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If you are going for vacation into Reims and you choose to stay in a camping make sure that you are prepared. If you choose to stay on CLC Reims Loisirs or Camping au Bord de l'Aisne which is 20.03 kilometers away however always pay attention have water with you.

Campsite must have in the Reims

If you looking for a campground with picnic table you can check CLC Reims Loisirs located at Route de Soissons, 51430 Tinqueux, France with is only 20.03 kilometers away from Camping au Bord de l'Aisne located at 14 Rue des Godins, 02190 Guignicourt, France. Those camping pitch are equipped with dish water and garbage cans.

Before you visit camping in Reims - everything you should now

If you are on the road you have to stay with the family at Camp de la Maison on the other hand you may have to stay out in the open! In this article we will look at the most important things to note when looking for a camping spot in Reims, from a distance, and you will also learn about what the best places to sleep are and what your tent is recommended to be, or what the weather conditions are like in general.

The first thing we need to make sure that we are looking for and that we are in a perfect spot if we intend to stay, is to check the availability of outdoor spaces.

For a very detailed guide to camping and what is needed for that we recommend: Camping in Reims The most important thing to do, when you're planning to camp in Reims is to understand how to best get and stay.

If you want to sleep in Reims in your own trailer or camper then you should know about the most important things that should be checked, like, where is it safe to stay or if the tent is the right kind (e.g. large one, small or medium for small person)?

Alternatively you can use ordinary car and take a tent with you. You can simply pack it into daily car and be a guest on a camping without camper.

It is not so fancy like own camper but people of campsite will also like you as long as you won't be rude and noisy.

So if you decide to choose a tent over a camper or trailer, check the following stuff:

  • How do you plan to sleep in a tent?
  • Do you have the tent with you?
  • Can the tent be moved, changed or even turned upside down?

For further reading on camping here the very useful book Camping In Reims, is published by R.P.C.S. and is a must read for anyone who wants to camp on the outskirts of Paris. This is because Paris is very specific place and people there have different point of view and life values.

In case of GPS malfunction you should be equipped lots of maps and pictures of the area. You can buy them on campsite and the prices for all the maps are very reasonable.

If you use GPS navigation in the car - it is worth asking for a map update to the latest version. Most of the built-in navigation systems in cars do not have an internet connection so you have to do it yourself.

I recommend this video tutorial on updating map software in the car.

If you go camping around Reims you will most definitely encounter many people. But this doesn't necessarily mean that you will get in touch with them, or find out what you should eat, or what you should wear!

If you do get in touch with them for a campfire it's important, because people will often ask you questions about where are you from, where are you heading or what do you do for living.

They are just curious so please be nice to them.

The site we visited last year was very clean, well kept and tidy. The park was very quiet and not too far from the main shopping area. The bathroom was very well stocked and the shower was good quality. The bedroom was very spacious and the bed very comfortable.

Diane and Matt were very welcoming and helpful. They gave us very good tips for our time in the area and were very helpful when we needed anything.

Our adventures in Reims campsite


My father who is doctor was traveling with us to the campsite. I was in shock to see my mom cry and shout at Dr. P. I cannot remember anything that happened next but somehow I managed to open the car door and fall out of the vehicle.

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Good luck! I

CLC Reims Loisirs

Route de Soissons, 51430 Tinqueux, France

GPS : 49.2518934, 3.9794867000001

Users reviews of CLC Reims Loisirs Reims

Camping Val-de-Vesle

8 Le Routoir, 51360 Val-de-Vesle, France

GPS : 49.167348, 4.214228

Users reviews of Camping Val-de-Vesle Reims

Camping au Bord de l'Aisne

14 Rue des Godins, 02190 Guignicourt, France

GPS : 49.431979, 3.970377

Users reviews of Camping au Bord de l'Aisne Reims

Camping Municipal

Allée de Cumières, 51200 Épernay, France

GPS : 49.057522, 3.9499579

Users reviews of Camping Municipal Reims

Camping Municipal

Allée des Missions, 51170 Fismes, France

GPS : 49.3098691, 3.672748

Users reviews of Camping Municipal Reims

Camping de Chalons en Champagne **** - Aquadis Loisirs

Rue de Plaisance, 51000 Châlons-en-Champagne, France

GPS : 48.9351184, 4.3828798

Users reviews of Camping de Chalons en Champagne **** - Aquadis Loisirs Reims

Camping Municipal Olivia

Chemin de la Prairie de Vincelles, 51700 Dormans, France

GPS : 49.0776285, 3.6370414

Users reviews of Camping Municipal Olivia Reims

Camping de la pointe

5 Rue de Moulins, 02160 Bourg-et-Comin, France

GPS : 49.3981294, 3.6615019

Users reviews of Camping de la pointe Reims

Camping La Chênaie

Allée de la Chênaie, 02000 Laon, France

GPS : 49.5629478, 3.5944276

Users reviews of Camping La Chênaie Reims

Camping Du Pavillon

Camping du Pavillon, 08380 La Neuville-aux-Joûtes, France

GPS : 49.9192319, 4.2502247

Users reviews of Camping Du Pavillon Reims

Camping Le Vallage

38 Chemin de l'Assaut, 08130 Attigny, France

GPS : 49.4839755, 4.5756096

Users reviews of Camping Le Vallage Reims

Camping du Lac

5 Le Moulinet, 02000 Monampteuil, France

GPS : 49.4703337, 3.5542942

Users reviews of Camping du Lac Reims

Camping d'Haulme

08800 Haulmé, France

GPS : 49.8556444, 4.7964147

Users reviews of Camping d'Haulme Reims

Camping Municipal Du Marais De La Fontaine

Rue Vauban, 02800 La Fère, France

GPS : 49.6661644, 3.3623216999999

Users reviews of Camping Municipal Du Marais De La Fontaine Reims

Du Port de Plaisance

Route de Paris, 80200 Péronne, France

GPS : 49.9175621, 2.9325883

Users reviews of Du Port de Plaisance Reims

Camping La Halte de Mainville

18 Rue du Routy, 02290 Ressons-le-Long, France

GPS : 49.3911284, 3.1536251

Users reviews of Camping La Halte de Mainville Reims

Le Domaine de la Nature

Lieu-dit Pont de Vailly, Chemin de Bourfaud, 02370 Presles-et-Boves, France

GPS : 49.4019488, 3.5127305

Users reviews of Le Domaine de la Nature Reims

Camping La Samaritaine ***

3 Allée des Étangs, 08240 Buzancy, France

GPS : 49.426139, 4.940124

Users reviews of Camping La Samaritaine *** Reims

Camping municipal Frette

Rue de la Prairie, 02700 Tergnier, France

GPS : 49.6485389, 3.3119435

Users reviews of Camping municipal Frette Reims

Camping de la Croix du Vieux Pont

40 Rue de Fontenoy, 02290 Vic-sur-Aisne, France

GPS : 49.4060011, 3.1228132

Users reviews of Camping de la Croix du Vieux Pont Reims

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