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Nothing is better than recreation in the wild outside Killeen. If you are a fan of camping make sure that you are prepared. If you choose to stay on Fredericksburg, Texas KOA or Sherwood Forest Faire Camping Entrance which is 156.9 km away but as survivalist claims you should always have a knife inside your bag.

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If you looking for a campground with flush toilet you can check Fredericksburg, Texas KOA located at 5681 East US Highway 290, Fredericksburg, TX 78624, United States with is only 156.9 kilometers away from Sherwood Forest Faire Camping Entrance located at 3106 US-290, Paige, TX 78659, United States. There shouldn't be a problem with electricity or wood for campfire.

Best campings in Killeen 

It took me a long time to get to this camping and the campground itself is located in a forest area. A few of the campsites. Some of the places you can camp.  It is not easy to get to the campground itself because of the way it is built. 

It is in a forest on a lake with lots of trees. I am not the best person in the world to make these kinds of decisions so I would like to make a comment here. 

The people that are going to spend more money are the people that are more confident about spending more money. The more confident you are with your budget the more you will spend when it comes to spending your money.

For this reason I can tell you that I am a bit skeptical about what I have purchased, I do not see how I could spend $1.3 million for camping in the middle of summer in the middle of a drought.

What should I take to campsite

If, like us, you are a fan of wildlife and you love to spend your vacation in campsites or in the bush - you should never underestimate wildlife. As a warning, let the story of my friend from the army serve as a warning, when he once went to sleep in the mountains with a tent.

One night he forgot to hide the leftover food and his camp was attacked by foxes that trying to get food.

If you want a great experience, read a book about people that live in the wilds, even it is not a novel (but it is not that different to a novel as the plot might be a bit different), so you can learn more about wild nature of such remote places and you will love those places even more.

It could be just a coincidence, but the other (non fictional) accounts are all from the same person (Mountain Home, ID) on the same mountain (Rainier Mtn, WA) - on different trips - starting at about the time the first sighting was noted. 

While they were there, he put out a bucket of smelt .. and no trout. He had the bucket back on the floor as he put his keys back in his pocket. This was a big deal to him. He stood there looking at his keys.

In his hand they had a lot of feeling. It's a fishhook." John walked over to the little brown trout and sat down. It seemed real and familiar to him, he'd seen one a few months before in a brook near the old mill.

His dad caught him with one of those fishhooks, but the trout had been too quick for him. John held the fish up, he was thinking about holding it like his dad had taught him.

The fish seemed real when he held it, the only missing thing was the little hook. "So why are you looking for this fish?'' asked Tom. John looked in his hand and said, "I thought it might be interesting.

Dana Peak Park

3800 Comanche Gap Rd, Harker Heights, TX 76548, United States

GPS : 31.0372087, -97.6255807

Users reviews of Dana Peak Park Killeen

Parrie Haynes Equestrian Center

13816 Maxdale Rd, Killeen, TX 76549, United States

GPS : 31.0177292, -97.811136

Users reviews of Parrie Haynes Equestrian Center Killeen

Union Grove Park

8680 Union Grove Ln, Salado, TX 76571, United States

GPS : 31.0081136, -97.6001663

Users reviews of Union Grove Park Killeen


Belton, TX 76513, United States

GPS : 31.1216667, -97.5191667

Users reviews of WESTCLIFF Killeen


4050 Simmons Rd, Belton, TX 76513, United States

GPS : 31.0366667, -97.5344444

Users reviews of Stillhouse Killeen


Cedar Ridge Park Rd, Temple, TX 76502, United States

GPS : 31.1696389, -97.4436333

Users reviews of CEDAR RIDGE (TX) Killeen

Jim Hogg Park

500 Jim Hogg Rd, Georgetown, TX 78633, United States

GPS : 30.6867839, -97.7465049

Users reviews of Jim Hogg Park Killeen

Midway Park

W Hwy 6, Waco, TX 76712, United States

GPS : 31.5243278, -97.2250127

Users reviews of Midway Park Killeen


Live Oak Ridge Park Dr, Belton, TX 76513, United States

GPS : 31.1163336, -97.4759428

Users reviews of LIVE OAK RIDGE Killeen

Sherwood Forest Faire Camping Entrance

3106 US-290, Paige, TX 78659, United States

GPS : 30.2252774, -97.1704047

Users reviews of Sherwood Forest Faire Camping Entrance Killeen

Leander / NW Austin KOA

2689 Hero Way, Leander, TX 78641, United States

GPS : 30.588053, -97.834049

Users reviews of Leander / NW Austin KOA Killeen

Tejas Park

Co Rd 258, Liberty Hill, TX 78642, United States

GPS : 30.6959444, -97.8271167

Users reviews of Tejas Park Killeen

Texas Renaissance Fair Camping

11282 County Rd 302, Plantersville, TX 77363, United States

GPS : 30.2682481, -95.8458464

Users reviews of Texas Renaissance Fair Camping Killeen

Bastrop / SE Austin / Colorado River KOA

98 Highway 71 West, Bastrop, TX 78602, United States

GPS : 30.104143, -97.324554

Users reviews of Bastrop / SE Austin / Colorado River KOA Killeen

Fredericksburg, Texas KOA

5681 East US Highway 290, Fredericksburg, TX 78624, United States

GPS : 30.224837, -98.803772

Users reviews of Fredericksburg, Texas KOA Killeen

Artillery Ridge Camping Resort

610 Taneytown Rd, Gettysburg, PA 17325, United States

GPS : 39.801519, -77.2259199

Users reviews of Artillery Ridge Camping Resort Killeen

Russel Park

2101 CR 262, Georgetown, TX 78633, United States

GPS : 30.6775, -97.7591667

Users reviews of Russel Park Killeen

US Army Corps of Engineers

3740 FM1670, Belton, TX 76513, United States

GPS : 31.0366802, -97.5269142

Users reviews of US Army Corps of Engineers Killeen

Hersheypark Camping Resort

1200 Sweet Street (formerly Matlack Road), Hummelstown, PA 17036, United States

GPS : 40.27193, -76.692809

Users reviews of Hersheypark Camping Resort Killeen

Old Forge Camping Resort

3347 NY-28, Old Forge, NY 13420, United States

GPS : 43.718214, -74.95799

Users reviews of Old Forge Camping Resort Killeen

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