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Where to spend night in a tent in Lille ?

If you love camping and want to stay in your tent around the Lille make sure that you are prepared. If you choose to stay on Camping Municipal or The Mansion *** which is 27.02 kilometers away but as any good prepper you should have a tent in your EDC.

The cheapest camping pitch outside Lille

In the neighborhood of the Lille you can find The Mansion *** located at 905 Rue de Beaumetz, 59310 Saméon, France with is 32.49 kilometers away from Camping Les Ramiers located at 1 Chemin des Ramiers, 59910 Bondues, France. Please contact with Mateo Huber if you have any trouble with your stay.

Camping close to nature in Lille

Otter is located next to the hotel next to a few of the main roads, like the one with a bridge over the Gneiss. It´s the best choice for any prepper that wants to keep in touch to see what's going on. You can also try the campfire. You are able to find that in the campfire area next to the river. The best option to stay in your tent at night is just to get the tent from the hostel.

When you are ready to move out at night from the hostel, you can take your tent to The Mansion where you can find the tent. You are able to sleep on top of the bed, or at least on one side and sleep the other side.

The hostel is in the park in front of the hotel. If you choose you have two options, you can rent the tent and then find a shelter somewhere in Camping Municipal but this is not always advisable due to the high traffic and the security issues. If you have the money, you should rent the tent and you will have a place inside of the Camping Municipal.

The most visited campigs in Lille

The first campfire site in Camping Municipal is near to the riverbank in The Mansion where you are able to sleep on top of the bed for a couple of nights.

The most important thing at the hostel is to get a shower and a toilet. There are plenty of places to urinate. You can also wash your clothes. The hostel is very clean but you should be careful because of the large amount of people and the security concerns that are there. If you have a good plan you can sleep and rest there in Camping Municipal for only 1-2 days at the start of the month, which is not enough time to get ready for any survival related activities. For the first few weeks of the summer you don't want to stay outside at night, but stay inside in the tent if you choose.

Camping Les Ramiers

1 Chemin des Ramiers, 59910 Bondues, France

GPS : 50.7002361, 3.0760538

Users reviews of Camping Les Ramiers Lille

Camping Pont Charlet

35 Ruelle de la Blanche, 59116 Houplines, France

GPS : 50.677639, 2.931723

Users reviews of Camping Pont Charlet Lille

Camping Du Grand Sart

Chemin Grand Sart, 59262 Sainghin-en-Mélantois, France

GPS : 50.5684351, 3.1753334

Users reviews of Camping Du Grand Sart Lille

Campsites Alouettes and the Image

140 Rue Brune, 59116 Houplines, France

GPS : 50.687911, 2.9325

Users reviews of Campsites Alouettes and the Image Lille

Le Camp des Roses

60 Rue Basse, 59249 Aubers, France

GPS : 50.5968927, 2.8196769

Users reviews of Le Camp des Roses Lille

Camping Les Peupliers

1 Rue des Bassières, 62840 Fleurbaix, France

GPS : 50.6360908, 2.8331798

Users reviews of Camping Les Peupliers Lille

Camping du Mont Noir

2810 Route du Parc, 59270 Saint-Jans-Cappel, France

GPS : 50.7780858, 2.7362662

Users reviews of Camping du Mont Noir Lille

Camping Jeugdstadion

Bolwerkstraat 1, 8900 Ieper, Belgium

GPS : 50.8469091, 2.8973035

Users reviews of Camping Jeugdstadion Lille

Camping De L'Orient

Rue Jean-Baptiste Moens 8, 7500 Tournai, Belgium

GPS : 50.5999156, 3.4135287

Users reviews of Camping De L'Orient Lille

Camping le Clos Fleuri

375 Rue Verte, 59310 Faumont, France

GPS : 50.4628452, 3.1210974000001

Users reviews of Camping le Clos Fleuri Lille

Camping La Paille Haute

145 Rue de Sailly, 62156 Boiry-Notre-Dame, France

GPS : 50.273365, 2.9484640000001

Users reviews of Camping La Paille Haute Lille

Camping Le Petit Clos

127 Chemin Tintin, 59226 Rumegies, France

GPS : 50.4851254, 3.3517904

Users reviews of Camping Le Petit Clos Lille

Camping Mont Des Bruyeres

806 Rue Basly, 59230 Saint-Amand-les-Eaux, France

GPS : 50.4346561, 3.4632369999999

Users reviews of Camping Mont Des Bruyeres Lille

Camping Domaine des Poteries

Rue des Poteries, 59158 Flines-lès-Mortagne, France

GPS : 50.503323, 3.4763780000001

Users reviews of Camping Domaine des Poteries Lille

The Mansion ***

905 Rue de Beaumetz, 59310 Saméon, France

GPS : 50.46295, 3.344825

Users reviews of The Mansion *** Lille

Camping Aux Roubaisiens

A l'Abbaye, RD 14, par RN 17 à 2 km, Oisy-le-verger, 62860, France

GPS : 50.2640629, 3.1379827000001

Users reviews of Camping Aux Roubaisiens Lille

Camping de la Vallée de l'Hogneau

rue du Moulin, vallée de l'Hogneau, Bellignies, 59570, France

GPS : 50.3286982, 3.7705525

Users reviews of Camping de la Vallée de l'Hogneau Lille

Camping Memling

Veltemweg 109, 8310 Brugge, Belgium

GPS : 51.2066499, 3.2624621

Users reviews of Camping Memling Lille


Boskouter 24, 9690 Kluisbergen, Belgium

GPS : 50.7625003, 3.4871904

Users reviews of Panorama Lille

Camping Municipal

Chemin des Biselles, 59151 Arleux, France

GPS : 50.2738014, 3.1056205

Users reviews of Camping Municipal Lille

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