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Nothing is better than recreation in the wild outside Rostock. If you are a fan of camping read carefully those informations. Places like Ferienpark Markgrafenheide usually are equipped with electricity but painkillers must be always with you.

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In the neighborhood of the Rostock you can find Ferienpark Markgrafenheide located at Budentannenweg 2, 18146 Rostock, Germany with is 45.21 km away from MÖWE Campingplatz Betriebsgesellschaft e.K. located at Zeltpl. 1A, 23974 Boiensdorf, Germany. There shouldn't be a problem with garbage cans or cooker.

One of the best campsites in Rostock

Rostock camping on the Ruhr-Rohling-Roserwald Bilderweg . In the Ruhr valley is a great campground in an old village. There are many different kinds of waterfalls and from all the main rivers in Germany. If you come to the river in the summer it would not be worth it! Camping at Rottlügel Rottlügel.

The old town of Rottlügel in the Ruhr valley is one of the best campsites in the city. The city was founded in 1472, and it has grown over a hundred and fifty years.

During this time it has been home to around 2,000 people. It also has great attractions such as a museum and a museum of natural history. You can take your dog along the mountain trails for a ride. At weekends the town attracts people from all over the world to take a stroll or a short excursion.

The village has a very good restaurant, which serves very delicious meals and is very well organized with many shops. There is one good hotel on the town outskirts. It is a modern, modern hotel. The hotel was designed by the architect Peter Wirth who also designed the Ruhr valley campgrounds. They are well equipped

Bilderweg-Erwastel 1. In the Ruhr valley is a great campground. In the morning you can take a stroll up the mountain trails and come out to the campground at the Ruhr. The campground is well known for its camping on the river Ruhr in the morning and on weekends you can camp on the river in the afternoon.

The river at the campground runs with water for almost a mile (there are plenty of pools). At the campground there is even a small restaurant that serves food from the waterfalls on the river. 

Exploring caves near Rostock

 In the area of Rostock you can find a lot of caves. You can leave your camper near by and explore them with your friends. Campsites have maps of caves that are safe and easy to explore without professional assistance.

Despite caves and waterfalls - Rostock is a place that is worth seeing. Here lies the famous sea church of the city of Rostock. There are lots of caves in the area: the Rostock caves, the Eisfraenke caves of the Wiehengebirge.

These were created at different times. In Rostock, you can find good campgrounds where one can camp. This is not a great choice due to the high prices (as of 2021, each camper costs approx. €30) but the landscape is outstanding. One can enjoy the area together with friends and explore the caves at any time.

Verband für Camping- und Wohnmobiltourismus in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V.

Konrad-Zuse-Straße 2, 18057 Rostock, Germany

GPS : 54.0937915, 12.1085526

Users reviews of Verband für Camping- und Wohnmobiltourismus in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V. Rostock

Baltic Freizeit GmbH

Budentannenweg 2, 18146 Rostock, Germany

GPS : 54.1944233, 12.1554564

Users reviews of Baltic Freizeit GmbH Rostock

Ferienpark Markgrafenheide

Budentannenweg 2, 18146 Rostock, Germany

GPS : 54.198072, 12.1504639

Users reviews of Ferienpark Markgrafenheide Rostock

Camping Ostsee - Campingpark Rerik

Str. am Zeltpl. 8, 18230 Rerik, Germany

GPS : 54.113306, 11.6305679

Users reviews of Camping Ostsee - Campingpark Rerik Rostock

Campingpark Kühlungsborn - topcamping

Waldstraße 1B, 18225 Kühlungsborn, Germany

GPS : 54.1512783, 11.7195649

Users reviews of Campingpark Kühlungsborn - topcamping Rostock

Ferien-Camp Börgerende

Deichstraße 16, 18211 Börgerende-Rethwisch, Germany

GPS : 54.15201, 11.901164

Users reviews of Ferien-Camp Börgerende Rostock

Ostseecamp Seeblick Lange u. Pönitz OHG

Meschendorfer Weg 3B, 18230 Rerik, Germany

GPS : 54.1290286, 11.6450321

Users reviews of Ostseecamp Seeblick Lange u. Pönitz OHG Rostock

Campingplatz an den Stranddünen Ennen e.K.

Waldweg 5, 18347 Dierhagen, Germany

GPS : 54.30453, 12.34777

Users reviews of Campingplatz an den Stranddünen Ennen e.K. Rostock

Camping in Neuhaus

Birkenallee 10, 18347 Dierhagen, Germany

GPS : 54.281712, 12.31255

Users reviews of Camping in Neuhaus Rostock

OstseeCamp Dierhagen GbR

Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Straße 1, 18347 Ostseebad Dierhagen Strand, Germany

GPS : 54.2915329, 12.3435742

Users reviews of OstseeCamp Dierhagen GbR Rostock

Sandgarten-Camp Verwaltungsgesell. mbH

Sandgarten 17, 18258 Schwaan, Germany

GPS : 53.92381, 12.10699

Users reviews of Sandgarten-Camp Verwaltungsgesell. mbH Rostock

Caravaning North OHG

Rabenhorster Damm 3, 18211 Admannshagen-Bargeshagen, Germany

GPS : 54.11235, 11.97235

Users reviews of Caravaning North OHG Rostock

Ostseecamping Am Salzhaff

Seeweg 1, 18233 Am Salzhaff, Germany

GPS : 54.037806, 11.5850505

Users reviews of Ostseecamping Am Salzhaff Rostock

Ostseecamping Ferienpark Zierow KG

Strandstraße 19C, 23968 Zierow, Germany

GPS : 53.93475, 11.37196

Users reviews of Ostseecamping Ferienpark Zierow KG Rostock

Ostseecamp Rostocker Heide

Wiedortschneise 1, 18181 Graal-Müritz, Germany

GPS : 54.244562, 12.211947

Users reviews of Ostseecamp Rostocker Heide Rostock

Campingplatz "Am Freesenbruch" Zingst

Am Bahndamm 1, 18374 Zingst, Germany

GPS : 54.440659, 12.66045

Users reviews of Campingplatz "Am Freesenbruch" Zingst Rostock

See-Camping Neukloster

Bützower Str. 27A, 23992 Neukloster, Germany

GPS : 53.8657487, 11.6977731

Users reviews of See-Camping Neukloster Rostock

MÖWE Campingplatz Betriebsgesellschaft e.K.

Zeltpl. 1A, 23974 Boiensdorf, Germany

GPS : 54.0280875, 11.5201512

Users reviews of MÖWE Campingplatz Betriebsgesellschaft e.K. Rostock

Baltic Leisure GmbH

Budentannenweg 2, 18146 Rostock, Germany

GPS : 54.198072, 12.1504639

Users reviews of Baltic Leisure GmbH Rostock

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