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Great outdoor adventures in the wild of Fullerton.

If you are going for vacation into Fullerton and you choose to stay in a camping make sure that you are well organized. If you are in Mesa Campground there should be a garbage cans but you should always have a lantern in your bag.

Campsite must have in the Fullerton

If you looking for a campground with cooker you can check Mesa Campground located at 14651 Cedar Cir, Hesperia, CA 92345, United States with is only 82.18 kilometers away from Highway West Vacations located at 2082 Michelson Dr, Irvine, CA 92612, United States. Those camping pitch are equipped with picnic table and picnic table.

Amazing camping in Fullerton 

Bring a snack to share. Camping at Fullerton is a great way to explore the park without spending hours in a crowded park. Fullerton is also an amazing location for camping in the wintertime.

If you are a camping enthusiast you will love camping at Fullerton and if you are a full time college student you will love exploring the park and having fun outdoors.

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Why you should never trust strangers in Fullerton

Almost every partner on Musch Hike In Camp campsite knows a story about a boy from Los Angeles who lost a flashlight. This seemingly insignificant event gave rise to a series of events that are very famous in the every campsite in Fullerton, especially on the Rolling M Ranch Campground campsite.

In a single evening, two people were lost. A couple campers and two full-grown men were wandering the hills of Fullerton looking for someone when they noticed a flashlight hanging outside.

They thought it might be a signal and proceeded to follow it. At the end of the path it turned and led to a cabin in the hills of musch hike in camp. The owner of the cabin came outside to see what was going on. The men said, "This is the light you have been looking for!".

Some of you may have read about this on another post and heard about the Fullerton Bigfoot. I've seen it in person, but I wasn't there for the entire story. The story has been told and re-told over the next two weeks and the legend has evolved over time as well.

They were camping, but for the majority of the night they were hiking up and down the hills and the river The group that found the light was not from Fullerton but rather from the San Gabriel valley. It was a local group that decided to stop and have some fun after a long hike. This is where things got a bit weird.

The group with the flashlight approached the cabin and started to bang on the door. At first they thought something was wrong with the door so they were making lots of noise to try and get the man to answer. That would have worked but when he walked through the front door he looked like an absolute mess.

He wasn’t wet and was covered in leaves. There were no branches to speak of on his body. The local group didn’t have the skills to get out of the man any better, even though they were not looking like themselves as if they were drunk.

They decided to stop banging on the door and to keep on walking. The local group had to leave the trailhead and go back on the main trail and it was well after midnight that the couple was found the next day.

I know it’s only a few miles away from home but the main trail is not very well marked. It’s possible that somebody could think it’s a main trail with the amount of water traffic.

On the other side of the river, people thought they found some tracks. Couple found dead in San Gabriel Mountains. The sheriff’s department took the photos and the couple was never seen again. 

Anaheim Harbor RV Park

1009 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805, United States

GPS : 33.8200454, -117.9158087

Users reviews of Anaheim Harbor RV Park Fullerton

Anaheim RV Park

200 W Midway Dr, Anaheim, CA 92805, United States

GPS : 33.81243, -117.907494

Users reviews of Anaheim RV Park Fullerton

Crystal Cove State Park Moro Campground

8471 N Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, United States

GPS : 33.5626438, -117.8227838

Users reviews of Crystal Cove State Park Moro Campground Fullerton

Sunset Vista RV Park

103 PCH, Huntington Beach, CA 92648, United States

GPS : 33.655165, -118.0001729

Users reviews of Sunset Vista RV Park Fullerton

Canyon RV Park

24001 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd, Anaheim, CA 92808, United States

GPS : 33.8681796, -117.7145898

Users reviews of Canyon RV Park Fullerton

Los Angeles / Pomona / Fairplex KOA

2200 N White Ave, Pomona, CA 91768, United States

GPS : 34.08956, -117.762926

Users reviews of Los Angeles / Pomona / Fairplex KOA Fullerton

East Shore RV Park Community Room

1440 Camper View Rd, San Dimas, CA 91773, United States

GPS : 34.0854707, -117.7941851

Users reviews of East Shore RV Park Community Room Fullerton

Camp Williams Resort

24210 E Fork Rd, Azusa, CA 91702, United States

GPS : 34.2322971, -117.7909204

Users reviews of Camp Williams Resort Fullerton

Firestone Scout Reservation

19001 Tonner Canyon Rd, Brea, CA 92821, United States

GPS : 33.9474961, -117.8417075

Users reviews of Firestone Scout Reservation Fullerton

Prado Regional Park

16700 Euclid Ave, Chino, CA 91708, United States

GPS : 33.946992, -117.651001

Users reviews of Prado Regional Park Fullerton

Highway West Vacations

2082 Michelson Dr, Irvine, CA 92612, United States

GPS : 33.6766343, -117.8586883

Users reviews of Highway West Vacations Fullerton

San Mateo Campground

830 Cristianitos Rd, San Clemente, CA 92672, United States

GPS : 33.4051135, -117.584567

Users reviews of San Mateo Campground Fullerton

South Carlsbad State Beach Campground

7201 Carlsbad Blvd, Carlsbad, CA 92008, United States

GPS : 33.1013032, -117.3186931

Users reviews of South Carlsbad State Beach Campground Fullerton

Folsom Lake SRA, Peninsula Campground

7980 Rattlesnake Bar Rd, Pilot Hill, CA 95664, United States

GPS : 38.7695126, -121.1022929

Users reviews of Folsom Lake SRA, Peninsula Campground Fullerton

Acton / Los Angeles North KOA

7601 Soledad Canyon Rd, Acton, CA 93510, United States

GPS : 34.4384291, -118.264938

Users reviews of Acton / Los Angeles North KOA Fullerton

Musch Hike In Camp

Topanga, CA 90290, United States

GPS : 34.1029862, -118.5838368

Users reviews of Musch Hike In Camp Fullerton

Rolling M Ranch Campground

Chino Hills, CA 91709, United States

GPS : 33.9232988, -117.7075334

Users reviews of Rolling M Ranch Campground Fullerton

Orangeland RV Park

1600 West Stuck Avenue, Orange, CA 92867, United States

GPS : 33.805222, -117.869367

Users reviews of Orangeland RV Park Fullerton

Mesa Campground

14651 Cedar Cir, Hesperia, CA 92345, United States

GPS : 34.2833402, -117.3493992

Users reviews of Mesa Campground Fullerton

Dockweiler RV Park

12001 Vista Del Mar, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293, United States

GPS : 33.927058, -118.434244

Users reviews of Dockweiler RV Park Fullerton

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