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Recommended camping pitch the wild of Bordeaux.

If you are going for vacation into Bordeaux and you choose to stay in a camping you should read this tips & trick article. Places like Camping Le Coq Hardi usually are equipped with concrete pad for parking but lantern must be always with you.

The cheapest camping pitch outside Bordeaux

In the neighborhood of the Bordeaux you can find Camping Le Coq Hardi located at 3 Avenue de la République, 33138 Lanton, France with is 55.79 kilometers away from Camping Municipal La Citadelle located at La Citadelle, 33390 Blaye, France. There shouldn't be a problem with fence around campsite or flush toilet.

Best place on holidays - Bordeaux camping

Also, make it easy for people to find your camp because there are lots of them around. It should give them a feeling of security and it is very pleasant to come here. The area is also well developed and it is a must go for vacation into the valley.The valley is known for many different kinds of animals and birds which can be found here. The wild boar is the biggest bird species.

The wild boar usually come in big numbers but you have to be wary. If you see one, try to flee but remember that it's bigger and it will attack you. If you feel you will be attacked by boar then you are more likely to die. When you are afraid, walk or ride your bike and watch your back.

The only thing you should do is to watch the ground where you are going which is called the 'trail'.If you don't have a bike, there is always a bike share on the main road leading up from Le Coq.

You can find one and also ride them on their own but please do bear in mind that this can be dangerous. The bike share has been known to not be very reliable so be prepared for accidents if you do get into an accident. The place is full of cafes where you can find food for people.

If you prefer to eat more local cuisine, you can head back and eat at some of the other cafes that I mentioned.The place that makes me sad most is the old village that has a lot of trees.

I don't want to make any assumptions about what is inside the forest but as it's so small you can only see one side. I have found it interesting and interesting to see how they keep the forest alive. 

Village du Lac - Camping de Bordeaux

Boulevard Jacques Chaban-Delmas, 33520 Bruges, France

GPS : 44.897787, -0.58265600000004

Users reviews of Village du Lac - Camping de Bordeaux Bordeaux

Camping Caravaning Beau Soleil

371 Cours du Général de Gaulle, 33170 Gradignan, France

GPS : 44.7557494, -0.62835399999994

Users reviews of Camping Caravaning Beau Soleil Bordeaux

Camping Bel-Air

150 Route Départementale 671, 33670 Sadirac, France

GPS : 44.7839452, -0.37077539999996

Users reviews of Camping Bel-Air Bordeaux

Oceans Camping Carcans

1 rue du Camping, 33121 Carcans, France

GPS : 45.0872311, -1.184657

Users reviews of Oceans Camping Carcans Bordeaux

Camping de la Citadelle

2 Quai des Chantiers, 33710 Bourg, France

GPS : 45.0386957, -0.56220180000003

Users reviews of Camping de la Citadelle Bordeaux

Camping Le Coq Hardi

3 Avenue de la République, 33138 Lanton, France

GPS : 44.7121939, -1.0597881

Users reviews of Camping Le Coq Hardi Bordeaux

Camping La Barbanne

2 Les Combes, 33330 Saint-Émilion, France

GPS : 44.9171625, -0.14368400000001

Users reviews of Camping La Barbanne Bordeaux

Camping de la Dune Bleue

Camping de la Dune Bleue, Domaine de Bombannes, 33121 Carcans, France

GPS : 45.103032, -1.148071

Users reviews of Camping de la Dune Bleue Bordeaux

Camping Braou

26 Route de Bordeaux, 33980 Audenge, France

GPS : 44.684168, -1.004474

Users reviews of Camping Braou Bordeaux

Camping Fontaine Vieille

4 Boulevard du Colonel Wurtz, 33510 Andernos-les-Bains, France

GPS : 44.725125, -1.0794490000001

Users reviews of Camping Fontaine Vieille Bordeaux

Camping Municipal Gabarreys

Route de la Rivière, 33250 Pauillac, France

GPS : 45.18524, -0.74229100000002

Users reviews of Camping Municipal Gabarreys Bordeaux

Yelloh! Saint-Emilion

2 Les Combes, 33330 Saint-Émilion, France

GPS : 44.916959, -0.14152899999999

Users reviews of Yelloh! Saint-Emilion Bordeaux

Camping Les Goëlands

Avenue de la Libération, 33740 Arès, France

GPS : 44.7569006, -1.1217233

Users reviews of Camping Les Goëlands Bordeaux

Camping Municipal La Citadelle

La Citadelle, 33390 Blaye, France

GPS : 45.1294269, -0.66606820000004

Users reviews of Camping Municipal La Citadelle Bordeaux

Camping Yelloh ! Village Les Grands Pins

Plage Nord, 33680 Lacanau, France

GPS : 45.0118919, -1.1943487

Users reviews of Camping Yelloh ! Village Les Grands Pins Bordeaux

Camping Municipal La Grigne

35 Avenue de l'Océan, 33680 Le Porge, France

GPS : 44.8935779, -1.2033841

Users reviews of Camping Municipal La Grigne Bordeaux


5 Allée de la Galaxie, 33120 Arcachon, France

GPS : 44.651161, -1.1732939999999

Users reviews of CAMPING CLUB ARCACHON * * * * Bordeaux

Camping du Vieux Château

6 Blabot-Bas, 33420 Rauzan, France

GPS : 44.78243, -0.12700100000006

Users reviews of Camping du Vieux Château Bordeaux

LODGING LE LAC - Camping Lacanau Lac du Moutchic

30 Avenue de la Plage, 33680 Lacanau, France

GPS : 45.003445, -1.130214

Users reviews of LODGING LE LAC - Camping Lacanau Lac du Moutchic Bordeaux

Camping Bilos

37 Route de Bilos, 33770 Salles, France

GPS : 44.52014, -0.89693899999997

Users reviews of Camping Bilos Bordeaux

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