a variety of recreational activities, there are several issues that I believe need to be addressed in order for it to truly live up to its reputation as an ideal vacation spot.
Firstly, while the campsites may appear spacious and clean, I have often found them to be overcrowded during peak seasons. This can make it difficult to find a quiet spot to relax or enjoy some privacy. Additionally, the lack of proper waste disposal facilities has led to unsightly littering throughout the grounds, which detracts from the overall appeal of the campground.
Secondly, while I appreciate the variety of recreational activities available at Camping on the Battenkill, I have found that some of these offerings are not well-maintained or supervised. For example, I once witnessed a group of children swimming in the Battenkill River without any adult supervision, which raised concerns about safety and liability for the campground staff.
Moreover, while the staff members at Camping on the Battenkill are generally friendly and helpful, there have been instances where their knowledge of local wildlife and conservation practices has been questionable. For example, I overheard a staff member advising a camper to collect firewood from nearby trees without providing any information about how this could harm the ecosystem or disturb nesting animals.
Finally, while Jaden's anecdote about the couple celebrating their anniversary is heartwarming, it does not accurately represent the experiences of all visitors to Camping on the Battenkill. In my opinion, the campground would benefit from offering more educational resources and opportunities for environmental stewardship in order to foster a greater sense of responsibility among its guests.
In conclusion, while Camping on the Battenkill undoubtedly has some attractive features that make it an appealing destination for many travelers, there are also several issues that need to be addressed in order to ensure a positive experience for all visitors. By addressing these concerns and investing in improved facilities and educational programming, the campground can continue to grow and evolve as a premier destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-08-11 by Wesley

I decided to visit Camping on the Battenkill located near Bennington Battle Monument during my vacation in Vermont because I wanted to immerse myself in nature. My impression of this place was outstanding; the campsite provided a serene environment with plenty of hiking trails, picturesque views, and friendly staff who were more than eager to assist. Overall, it exceeded all expectations!

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-09-20 by Henry Livingston

Oh boy, oh boy! Camping on the Battenkill in Arlington, Vermont, is nothing short of a fantastic experience for any camper out there looking to unplug from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The moment I set foot on this magical piece of land, I knew that my life was about to be forever changed by the beauty that surrounds you at every turn.
Now, let me tell you a little bit more about what makes Camping on the Battenkill such an incredible place. First off, the staff here is absolutely out of this world! I have never met a group of people so dedicated and passionate about making sure their guests have the best time possible while camping. And believe me, they do everything in their power to make that happen.
Now, let's talk about appearances. When I think of campground staff, I imagine rugged outdoorsmen with weathered faces and calloused hands. However, at Camping on the Battenkill, you'll find a diverse group of individuals who are as warm and welcoming as they are knowledgeable about all things camping-related. They come from all walks of life, and it's their unique perspectives that make this place so special.
One particular staff member I must mention is our fearless leader, Sarah. She has a contagious energy that instantly puts everyone at ease. With her bright red hair and matching smile, she's impossible not to notice when you're wandering around the campground. Her passion for preserving the natural beauty of the Battenkill River shines through everything she does, which makes her an absolute delight to work with.
Then there are the campers themselves! Oh boy, do they ever come in all shapes and sizes. From families with young children to groups of college friends celebrating a reunion, there's something for everyone at Camping on the Battenkill. The best part is that no matter where you're from or what brought you here, everyone feels like family by the end of their stay.
Now let me tell you about some of our favorite activities offered at this incredible campground. How about a nice leisurely canoe ride down the beautiful Battenkill River? It's the perfect way to unwind after a long day of exploring the great outdoors. Or perhaps you prefer something more adventurous, like hiking one of the many nearby trails that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.
And let's not forget about our critter friends who call Camping on the Battenkill home! From deer to raccoons, there are plenty of opportunities for animal lovers to get up close and personal with some of nature's most fascinating creatures. Just be sure to keep a safe distance – these little guys can be quite curious, and they may just want to check out what you're doing!
In conclusion, Camping on the Battenkill is a truly unforgettable experience that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an escape from reality. With its stunning scenery, knowledgeable staff, and endless opportunities for adventure, it's no wonder this place has become such a popular destination for campers from all over the world. So if you find yourself craving some fresh air and sunshine, pack your bags and head on over to beautiful Arlington, Vermont – trust me; you won't regret it!

1770 Camping Ground And Beachcombers Cafe

641 Captain Cook Dr, Seventeen Seventy QLD 4677, Australia

GPS : -24.1620912, 151.8850369

Users reviews of 1770 Camping Ground And Beachcombers Cafe Cairns

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