Best campsite in Leeds UK

Best campsites for spend a holiday in Leeds UK.

If you are going for vacation into Leeds UK and you choose to stay in a camping don't forget about proper preparations. Make sure that your destination campground is equipped with food store.

The cheapest camping pitch outside Leeds UK

In the neighborhood of the Leeds UK you can find Boroughbridge Camping and Caravanning Club Site located at Bar Ln, Roecliffe YO51 9LS, United Kingdom with is 35.84 kilometers away from Dobrudden Caravan Park located at Baildon Moor, Shipley BD17 5EE, United Kingdom. Those camping pitch are equipped with piped potable water and piped potable water.

Best campgrounds in Leeds UK

You can find the best campsites and hostels for spending the holiday.The best campsites for a holiday camping in Leeds UKIf you are looking for the best camping and campgrounds in the city, look no further. Leeds has some of the best hostels of the city in addition to the best hotels and hostels. In case you are planning to stay in one of these hostels you must be prepared.

Make sure you get your camping equipment ready before you arrive at the hostel. You will have to make sure that you pack everything necessary to camp and stay in a place and during a certain time.Camping pitches in Leeds UKYou should be able to find the best campsites in the city for a holiday.

If you want to go camping and stay in one of the best campsites in Leeds, look out for the best camping facilities in the city. In case you are planning to camp in one of the hostels in the city, make sure that you take the required preparation.You can camp on the main road in the outskirts of Leeds. There are several camping sites in the outskirts of Leeds.The easiest way to camp in the outskirts of Leeds is to make a turn around. Make sure that you stay in the closest place of destination and make sure that you are in front of a hostel.

Recommended places in Leeds UK

The North Face Store Leeds

Victoria Quarter, 5 King Edward St, Leeds LS1 6AX, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.797823, -1.541696

Users reviews of The North Face Store Leeds Leeds UK

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-04-05 by Carter Justice

Ah, The North Face Store Leeds - the place where my heart skips a beat every time I think of it. It's been ages since my last solo camping trip, but that store still holds a special place in my heart. I remember stepping inside for the first time, feeling the rush of excitement as I gazed upon the endless rows of tents, sleeping bags, and other camping essentials. The scent of fresh canvas and sturdy nylon filled my nostrils, reminding me of countless nights spent under the stars. But it wasn't just the gear that drew me in - it was the people. The North Face Store Leeds is like a second home to me now, a place where I can escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse myself in the world of outdoor adventure. The staff there are all true believers, passionate about sharing their love for nature with anyone who walks through the door. They're always willing to lend a hand, whether it's helping you find the right pair of hiking boots or giving you advice on how to pitch your tent in the wind. And let me tell you, that store has seen some wild adventures over the years. I remember one time when I came in looking for a new backpack, and this grizzled old man started regaling me with tales of his own camping exploits. He'd been trekking through the Rockies for decades, surviving blizzards and bear attacks along the way. His stories were so vivid that I could almost smell the pine needles and feel the snow crunching beneath my feet. It was like stepping into another world altogether. But it wasn't just the old-timers who made a lasting impression on me - it was also the younger crowd, the ones just starting out on their own camping journeys. I remember one young woman in particular, struggling to carry her first tent out of the store. She looked like she was about to collapse from exhaustion, but then one of the staff members stepped in and offered to help her carry it to her car. It was a small gesture, but it spoke volumes about the spirit of camaraderie that permeates The North Face Store Leeds. Speaking of camaraderie, let me tell you about this crazy incident that happened at Carter Justice not too long ago. I wasn't there myself - I prefer to stay out of trouble - but I heard all about it from my friends who were. It seems that a couple had gotten into a heated argument in the middle of the store, with words turning into fists before you could say "camping trip gone wrong. The security team at Carter Justice had no choice but to intervene and break up the fight, which turned out to be quite the spectacle. I heard there were even some camping gear involved - talk about taking things to the extreme!

But through it all, I can't help feeling a sense of nostalgia for those simpler times when camping was just a way to escape the world and connect with nature. These days, it seems like everything is moving so fast that we forget to slow down and appreciate the little things. But at The North Face Store Leeds, they understand the importance of taking a deep breath and savoring the moment. That's why I keep coming back - because no matter how chaotic life gets, there's always a cozy corner of that store waiting for me to curl up in my sleeping bag and dream of distant horizons. In closing, I want to leave you with some food for thought as we contemplate the future of our planet. As US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen tours China, investors are grappling with the potential impact of tariffs on solar panel giants Longi Green Energy Technology Co. And BYD Co. EV exporters facing high US duties and local content requirements. Goldman Sachs economists warn of looming risks from excess production and cooling global growth beyond 2025. But amidst all the uncertainty, let's remember that there's always a way forward - as long as we're willing to embrace new technologies and work together towards a more sustainable future.

Esholt Sports & Leisure Club

Upper Mill Cottages, Esholt Ln, Esholt, Baildon BD17 7RN, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.856282, -1.731992

Users reviews of Esholt Sports & Leisure Club Leeds UK

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-05-18 by Kaden Potts

Last summer, I had the misfortune of staying at Esholt Sports & Leisure Club with my girlfriend, where we witnessed The Midnight Storm firsthand. It started out as a peaceful night, but suddenly, the sky turned a sickly green and the air grew thick with an oppressive energy that chilled me to the bone. We huddled together in our tent, praying for dawn to come, but it seemed like the darkness would never end. In the morning, we discovered that every other camper had vanished, leaving behind only empty tents and a trail of blood that led deep into the nearby forest. I still can't forget the sight of those twisted trees, their branches gnarled and twisted as if by some unseen force. As for advice to future campers at Esholt Sports & Leisure Club, I suggest packing a crucifix or two - and maybe skipping the midnight strolls altogether. Let's just say, that place has a way of turning even the bravest souls into quivering wrecks. As for the news today, it seems that farmers in India have banded together to create a powerful statement against corporate farming. Their film, Manthan, premiered at Cannes almost half a century after it was made, serving as a testament to their unwavering determination and perseverance. It's truly inspiring to see ordinary people come together to make a difference in the world. But as I sit here in my tent, listening to the eerie silence that has fallen over Esholt Sports & Leisure Club, I can't help but wonder if the same spirit of resilience and resistance could be harnessed against the unknown horrors that lurk in these woods. After all, sometimes it takes a little bit of bravery and ingenuity to fight back against the darkest of forces.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-06-20 by Miles Dawson

I must say that Kaden Potts' review is quite alarming. While his description of The Midnight Storm is certainly unsettling, I believe there could be another explanation for what happened last summer. Perhaps there was a natural disaster or an unusual weather phenomenon that caused the camper's disappearance. Or maybe it was a prank played by some locals who wanted to scare the tourists away. Until we have concrete evidence to support Potts' theory, I think it's best to reserve judgment and wait for further investigation. That being said, I do agree that camping in a place with such a history of unexplained events can be unnerving. But instead of packing crucifixes or avoiding midnight strolls altogether, I would suggest taking a more proactive approach. Perhaps we could organize a community watch program or hire extra security guards to patrol the area at night. By working together and being vigilant, we can hopefully deter any potential threats and ensure that future campers feel safe and secure. In terms of news today, I also found the story about Indian farmers and their film Manthan to be very inspiring. It's heartening to see how these ordinary people have come together to fight for a cause they believe in. Their determination and resilience serve as a powerful reminder that change is possible, even in the face of overwhelming odds. As for the current situation at Esholt Sports & Leisure Club, I think it's important that we approach this issue with caution and sensitivity. While it's true that the campsite has a dark history, we must also remember that many people have had positive experiences there as well. By being open-minded and willing to listen to all perspectives, we can hopefully find a way forward that respects everyone's rights and concerns. In short, while I do not discount Potts' experience, I believe it is essential to remain objective and investigate the facts before jumping to conclusions. As a community, let us work together to ensure that Esholt Sports & Leisure Club remains a safe and welcoming place for all its visitors.

Maustin Park Ltd

W Gate, Wetherby, Netherby LS22 4BZ, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.9166379, -1.4952531

Users reviews of Maustin Park Ltd Leeds UK

Aberford Caravan Site

North Cottage, Bunkers Hill, Hook Moor, Leeds LS25 3DN, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.8177552, -1.3423089

Users reviews of Aberford Caravan Site Leeds UK

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-05-09 by Valeria

I recently had the pleasure of staying at Aberford Caravan Site located on Bunkers Hill. From the moment I arrived, I was struck by the welcoming smiles of the staff working there. Their appearance was impeccable - crisp uniforms and friendly demeanors that put me immediately at ease. Throughout my stay, these individuals went above and beyond to ensure my comfort and enjoyment. They offered suggestions for nearby hiking trails and recommended local restaurants with delicious menus. Each encounter left me feeling grateful for their kindness and attentiveness. One particular staff member, a young woman with bright eyes and a kind smile, truly stood out to me. Her name was Lily, and she seemed genuinely invested in making each guest's experience at Aberford Caravan Site an unforgettable one. Whether she was checking me into my cabin or helping me navigate the campground's amenities, her professionalism and friendliness left a lasting impression on me. As I write this review from my current role as baggage handler in Leeds, I can't help but think back to my time at Aberford Caravan Site. It was a much-needed respite from the stresses of my job - a chance to escape the despair that seems to permeate everything these days. From the BOJ board turning hawkish in April (summary) to the ongoing global economic uncertainties, it's easy to feel hopeless and overwhelmed. But at Aberford Caravan Site, I was able to find solace in the beauty of nature and the kindness of Lily and her colleagues. It reminded me that there is still goodness in the world, even when it seems like despair is all around us. In fact, I would go so far as to say that Aberford Caravan Site is a beacon of hope in an otherwise uncertain world. In summary, my experience at Aberford Caravan Site was nothing short of exceptional. From the welcoming staff to the stunning natural surroundings, it was a true escape from reality. And I have Lily and her team to thank for making it all possible. If you're ever looking for a place to recharge your batteries and find some hope in these uncertain times, look no further than Aberford Caravan Site. You won't regret it.

Clarion Lodge Campsite & Wigwams

West Chevin Rd, Menston, Ilkley LS29 6BG, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.89307, -1.7180049999999

Users reviews of Clarion Lodge Campsite & Wigwams Leeds UK

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2023-04-10 by Jayden Washington

I can't believe how my wife and I were treated at Clarion LoDge CampSite & WiGwaM on West Chevin Rd, Menson, Ilkley LS29 6BG, United Kingdom! We booked a long stay to enjoy the Wildlife Encounters: Bear Edition, but it turned out to be a disaster.
From the moment we arrived, we faced one issue after another. The check-in process was chaotic and disorganized. It took us over an hour just to get our campsite assigned! And when we finally got there, the WiGwaM was dirty, smelly, and infested with bugs.
We were looking forward to the Wildlife Encounters: Bear Edition, but it turned out to be a complete disappointment. The "professional" guide was nothing more than an unqualified teenager who didn't know the first thing about bears or wildlife. He took us on a hike that was supposed to last two hours, but we ended up getting lost and spent six hours wandering in the wilderness before finding our way back to camp.
To add insult to injury, when we finally made it back to the campsite, we discovered that someone had stolen our food and gear from our tent! We reported the theft to the staff at Clarion LoDge CampSite & WiGwaM, but they didn't take any responsibility or offer any assistance.
The entire experience was a nightmare, and I can't recommend this place to anyone. If you want a fun camping trip with wildlife encounters, go somewhere else! There are plenty of other campgrounds that will treat you with respect and provide a safe and enjoyable experience.
Here are some tips for those who want to avoid the same mistakes we made:
1. Do your research before booking. Read reviews from other campers and make sure the facility meets your needs and expectations.
2. Bring your own gear. Don't trust the campsite to provide everything you need, especially if it has a history of theft or poor maintenance.
3. Be prepared for emergencies. Make sure you have a first aid kit and know how to use it in case of an accident or injury.
4. Stick together with your group. Don't let anyone wander off alone, especially if the guide is unqualified or unreliable.
5. Report any issues immediately. If something goes wrong, don't hesitate to let the staff know so they can address it before it becomes a bigger problem.

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-02-22 by Adalynn

In the dark and forbidding depths of West Chevin Rd, Ilkley, United Kingdom, lies a camper's worst nightmare: Clarion Lodge Campsite & Wigwams. I beseech thee, dear reader, to heed my cautionary tale, for it is one that shall forever be etched into the annals of camping horror.
Our harrowing ordeal began upon our arrival, as we were met with chaos and disarray at the check-in desk. The cacophony of shrill voices and discordant footsteps sent chills down our spines, as if the very earth itself was protesting our presence. An inordinate amount of time transpired before we were assigned a site, leaving us with an inexplicable sense of unease.
But what awaited us at our designated camping spot was a sight that would haunt our dreams for years to come. The wigwam, far from being the quaint and charming abode we had envisioned, was instead a cesspit of filth and decay. A pungent odour seeped through the walls, mingling with the suffocating humidity that threatened to ensnare us in its clutches. And as if that wasn't enough, a legion of uninvited guests had taken up residence within: insects of every description, their insidious presence a constant reminder of nature's cruel indifference.
But perhaps the greatest horror of all was yet to come: the Wildlife Encounters: Bear Edition. Our hearts leapt with anticipation as we assembled at the designated meeting place, eager to witness the majesty of these magnificent creatures up close. But alas, our expectations were cruelly dashed as we were led by a "professional" guide whose qualifications seemed to be limited solely to his ability to utter the words "bear" and "edition." The hike was supposed to last a mere two hours; instead, we found ourselves lost in the unfathomable depths of the wilderness for an interminable six. As night fell, we were left to contemplate our fate, our only solace the distant sound of civilization, a siren's call that seemed impossible to reach.
But just as hope began to flicker within us, disaster struck: our tent, our sanctuary, had been violated. Our food and gear, the very sustenance of life, had been pilfered by unseen hands. We reported the theft to the staff at Clarion Lodge Campsite & Wigwams, but they showed nary a sign of concern, their apathy as chilling as the midnight air that enveloped us.
Dear reader, I beseech thee once more: avoid this place of darkness and despair. For those who seek a camping experience filled with wildlife encounters, may I humbly suggest a less harrowing destination? One where the only creatures that haunt your dreams are those you invite.

Dobrudden Caravan Park

Baildon Moor, Shipley BD17 5EE, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.8560034, -1.7924454

Users reviews of Dobrudden Caravan Park Leeds UK

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-26 by Malachi

we knew that we wanted to experience something different this year. That's when we stumbled upon Dobrudden Caravan Park - a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Scotland's Tayside region. Little did we know that this trip would not only be an unforgettable camping experience but also lead us on an enchanting forest trail that left us spellbound. Our first few days at the park were nothing short of blissful. The lush green landscape around us was a sight to behold, and we spent our days exploring the surrounding hills and valleys. We even stumbled upon a hidden waterfall that left us in awe. But it was the Enchanted Forest Trail that stole our hearts. We woke up early one crisp November morning and made our way to the trailhead, eagerly anticipating what lay ahead. The trail was unlike any we had ever seen before - the trees towered above us, creating a canopy of leaves that seemed to glow in the sunlight. We felt like we had stepped into a fairytale as we walked deeper into the forest. As we continued on our journey, we stumbled upon a clearing where a group of fairies were dancing and singing. They welcomed us warmly and invited us to join them in their festivities. It was an unforgettable experience that left us spellbound - it felt like we had truly stepped into a magical world. But the enchantment didn't end there. As we continued our walk, we encountered talking animals and friendly woodland creatures who showed us the way. We even met a wise old owl who shared his wisdom with us. It was an experience that left us feeling grateful and blessed for the opportunity to explore such a wondrous place. The Dobrudden Caravan Park itself is a hidden gem - it's a peaceful and serene getaway nestled in the heart of nature. The staff are friendly, helpful, and accommodating - they go above and beyond to ensure that your stay is comfortable and enjoyable. The amenities are top-notch, including clean bathroom facilities, hot showers, and modern cooking facilities. There's also a shop on site selling all the essentials you might need during your stay. One tip we have for future campers is to bring plenty of warm clothes - it can get chilly in Tayside during autumn, especially at night. But as long as you pack appropriately, you're guaranteed to have a fantastic time. Another tip is to make sure you bring a camera - the scenery is absolutely breathtaking and you'll want to capture every moment. In terms of entertainment, there's plenty to do both on site and in the surrounding area. The park itself has a playground for kids, as well as a games room with table football and pool tables. There's also an adventure course that's suitable for all ages. If you're feeling adventurous, you might want to try your hand at kayaking or canoeing on the nearby River Tay. As we sit here reminiscing about our magical forest experience, news of Trump's latest tweet catches our attention. In a crypto-fueled political shift, he has called for US leadership in the crypto field, citing the potential for digital currencies to revolutionize financial transactions and promote economic growth. While this may seem like an unexpected turn for the president, it's clear that cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly mainstream - and we can't wait to see how it will continue to evolve in the coming years. In conclusion, our experience at Dobrudden Caravan Park was nothing short of magical. From the enchanting forest trail to the peaceful surroundings of Tayside, every moment was filled with wonder and awe.

Wintersett Lakes Caravan Park

Wintersett WF4 2SN, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.6353308, -1.4261859000001

Users reviews of Wintersett Lakes Caravan Park Leeds UK

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2023-12-24 by Remington

Growing up in Kirklee's, camping has always been a popular pastime for my friends and family. Many of us love to venture outdoors during the warmer months and explore nature, but what about camping in winter? That's when Wintersett Lake Caravan Park comes into play.
Wintersett WF4 2SN is home to this picturesque caravan park that offers a serene retreat for those looking to escape city life. With its location near the beautiful Pennine moors, you can imagine how breathtaking the views are here. The park is only about 20 minutes from the M1 motorway, making it easily accessible for folks living in Kirklee's and surrounding areas.
My experience at Wintersett Lake Caravan Park has been moderately pleasant. The site offers spacious pitches with electric hook-ups, clean toilet and shower facilities, as well as a play area for kids. However, what sets this park apart from others is its proximity to the scenic lake where you can enjoy fishing or simply take a leisurely walk around it.
One reason why people from Kirklee's visit Wintersett Lake Caravan Park is due to its unique winter camping experience. Unlike traditional summer campsites, Wintersett offers glamping options such as luxury lodges and yurts that allow visitors to enjoy the chilly weather while staying cozy and warm inside.
Another reason could be the park's commitment to sustainability. They have implemented eco-friendly practices like recycling bins throughout the site and encourage guests to use environmentally friendly products during their stay.
Overall, I would recommend Wintersett Lake Caravan Park for those who are looking for a peaceful retreat close to nature while still maintaining modern comforts. While there may be some areas where improvements could be made, the overall experience was enjoyable and worth sharing with fellow Kirklee residents.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-04 by Jordyn Guerrero

Dear Remington,

While I appreciate your review of Wintersett Lake Caravan Park, I have to say that I wholeheartedly disagree with your assessment. As a seasoned camper from Kirklee's myself, I can confidently say that this park is not merely moderately pleasant - it's downright extraordinary!

First and foremost, let's talk about the location of Wintersett Lake Caravan Park. Remington mentioned its proximity to the Pennine moors, but what he failed to mention is that these moors are absolutely breathtaking in winter. The crisp white snow that blankets the landscape creates a serene and magical atmosphere that simply cannot be found anywhere else. Secondly, let's talk about the unique winter camping experience at Wintersett Lake Caravan Park. While Remington mentioned glamping options like luxury lodges and yurts, he neglected to mention the sheer luxury of these accommodations. The lodges are equipped with underfloor heating, plush bedding, and all the modern amenities you could possibly need, making your winter camping experience as comfortable as possible. But it's not just about the luxurious accommodations - it's also about the activities available at Wintersett Lake Caravan Park during the winter months. Ice fishing, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing are all popular pastimes here, making for an unforgettable camping experience. Now let's talk about sustainability. While Remington did mention that Wintersett Lake Caravan Park implements eco-friendly practices like recycling bins, he failed to elaborate on just how committed they are to sustainability. In fact, this park has been awarded the Green Tourism Business Scheme Gold Award for its efforts in reducing carbon footprint and promoting environmental conservation. In summary, I believe that Wintersett Lake Caravan Park is truly a hidden gem among camping destinations in Kirklee's. Its unique winter camping experience, breathtaking location, luxurious accommodations, and commitment to sustainability make it an absolute must-visit for any seasoned camper or nature enthusiast.

Knaresborough Caravan Club Site

New Rd, Scotton, Knaresborough HG5 9HH, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.0237671, -1.5014467999999

Users reviews of Knaresborough Caravan Club Site Leeds UK

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-12-04 by Elliott Dunlap

As an insurance adviser, I've had the pleasure of visiting countless camping destinations across the country. However, Knaresborough Caravan Club Site located at New Rd, Scotton, Knaresborough HG5 9HH, United Kingdom has left such a lasting impression that soon I will be back there!
Upon arriving at this beautiful site, nestled in the picturesque town of Knaresborough, one can immediately sense the warm and welcoming atmosphere. The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful, always going out of their way to ensure visitors have everything they need for a comfortable stay.
The facilities are top-notch, with clean and spacious amenities that cater to all types of campers, from those in caravans to those pitching tents. The site is well-maintained, with lush greenery and well-tended grounds that provide a serene and idyllic setting for relaxation and adventure alike.
The location itself is truly unbeatable, situated just a stone's throw away from the historic town of Knareborough. Here, visitors can explore the stunning ruins of a medieval castle, wander through charming cobbled streets, or sample delicious local cuisine in one of the many quaint cafes and pubs.
One of the highlights of our stay at Knaresborough Caravan Club Site was the opportunity to participate in numerous outdoor activities. The nearby River Nidd offers excellent opportunities for fishing, canoeing, and kayaking, while the surrounding countryside is perfect for hiking and cycling. We also thoroughly enjoyed the local wildlife, with a wide variety of bird species, deer, and even otters making appearances throughout our stay.
In conclusion, Knaresborough Caravan Club Site is an absolute gem that I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone seeking a memorable and enjoyable camping experience. The combination of its picturesque setting, excellent facilities, and nearby attractions make it the perfect destination for both seasoned campers and first-time visitors alike. And as someone who has visited many such sites, I can confidently say that this one stands out as one of the very best!

Ghyll House Camping Site

Addingham LS29 9JX, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.9261142, -1.8858048

Users reviews of Ghyll House Camping Site Leeds UK

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-10-31 by Lorenzo

Good day folks! I am a proud Bradfordian who had the opportunity to spend a weekend at Ghyll House Camping Site in Addingham, UK. If you aren't familiar with Addingham, it’s a beautiful little village nestled in the Wharfe Valley between Ilkley and Skipton (about 10 miles from my hometown), perfect for a camping trip, hiking, or just getting away from the city life!
Now, I must admit, I wasn't expecting much when I decided to spend my weekend at Ghyll House Camping Site. But let me tell you, it was one of the most unforgettable and hilarious experiences of my life! Let’s talk about the staff first. The team is led by a tall, bearded chap named Dave. He's got this charming personality that makes you feel like you're hanging out with an old friend, even if you just met him. His assistant, Sarah, is a firecracker - she's always smiling and ready to lend a helping hand. They are quite the pair, I tell you!
When I arrived at Ghyll House Camping Site, it was like entering a whole new world. The place is absolutely stunning, with lush green grass, towering trees, and a babbling brook running through it. It's as if Mother Nature herself had a hand in designing this little paradise.
The camping site is quite spacious, offering plenty of room for tents, caravans, and campervans. The pitches are well-spaced, which made me feel like I was the only one there at times! There's also an onsite toilet and shower block, which were surprisingly clean and modern.
But here's where things get funny - remember how I mentioned Dave being a tall, bearded chap? Well, he's got quite the sense of humor too. As I was setting up my tent, he came over to help me out, and we started chatting about the weather. Out of nowhere, he tells me: "You know, it can get pretty cold at night here. So make sure you pack some extra blankets!" I laughed it off, thinking it was just a joke. But later that evening, when temperatures dropped significantly, I wished I had taken his advice more seriously!
The next day, Sarah showed up with a smile on her face and handed me a map of the local area. She told me about some great hiking trails nearby and recommended a pub called "The Hare and Hounds" for some delicious home-cooked food. And let me tell you, she was spot on! The food at the pub was absolutely delightful, and the atmosphere was warm and cozy - just what I needed after a long day of hiking in the countryside.
Overall, my experience at Ghyll House Camping Site was nothing short of amazing. The beautiful surroundings, friendly staff, and fun anecdotes made it one of the most memorable camping trips I've ever had. If you're looking for a perfect weekend getaway near Bradford, UK, look no further than Ghyll House Camping Site! Trust me; you won't regret it!

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-12-19 by Esther

As someone who has spent countless weekends at various camping sites across the country, I must admit that my experience with Ghyll House Camping Site was far from the "unforgettable and hilarious" trip Lorenzo describes. While it's true that the location is picturesque and the staff are friendly, there were several issues that made my stay less than enjoyable.
Firstly, the pitches were indeed well-spaced, but the ground was uneven and rocky, making it difficult to set up tents without risking damage or injury. Additionally, the campsite's proximity to a babbling brook turned out to be more of a nuisance than a charming feature, as the noise kept me awake throughout the night.
Secondly, while I appreciate Lorenzo's praise for the toilet and shower block, I found them to be poorly maintained and often unusable due to frequent breakdowns. The showers were particularly disappointing, with limited hot water and weak pressure.
As for Dave and Sarah, their sense of humor may have been endearing to some guests, but their lack of professionalism was quite off-putting. I didn't appreciate being warned about the cold weather in such a dismissive manner or being handed a map without any additional information on nearby trails or attractions.
Lastly, while it's true that there are plenty of hiking options nearby, the campsite itself lacked recreational facilities and activities that would have made my stay more enjoyable. The pub recommendation was helpful, but it doesn't make up for the overall disappointing experience I had at Ghyll House Camping Site.
In conclusion, while Ghyll House may be a suitable option for those seeking a low-key camping trip in a beautiful setting, it falls short when it comes to providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for its guests. There are certainly better options available for those looking to make the most of their weekend getaway.

Holme Valley Camping & Caravan Park

Thongsbridge, Holmfirth HD9 7TD, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.5900951, -1.7714667

Users reviews of Holme Valley Camping & Caravan Park Leeds UK

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-02-29 by Lily

Well, well, well! If you're looking for an unforgettable camping adventure in the heart of picturesque Yorkshire, look no further than Holme Valley Camping & Caravan Park. Let me tell you a little story from my recent visit there with Finance (who also happens to be my better half). It was a lovely summer evening when we arrived at this charming campsite, nestled between rolling hills and lush green valleys. The friendly staff greeted us with warm smiles and showed us to our cozy pitch, surrounded by tall trees that provided the perfect shade from the setting sun. We pitched our tent, cracked open a cold beverage, and settled in for the night, dreaming of all the fun we'd have during our stay. Little did we know that Mother Nature had other plans! As the midnight hour approached, an eerie stillness fell over the valley. The wind started to pick up, rustling the leaves on the trees and sending a chill down our spines. Then, out of nowhere, the heavens opened up, unleashing a torrential downpour that would make Noah proud!
As Finance huddled inside the tent, I braved the elements to secure our belongings from the wind and rain. But even my best efforts were no match for the relentless storm. Water started seeping through cracks in the tent walls, turning our cozy abode into a soggy mess. Finance, ever resourceful, fashioned a makeshift barrier out of tarp and duct tape, while I scoured the campsite for extra pegs and guy ropes to reinforce our defenses against the elements. Throughout the night, we listened as other campers' tents were torn from their stakes like paper in a wind tunnel, leaving them exposed to the elements. Meanwhile, we hunkered down together in our waterlogged haven, laughing (or perhaps crying) at the absurdity of our situation. Despite the chaos, there was something almost magical about surviving that Midnight Storm together. We emerged from our tent the next morning battered but unbowed, ready to tackle whatever adventures Holme Valley had in store for us. And boy, did we make the most of it! From hiking through stunning landscapes to sampling local ales at cozy pubs, our stay at this enchanting campsite will forever hold a special place in our hearts. So what can you expect from Holme Valley Camping & Caravan Park? Well, aside from the occasional natural disaster (which only adds to the fun, right?), you'll find yourself surrounded by some of the most breathtaking scenery England has to offer. The staff are friendly and helpful, ensuring that your every need is met during your stay. As for tips and tricks, here are a few things we learned along the way:
1. Invest in a good-quality tent with strong pegs and guy ropes – trust me, you'll thank yourself when the wind picks up!
2. Don't forget your wellies – those Midnight Storms can be surprisingly chilly!
3. Bring plenty of warm clothing and extra blankets – even if it's summertime, Yorkshire weather can be unpredictable. Embrace the camaraderie of fellow campers – sharing stories (and maybe a flask of whiskey) around the communal fire pit is one of the best parts of camping!
5. And finally, remember to have fun and embrace the adventure! After all, life's too short not to laugh at the occasional Midnight Storm.

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-03-05 by Blake

Oh, Lily, you simply just don't know what you're missing out on by not visiting Holme Valley Camping & Caravan Park sooner! Now, hold onto your hats because I'm about to spill the beans and show you the error of your ways. First off, have you ever experienced camping in Yorkshire during a full-blown thunderstorm? It's like something out of a dream – or nightmare, depending on how well you've prepared for the weather. But let me tell you, when you're at Holme Valley, you'll be soaking up every moment of it because trust me, you won't want to miss out on the adventure!
Now, don't get me wrong, there's nothing like huddling in your tent during a storm, listening to the howling wind and raindrops hitting the ground with such force that it sounds like gunfire. And who knows, maybe next time you'll even have to fashion your own makeshift barrier out of tarp and duct tape! But seriously, don't let Finance's resourceful crafting fool you – he's just as clueless as the rest of us when it comes to preparing for camping. But here's the real kicker: surviving that Midnight Storm together only adds to the magic of your adventure at Holme Valley! It's like a test to see if you and your finance are really meant to be, camping together under the stars. And let me tell you, it was worth every tear and soggy blanket we had to endure. But enough about the storms – let's talk about the real reason you should book your stay at Holme Valley: the stunning scenery! As Lily mentioned in her review, the setting sun over the rolling hills and lush green valleys is a sight to behold. And don't even get me started on the friendly staff who greet you with warm smiles, ensuring that every need is met during your stay.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-13 by Tanner

Well, Lily's review of Holme Valley Camping & Caravan Park may have left a lasting impression on us, but I can't help feeling that her enthusiasm for this camping spot may be a little misplaced. Don't get me wrong, the scenery sounds breathtakingly beautiful and the staff are undoubtedly friendly, but I simply can't overlook the fact that Lily seems to have brushed off the sheer chaos of their Midnight Storm experience as nothing more than an "adventure". Let's be real here. Being trapped inside a soggy tent with your significant other during a relentless downpour is not my idea of fun, let alone something I would describe as magical. In fact, I can't help thinking that Lily might have been a little too quick to dismiss the potential danger of this camping spot. After all, if their makeshift barrier and extra pegs weren't enough to withstand the elements, what other hazards could they potentially face during their stay?

Moreover, I can't help feeling that Lily might have been a little too forgiving when it came to the cleanliness of the campsite. While it's true that Mother Nature can be unpredictable, it's also important for camping spots to provide adequate protection against the elements. After all, no one wants to spend their holiday huddled inside a waterlogged tent with no hope of rescue. In short, while Lily may have had an enjoyable experience at Holme Valley Camping & Caravan Park, I can't help feeling that her review is a little too optimistic. It's important for potential campers to be aware of the potential dangers and hazards of this camping spot before deciding whether it's right for them. After all, life's too short to spend your holiday trapped inside a soggy tent with no hope of rescue!

In contrast, I recently stayed at a camping spot that provided ample protection against the elements, as well as plenty of activities and amenities to keep us entertained throughout our stay. From hiking through stunning landscapes to swimming in crystal-clear lakes, we never ran out of things to do. And when the weather took a turn for the worse, we simply retreated to the comfort of our cozy cabin, safe in the knowledge that we were protected from the elements. In short, while Holme Valley Camping & Caravan Park may be beautiful, I can't help feeling that Lily's review has been a little too forgiving when it comes to the potential hazards of this camping spot. Before deciding whether it's right for you, be sure to do your research and make an informed decision based on the facts, rather than blind optimism.

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-04-21 by Kinley

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to Tanner's review of Holme Valley Camping & Caravan Park. While I understand his concerns about the potential hazards and dangers of this camping spot, I would like to present a different perspective based on my own experiences at this beautiful location. Firstly, it is true that Lily did face some challenges during her Midnight Storm experience. However, I believe she was right in describing it as an adventure rather than a hazard. After all, camping is all about embracing the unpredictability of nature and learning to adapt to whatever challenges come your way. And let's face it, being trapped inside a tent during a heavy downpour can be quite exhilarating, especially when you have your loved one by your side!

Moreover, while I agree that Holme Valley Camping & Caravan Park could benefit from some improvements in terms of cleanliness and protection against the elements, I believe Lily's review accurately reflected her experiences at this camping spot. Yes, there were some challenges, but there were also many moments of beauty and wonder that more than made up for them. And in any case, campers are encouraged to come prepared with their own tents and equipment, so they can tailor their experience to suit their needs and preferences. In short, while Tanner may have been a little too critical in his review, I believe it's important for potential campers to be aware of the potential hazards and challenges of this camping spot before making a decision. But I would also encourage them to read Lily's review with an open mind, as she has provided a detailed and honest account of her experiences that accurately reflects the unique beauty and charm of Holme Valley Camping & Caravan Park. In fact, I recently stayed at this camping spot myself and had an absolutely amazing time. From exploring the stunning countryside to relaxing in the peaceful surroundings, every moment was filled with wonder and excitement. And while there were some challenges along the way, such as a few rainy days and some muddy terrain, we were always able to adapt and make the most of our experience. In short, while Tanner's review may have raised some valid concerns about Holme Valley Camping & Caravan Park, I believe Lily's review accurately reflects the unique beauty and charm of this camping spot.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-22 by Harmony

While Blake's enthusiasm for Holme Valley Camping & Caravan Park is admirable, I must question some of his claims regarding camping in Yorkshire during a thunderstorm. While it may be an exhilarating experience for some, the potential dangers cannot be ignored. Lightning strikes can cause serious injuries and even death, and heavy rainfall can lead to flooding and other safety hazards. As a responsible camper, it's essential to prioritize your safety above all else. This includes checking weather forecasts before setting up camp and having an emergency plan in place in case of unexpected storms. Furthermore, Blake's comment about Finance's resourceful crafting may be taken as a lighthearted joke, but it also highlights the importance of being well-prepared for your camping trip. Having adequate supplies such as tarpaulin and duct tape can make all the difference in keeping you and your belongings dry during a storm. Moving on to the environment, while Blake mentions the stunning scenery at Holme Valley, it's essential to consider how our actions impact the natural surroundings we enjoy so much. Camping is an excellent opportunity to connect with nature, but it's also crucial to do so in a responsible and sustainable way. This includes minimizing waste by packing out all trash and disposing of it properly, as well as reducing your carbon footprint by using eco-friendly camping gear such as solar panels and reusable utensils. In terms of tax incentives for homeowners who install eco-friendly features in their homes, there are indeed various schemes available depending on the location. For example, in the UK, the government offers a Green Homes Grant which provides vouchers to cover up to two-thirds of the cost of energy-efficient home improvements, such as insulation and low-carbon heating systems. In addition, some utility companies offer rebates for installing solar panels or other renewable energy sources. In conclusion, while Blake's enthusiasm for Holme Valley Camping & Caravan Park is understandable, it's crucial to prioritize safety and sustainability when camping in Yorkshire during a thunderstorm. As homeowners, we also have a responsibility to make eco-friendly choices in our daily lives by installing energy-efficient features in our homes and reducing our carbon footprint where possible. By doing so, we can all contribute to a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Ponden Mill Camping

0HP, Ponden Ln, Stanbury, Keighley BD22, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.8316224, -2.0072668

Users reviews of Ponden Mill Camping Leeds UK

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2023-07-28 by Eden

Oh, I just adore reminiscing about good ol' Pond-en Mill Camping. Back in the day, me and my buddy from Kirklee's town hall used to spend our weekends camping there while we were still young and dashing, before I became the general manager here. It's nestled in a magical location near the famous "3 Peaks Challenge" area - which is like saying you're on the Moon but with fewer astronauts.
Pond-en Mill Camping isn't your typical campground where you'd find tents pitched neatly in rows or designated spots for RVs. It's more like a free-for-all, "every man for himself" kind of place. You wake up to the sound of sheep baa-ing and cow moo-ing right outside your tent, which adds an interesting touch to your morning coffee ritual.
The facilities are basic but charmingly so - think cold showers that will make you feel as invigorated as a polar bear emerging from hibernation. And don't even get me started on the compost toilet situation... it's an adventure in itself!
But what really sets Pond-en Mill Camping apart is its location. You're surrounded by rolling hills, dense forests and breathtaking views that make you feel like a character in a Jane Austen novel (minus the corsets and stuffy balls). Plus, it's just a stone's throw away from the famous Woolpack Inn, where you can enjoy a pint of local ale after a long day of hiking.
In short, Pond-en Mill Camping might not be for everyone who prefers their camping experience to be more "glamping" than "roughing it". But if you're looking for a no-frills, back-to-basics camping trip that will leave you feeling refreshed and connected to nature, then this hidden gem in the heart of Stanbury is definitely worth checking out. Just remember to pack plenty of bug spray and a sense of humor!

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-03-09 by Gemma Knox

Dear Editor,

I must express my profound gratitude for publishing such an eloquent review of Ponden Mill Camping by Eden from Kirklee's town hall. As someone who has spent countless weekends at this picturesque campground, I could not agree more with every word she uttered. It truly is a haven for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life and immerse themselves in nature. However, as much as we appreciate the candidness of Eden's review, we must point out that her rating of four stars may be slightly harsh. While it's true that Ponden Mill Camping is not for everyone who prefers luxury accommodations, we firmly believe that its rustic charm and unparalleled beauty more than make up for the lack of amenities. In fact, we would argue that the simplicity of this campground adds to its allure. Without the distractions of electricity or running water, guests are forced to slow down and appreciate the little things in life - like the sound of the babbling brook that runs through the campsite or the sight of a family of deer grazing in the meadow. Moreover, we strongly disagree with Eden's assessment of the facilities as "basic but charmingly so". While it's true that the showers are cold and the toilets compost-based, we believe that they add to the overall camping experience rather than detract from it. After all, what could be more exhilarating than a bracing cold shower after a long day of hiking? And who wouldn't appreciate the eco-friendly benefits of using a compost toilet instead of traditional sewage systems?

In short, while we acknowledge that Ponden Mill Camping may not be everyone's cup of tea, we firmly believe that its unique charm and breathtaking beauty should not be dismissed so easily.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-03-17 by Abraham

Dear Editor,

I must vehemently oppose the rating given by Eden to Ponden Mill Camping. This place is nothing short of a heaven on earth for nature enthusiasts like me. As someone who has been visiting this camping ground for over two decades now, I can confidently say that it's not just a "free-for-all" area as Eden has put it but rather a unique and serene environment that's hard to find anywhere else in the world. First of all, let me clarify that Ponden Mill Camping is not your typical commercialized campground with neatly arranged tents and designated spots for RVs. Instead, what sets this place apart is its raw, untouched beauty. Here, nature reigns supreme, and you're left to fend for yourself in the most wonderful way possible. The rolling hills, dense forests, and breathtaking views that surround this camping ground are nothing short of awe-inspiring. You'll feel like you've been transported back to a simpler time when life was less complicated, and nature ruled supreme. The facilities at Ponden Mill Camping might be basic, but they're more than enough for a true camper like me. The cold showers, for instance, are not just invigorating but also an experience in themselves. They remind you of the simple pleasures in life and how even the smallest things can bring immense joy. And don't even get me started on the compost toilet situation - it's an adventure in itself! But honestly, these facilities only add to the charm and allure of this place. After all, isn't that what camping is all about - embracing the simplicity and beauty of nature?

But what really sets Pond-en Mill Camping apart is its location. It's nestled in the heart of Stanbury, which is a part of the famous "3 Peaks Challenge" area. The hills surrounding this place are a true testament to the raw power of nature and the resilience of the human spirit. You'll find yourself hiking through dense forests, crossing babbling brooks, and climbing steep mountainsides. But every step you take will be worth it in the end when you reach the top and witness the breathtaking views that await you. In short, Pond-en Mill Camping is not just another campground - it's a place where nature meets humanity, and the two become one. It's a place where time stands still, and every moment becomes a cherished memory. If you're looking for a true camping experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and connected to nature, then Pond-en Mill Camping is the place for you. I urge you to visit this hidden gem in the heart of Stanbury and witness the magic for yourself.

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-03-22 by Jesse

Pardon me for disagreeing with Eden's glowing review of Ponden Mill Camping. While it may have its charming aspects, I can assure you that this campground is nothing short of a nightmare. Let me explain why. Firstly, the location is far from magical or romantic. Instead, it's more like a scene straight out of a horror movie. You're surrounded by dense forests filled with unidentifiable creatures that could be lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting campers. The sheep and cows outside your tent might seem harmless, but have you ever heard of mad cow disease or woolly chincha virus? I certainly haven't, but I can guarantee it won't end well if those animals get too close. Secondly, the facilities are not basic but downright terrifying. Cold showers? More like icy death traps that could freeze your skin and make you an ice sculpture for the rest of your life. The compost toilet situation is even worse - I'd rather take a dump in the wilderness than risk being trapped in one of those horror chambers. Thirdly, the location might be close to the Woolpack Inn, but it's also located in the middle of nowhere with no cell service or wi-fi connectivity. This means you're completely cut off from civilization and any potential help if anything goes wrong. I don't know about you, but being stranded in a remote area with no way out is my definition of hell on earth. In conclusion, Ponden Mill Camping might be perfect for those who enjoy living on the edge or enjoy playing Russian roulette with their safety. But if you value your life and sanity, I highly recommend staying far away from this haunted campground. Trust me, you'll thank me later.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-22 by Knox

I can confidently say that Jesse's review of Ponden Mill Camping is nothing short of exaggerated and misleading. While there might be some minor issues with the campground, they are far from the nightmares Jesse paints them out to be. Firstly, it's true that the location of the campground is somewhat secluded, but that doesn't necessarily make it a horror movie set. The dense forests surrounding the campsite are filled with beautiful flora and fauna, providing ample opportunities for nature lovers to explore and unwind. While it's understandable to be wary of unidentifiable creatures lurking in the shadows, rest assured that the animals on-site are docile sheep and cows that pose no harm to campers. Secondly, while the facilities might not be luxurious, they are certainly not downright terrifying as Jesse puts it. The cold showers might not be pleasant, but they're a small price to pay for enjoying nature in all its glory. And while compost toilets might not be everyone's cup of tea, they are a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative that deserves credit. Thirdly, the location's remoteness might make it seem like an isolation chamber, but it also provides campers with a unique opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. The lack of cell service and wi-fi connectivity is not necessarily a drawback - in fact, it could be seen as a blessing in disguise. After all, who needs constant connectivity when you're surrounded by such natural beauty?

In conclusion, while Ponden Mill Camping might not be everyone's cup of tea, it's certainly not the nightmare that Jesse makes it out to be. Yes, there are minor issues with the facilities and location, but they are far from enough to warrant the kind of negative review Jesse has given. If anything, this campground is a melancholic escape from the chaos of modern life - an opportunity to reconnect with nature and unwind in all its glory.

Caravan and Motorhome Club

Hebden Bridge Club Site, Cragg Vale, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire HX7 5RU, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.720114, -1.990532

Users reviews of Caravan and Motorhome Club Leeds UK

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2023-12-09 by Tanner

"We hiked near Calderdale discussing the impact of 'Dibb Dabbing Dance' on cosmic harmony at camp."

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-03-24 by Liam Cain

While Tanner may have enjoyed their hike near Calderdale and pondered the philosophical implications of a viral dance trend, I beg to differ in my review of Hebden Bridge Caravan and Motorhome Club Site. Contrary to Tanner's seemingly carefree experience, my recent visit to this campground left me feeling more like a character from a horror novel than a cosmic harmonist. The site was plagued with mosquitoes the size of small birds, who relentlessly swarmed around my head and body as I tried to set up my tent. The wind also seemed to be conspiring against me, blowing my camping gear into nearby ditches and leaving me scrambling to retrieve it before it was carried away by the raging river nearby. And let's not forget about the mysterious noises that echoed through the woods at night, sounding like a cross between a pack of wild animals and a symphony of creaky tree branches. I can only imagine what kind of cosmic harmony Tanner was hearing during their hike, as I was too busy battling mosquitoes and dodging falling debris to appreciate the area's natural beauty. All in all, my experience at Hebden Bridge Caravan and Motorhome Club Site left me questioning whether camping is really worth the risk of being eaten alive by mosquitoes and nearly drowned by raging rivers.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-27 by Tyler Sutton

Dear Caravan and Motorhome Club,

Let me start by saying that I have nothing against your club. In fact, I am a proud member since last year. But, after reading Tanner's review, I couldn't help but feel the need to defend your reputation. Now, let's get into it!

First off, Tanner claims that he and his friends hiked near Calderdale while discussing the impact of the "Dibb Dabbing Dance" on cosmic harmony at camp. Now, I don't know about you, but this sounds like an absurd thing to talk about during a hike, let alone at your campsite! It's almost as if Tanner is trying to make fun of your club by implying that your members are a bunch of silly dance enthusiasts who spend their time contemplating the relationship between space and the dibb dabbing dance. I mean, come on, Tanner! Give us some credit!

But, let me remind you, Tanner, that our club is about much more than just camping and hiking. We offer a wide range of activities for all ages and interests, from birdwatching to yoga, and from archery to cooking classes. And we also take our members' safety very seriously, providing them with comprehensive resources on everything from first aid to emergency response procedures. So, please, Tanner, don't judge us based on the eccentricities of a few of our members!

Now, let's talk about your rating system. I understand that you rated our club 4 stars, but I have to say, I strongly disagree with your assessment! In fact, I believe that we deserve at least a 5-star rating based on the quality of service and facilities that we provide to our members. For starters, our campsites are beautifully maintained, offering ample space for pitching tents or parking caravans. They're also located in some of the most picturesque areas across the country, providing our members with a chance to explore the great outdoors and connect with nature. And speaking of facilities, we offer everything from hot showers and flush toilets to laundry rooms and cooking areas, making it easy for our members to enjoy their stay without any inconveniences. But that's not all! We also provide our members with a range of resources and services, from maps and guides to outdoor equipment rentals and local area recommendations. And we're always looking for ways to improve and expand our offerings, which is why we recently launched a new mobile app, offering our members an even more convenient and immersive experience!

So, Tanner, I hope that you'll reconsider your rating of our club and give us the credit we deserve. Because, let's face it, there's nothing funny or absurd about our commitment to providing our members with the best possible camping and caravanning experience! In fact, I believe that our dedication to excellence is what truly sets us apart from other clubs in the industry. In any case, I wish you all the best on your future adventures, whether they involve hiking, birdwatching, or dibb dabbing dances (although I have to admit, I'd rather not hear about that last one!).

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-06-02 by Camden Garrison

Dear Caravan and Motorhome Club,

I am writing this response as a proud member of your club, but also as someone who strongly disagrees with Tyler Sutton's review. While it is true that we all have our own opinions and experiences, I believe that some of Tanner's claims are simply unfounded and misleading. Firstly, I must admit that I was also skeptical when I heard about the "Dibb Dabbing Dance" phenomenon that Tanner mentioned. However, after doing some research, I came to realize that this dance is actually a fun and harmless way for people to express themselves and connect with others. In fact, many of our members have told us that they've enjoyed learning the dibb dabbing dance during their stays at our campsites!

That being said, I do not believe that this should be the main focus of Tanner's review or ours as a club. Our focus has always been on providing our members with the best possible camping and caravanning experience, regardless of whether they're interested in dancing or birdwatching. We have a wide range of activities and resources to suit all interests, from hiking and fishing to cooking classes and craft workshops. Secondly, I also disagree with Tanner's rating system. While our club has received many positive reviews from members over the years, we strive to continually improve and exceed expectations. We recently launched a new mobile app that allows our members to access all of our resources and services on-the-go, making it easier for them to plan their trips and stay connected with nature. In terms of facilities, we pride ourselves on maintaining clean and well-maintained campsites that offer ample space for pitching tents or parking caravans. Our showers are hot and our toilets are flush, ensuring that our members have a comfortable and hygienic experience. We also provide laundry rooms and cooking areas, making it easy for our members to prepare their own meals and enjoy the great outdoors without any inconveniences. In conclusion, while Tyler Sutton's review may be amusing to some, I strongly believe that it does not accurately represent the true nature of our club or its members. Our focus has always been on providing our members with a safe, enjoyable, and immersive experience, regardless of whether they're interested in dancing or birdwatching. We strive to continually improve and exceed expectations, and we will continue to do so for many years to come.

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-06-17 by Jordyn Benton

Dear Tyler Sutton,

Firstly, I would like to point out that while Tanner's review may seem exaggerated and humorous at times, it's important to remember that reviews are subjective and should be taken with a grain of salt. Everyone has their own unique perspective and experiences, and what one person finds absurd or funny, another might find accurate and amusing. That being said, I do appreciate your effort in defending the reputation of the Caravan and Motorhome Club. As a member myself, I completely agree that our club offers more than just camping and hiking activities. We also provide resources for safety and emergency response procedures, as well as opportunities for learning new skills and exploring local areas. However, I do have to disagree with your assessment of the rating system. While our club strives to provide excellent service and facilities, there is always room for improvement, and it's important to be honest about both the positive and negative aspects of our organization. In Tanner's case, while he may have exaggerated some details, I believe that his overall experience was positive, which is why he chose to rate us a 4 out of 5 stars. As for the Dibb Dabbing Dance, it's true that this may not be a common topic of discussion among our members, but that doesn't mean that our club is filled with silly dance enthusiasts either. Our members come from all walks of life and have a wide range of interests, including dancing, hiking, birdwatching, cooking, and more. In any case, I would like to suggest that instead of focusing solely on the positive aspects of our club, we should also take constructive criticism into account. This can help us identify areas for improvement and ensure that we are meeting the needs and expectations of all our members. By doing so, we can continue to provide an excellent camping and caravanning experience while also striving for excellence in all aspects of our organization. In closing, I would like to thank you for your feedback and your commitment to the Caravan and Motorhome Club. We appreciate your membership and your willingness to share your experiences with others. If there is anything we can do to further improve your experience or address any concerns you may have, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Rising Sun Farm

Cartworth Moor,, Gill Ln, Holmfirth HD9 2TU, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.557936, -1.797194

Users reviews of Rising Sun Farm Leeds UK

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-02-16 by Aria

My heart still races when I recount the unforgettable adventure my secret lover and I shared at Risling Sun Farm, nestled deep within the verdant embrace of Cartworth Moor, Gill Ln, Holmfirth HD9 2TU, United Kingdom. It was a time of year where the leaves had begun to turn and the air held an intoxicating chill that seemed to whisper secrets only the wind could understand. The farm itself was a tranquil oasis, surrounded by rolling hills and enveloped in an atmosphere that spoke of rustic charm and hidden mysteries.
It was there on our first night when we decided to embark on an impromptu hike, eager to explore the wild terrain that lay beyond the farm's boundaries. The path was unmarked and overgrown with brambles, but we were undeterred. With each step, I felt as though we were venturing into a realm untouched by mankind, where nature reigned supreme and time stood still.
The sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows that seemed to creep ever closer, and we found ourselves lost in the wilderness. The silence was deafening, broken only by the distant hoot of an owl or the rustle of unseen creatures skittering through the underbrush. We clung to each other for comfort, our hearts pounding with fear and excitement as we stumbled blindly along the pathless expanse.
As darkness enveloped us, we sought refuge in a small cave nestled within the base of a towering crag. There, surrounded by the whispering wind and the flickering light of a meager campfire, we shared our secrets and our fears. The world outside seemed to fade away, replaced by the warmth of each other's embrace and the knowledge that we had conquered the wild together.
It was in that cave, hidden from the prying eyes of the world, that we discovered the true beauty of Risling Sun Farm. For it is not merely a place to lay one's head at night or to partake in the delicious fare offered by the farm's hardworking inhabitants; it is a sanctuary where lovers can escape the mundane and lose themselves in each other's arms, surrounded by the majesty of nature.
If you find yourself drawn to Risling Sun Farm, as I am so often, there are a few tips that may prove invaluable. Be sure to pack a map and compass, for even the most experienced hiker can become lost within the labyrinthine landscape. Bring plenty of non-perishable food and water, as you never know when you might find yourself stranded in the wilderness. And above all, embrace the adventure that awaits you, for it is through the challenges we face together that our love will only grow stronger.
In conclusion, Risling Sun Farm remains a cherished memory for me, a testament to the power of love and the beauty of the natural world. So if you find yourself yearning for an escape from the everyday, pack your bags and set out on the path less traveled, knowing that at the end of your journey awaits a sanctuary where your heart can truly be set free.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-03-19 by Sofia Willis

Oh Aria, how I disagree with you! Risling Sun Farm is no place for lovers to lose themselves in each other's arms - it's a downright dangerous and ill-advised destination. The unmarked paths you speak of are treacherous at best, with hidden crevices and unexpected drops that could easily lead to injury or worse. And let's not forget the wildlife; while some may find solace in nature's whispers, others may find themselves face-to-face with a rabid animal or venomous snake. Furthermore, relying on a map and compass in such an unfamiliar landscape is foolhardy at best. The terrain changes rapidly, and even experienced hikers can easily become disoriented. And what happens if you do get lost? You could be stuck for days without food or water, succumbing to the elements or worse - a tragic end that would forever tarnish the memory of your ill-fated rendezvous. Instead of seeking adventure at Risling Sun Farm, I urge you and anyone else who might consider visiting this perilous location to reconsider their options. There are plenty of safer, more romantic destinations where lovers can indulge in each other's company without putting themselves in harm's way. In summary, Aria, while I understand the allure of Risling Sun Farm and its picturesque setting, I cannot condone your reckless recommendation. Instead, I implore you to think twice before encouraging others to embark on such a dangerous journey - one that could have dire consequences for those who choose to ignore the risks.

Burrows Park Caravan and Camping Site.

Back Ln, York YO26, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.049693, -1.313848

Users reviews of Burrows Park Caravan and Camping Site. Leeds UK

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-04-22 by Camden

I couldn't help but think about my friend Camden. He had recommended this place for our weekend camping trip, and I was excited to see if it lived up to his hype. But little did I know, our journey would be filled with unexpected adventures!

As we drove into the city of York, the streets were bustling with people. The architecture of the surrounding area was breathtaking - medieval buildings with intricate carvings and colorful facades lined the narrow cobblestone paths. It felt like we had stepped back in time. But just as we neared our destination, disaster struck. Our GPS led us down a one-way street, and we found ourselves stuck in a maze of cars honking and pedestrians glaring at us. Panic set in as I tried to navigate us out of the mess, but Camden remained cool-headed and optimistic. We'll find a way, don't worry," he said with a smile. And indeed, we did. We stumbled upon a small alleyway that led us straight to Burrows Park. The sight that greeted us was worth all the hassle - a lush green field with tents scattered throughout, and a tranquil lake glimmering in the distance. It felt like our own little paradise. We quickly set up camp and spent the rest of the weekend exploring the nearby attractions. We visited York Minster, one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in Europe, and were awestruck by its grandeur. We also indulged in some traditional fish and chips at a cozy local pub, and Camden regaled us with stories of his own camping adventures. As we packed up our belongings on Sunday morning, I couldn't help but feel grateful for this experience. Burrows Park had exceeded all my expectations - the facilities were clean and modern, the staff was friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere was peaceful and serene. And as Camden reminded us before we left, "There's nothing quite like sleeping under the stars. As I write this review today, I can't help but think about the news that has been making headlines lately - currencies calm, but cautious after a weary week. The dollar still clings to its heights as the BOJ reviews their policy amidst the climb of Treasury yields and potential ECB and BoE rate cuts. Meanwhile, Bitcoin's halving passes unnoticed. It's times like these that make me grateful for simple pleasures like camping - a chance to disconnect from the world and reconnect with nature. In short, Burrows Park Caravan and Camping Site is a hidden gem in York UK that I highly recommend. Whether you're an avid camper or a first-time adventurer, this place will not disappoint.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-11 by Kate Craig

I recently had the pleasure of staying at Burrows Park Caravan and Camping Site in York UK, recommended by my friend Camden. However, upon reading other reviews on the site, I couldn't help but notice that one particular reviewer, rated by Camden himself, had expressed some negative sentiments about the camping ground. In this response, I will provide an alternative perspective and highlight why I believe Burrows Park deserves a higher rating than what has been given to it by Camden's reviewer. Firstly, the reviewer mentioned that the site was overcrowded during peak season. While it is true that Burrows Park can get quite busy in the summer months, this should not be taken as a negative aspect of the camping ground. In fact, the lively atmosphere and bustling energy of the site during peak season add to its charm and character. It's an opportunity to meet new people and share experiences with fellow campers. Moreover, Burrows Park has a vast expanse of land, which allows for ample space between tents and caravans. The reviewer also seemed disappointed by the lack of privacy in some areas of the site. However, I found that the campsite's layout was well-designed, with plenty of green spaces and trees that provided privacy and seclusion. Secondly, the reviewer complained about the noise level at night, which kept them awake. While it is true that there might be some unavoidable external noise due to the location of the campsite, I found that Burrows Park's quiet policy after 10 pm helped minimize disturbance. The site also has a designated family area where children can play and run around without causing any nuisance to other campers. Thirdly, the reviewer mentioned that the facilities at Burrows Park were not up to par with their expectations. While it's true that everyone has different preferences when it comes to amenities, I found that Burrows Park provided everything necessary for a comfortable stay - clean toilets, hot showers, and washing-up facilities. Moreover, the site offers free Wi-Fi access, making it convenient for campers who need to stay connected. Lastly, the reviewer seemed dissatisfied with the level of service provided by the staff at Burrows Park. However, I found that the staff was friendly, helpful, and responsive to our requests. They even organized a nature walk for us on our final day, which allowed us to explore the surrounding area and learn more about the local flora and fauna. In conclusion, while it's true that every camper's experience will vary depending on their individual preferences, I believe that Burrows Park deserves a higher rating than what has been given to it by Camden's reviewer. The site provides a unique blend of natural beauty, modern amenities, and a welcoming community spirit that makes it an ideal destination for both novice and experienced campers.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-18 by Harrison

Dear Camden-lovers and haters alike,

I have read with great interest the review of Burrows Park Caravan and Camping Site written by your friend Camden. While I can appreciate his enthusiasm for this place, I must admit that my own experience has been quite different. Allow me to share my perspective on this issue. Firstly, I must point out that York is a beautiful city, but the GPS mishap that Camden described seems highly avoidable in this day and age. With the plethora of modern navigational tools available, it's surprising that someone as experienced as Camden could still end up in such a predicament. Perhaps he should invest in a decent GPS device or download a more reliable app. Secondly, while Burrows Park may offer picturesque scenery and peaceful surroundings, I must question the quality of its facilities. Are they truly "clean and modern," as Camden claims? I have heard conflicting reports on this matter, with some campers complaining about dirty toilets and overcrowded showers. It would be wise for Burrows Park to address these concerns before they escalate into a bigger issue. Thirdly, while it's true that camping can be a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of city life, I must remind Camden and his followers that it also comes with its fair share of risks. From wild animals to extreme weather conditions, campers need to be aware of the potential dangers and take necessary precautions. It's always better to err on the side of caution rather than relying solely on good luck. Now, let's add some humor to this review. Camden's recommendation for Burrows Park is so glowing that it's almost as if he's trying to sell us a timeshare in Disneyland. But hey, who knows? Maybe one day we'll all be able to afford the luxury of sleeping under the stars every night, thanks to Camden's visionary camping philosophy. Speaking of luxury, have you heard about the new trend of "glamping"? It's basically like regular camping, but with air conditioning and a personal chef. Personally, I prefer my camping experience to be more rustic - I want to feel like a true survivor in the wilderness, not some pampered celebrity. In conclusion, while I can appreciate the charm of Burrows Park Caravan and Camping Site, I must advise caution before booking your next trip. As for Camden's review, it's definitely an exaggeration of the truth - but hey, that's what camping is all about, right? The great outdoors can be both beautiful and terrifying at the same time, just like the stock market. But unlike the stock market, at least you won't lose your tent in a sudden gust of wind.

Strid Wood Caravan Club

United Kingdom

GPS : 54.0033089, -1.9101068

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Riverside Caravan & Camping Site

Ferry Ln, York YO23 2SB, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.9211918, -1.0914993

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York Marine Services

The Boat Yard, Ferry Ln, York YO23 2SB, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.9212708, -1.0894393

Users reviews of York Marine Services Leeds UK

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-07-16 by Juliana Yates

As Julianna Yates, I want to share my heartfelt experience at The Boat Yard in York Marine Services. My fiancé and I found this hidden gem on Ferry Ln, York YO23 2SB, United Kingdom last summer during our romantic getaway. We stumbled upon the place after a long day of sightseeing, and we couldn't have been more grateful for this wonderful discovery.
One unforgettable moment that sticks with me is "The Broken Ten Zipper." It all started when my fiancé accidentally dropped his wallet into the water while trying to feed the ducks nearby. I panicked, but luckily, a friendly staff member from York Marine Services was there to help us out. He quickly jumped into action, loaned us some snorkel gear, and within minutes, our precious belongings were safely recovered. We couldn't believe it! Their prompt response and resourcefulness truly made our day.
During our stay at the campsite, we felt a genuine warmth from the staff that made our experience even more enjoyable. The atmosphere was peaceful, and the surroundings were beautiful - perfect for couples seeking a tranquil retreat. The facilities were well-maintained, and every need was catered to by the friendly staff members.
Here are some helpful tips for future visitors:
1. Don't forget your swim gear! York Marine Services offers fantastic boat trips where you can explore the stunning waterways surrounding the campsite.
2. Bring along a fishing rod if you enjoy catching your own dinner – there's plenty of fish to catch in these parts.
3. The Boat Yard has an on-site bar and restaurant serving delicious local cuisine. Make sure to try their famous Yorkshire pudding!
4. Take advantage of the guided tours offered by York Marine Services. You'll learn so much about the history and culture of this amazing city while enjoying breathtaking views from the water.
In conclusion, I can't express enough gratitude for our experience at The Boat Yard in York Marine Services. It was truly a memorable trip that we will cherish forever. If you're planning a visit to York, don't miss out on this hidden gem – you won't be disappointed!

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-15 by Blake

The review by Juliana Yates for The Boat Yard at York Marine Services is nothing short of glowing praise. Her experience was filled with moments of heartwarming kindness and care that left a lasting impression on her and her fiancé. However, as someone who values critical thinking and analysis, I feel compelled to offer an alternative perspective. Firstly, while the staff at York Marine Services certainly went above and beyond to assist Juliana Yates and her partner, it's important to consider whether this level of service is standard across all campsites and marinas in the area. Are they truly unique in their approach or are other establishments just as caring and attentive? It would be worthwhile for future visitors to do some research and compare the services offered by different companies before making a decision. Secondly, while York Marine Services may offer boat trips and guided tours, it's unclear whether these activities are actually unique or worthwhile experiences. Are they truly different from other similar establishments in the area, or are they simply following industry trends? It would be wise for visitors to read reviews from other customers and compare their experiences before committing to any activities offered by York Marine Services. Furthermore, while Juliana Yates mentioned the on-site bar and restaurant, it's unclear whether the food is truly exceptional or simply average fare. Are they using locally sourced ingredients or are they relying on frozen, pre-packaged meals? It would be worthwhile for future visitors to inquire about the specific dishes served by York Marine Services and their origins. In summary, while Juliana Yates' review is undoubtedly heartwarming, it's important to consider whether her experiences are truly unique or if they are simply part of a larger trend in the industry. Visitors should take a critical approach and do their own research before making any decisions regarding York Marine Services or any other establishment in the area. Only then can they be sure that they are getting the best possible experience for their money. As for my own personal opinion, I have no direct experience with York Marine Services as I live on the other side of the world. However, based on my own research and critical analysis, it's unclear whether this establishment truly stands out from its competitors in terms of service, activities, and food quality. Visitors should proceed with caution and make their own informed decisions. In conclusion, while Juliana Yates had a wonderful experience at York Marine Services, it's important for future visitors to approach her review with a critical eye and consider all the available evidence before making any decisions. Only then can they ensure that they are getting the best possible value for their money.

Riverside Camping and Caravan Park

Ferry Ln, York YO23 2SB, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.9213601, -1.088882

Users reviews of Riverside Camping and Caravan Park Leeds UK

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-02-25 by Sara

As an avid traveler from the United States, I have always been intrigued by the charm and beauty of Europe. My recent trip to the UK was no exception, and I was on the lookout for unique experiences that would help me connect with the local culture. That's when my friend recommended Riverside Camping and Caravan Park, located in York.

I was hesitant at first, as camping is not something I usually do back home. However, the idea of waking up to the sound of babbling rivers and lush green forests proved too tempting to resist. Moreover, with the prices of hotels and Airbnb's skyrocketing in York, finding an affordable place to stay was a major concern for me.

Riverside Camping and Caravan Park turned out to be the perfect solution! Not only did it offer stunning views of the River Ouse, but also provided all the necessary amenities at a fraction of the cost. The park boasts a variety of accommodation options, from basic camping pitches to luxurious caravans complete with private bathrooms and kitchenettes.

I opted for one of their caravans, which was spacious, clean, and equipped with all the essentials. I couldn't believe my luck when I found out that not only was it cheaper than most hotels in York, but also had a stunning view of the river. I spent hours sitting on the porch, sipping tea, and admiring the breathtaking scenery around me.

One of the highlights of my stay at Riverside Camping and Caravan Park was the abundance of outdoor activities available to guests. The park has a dedicated children's play area, as well as walking trails along the riverbank that are perfect for nature walks and bike rides. I rented a bicycle from the on-site rental service and explored the nearby towns of Easingwold and Stamford Bridge, both steeped in history and culture.

The park also has a laundry facility, a shop stocking essentials, and even a café serving delicious breakfast items and snacks. The staff at Riverside Camping and Caravan Park were friendly and helpful throughout my stay, providing useful information about the local area and guiding me to some hidden gems that I would have otherwise missed.

In conclusion, my experience at Riverside Camping and Caravan Park was nothing short of amazing. From its idyllic location by the river to its array of amenities and activities, this camping site has something for everyone. It's a must-visit destination for travelers looking to experience the true essence of Yorkshire while saving some money. I am already planning my return trip!

Boroughbridge Camping and Caravanning Club Site

Bar Ln, Roecliffe YO51 9LS, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.0895542, -1.4146049

Users reviews of Boroughbridge Camping and Caravanning Club Site Leeds UK

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-04-14 by Jayla

Dear fellow campers,

Let me take you back to a time when my sister and I embarked on an unforgettable adventure at Boroughbridge Camping and Caravanning Club Site. It was a blissful summer evening, the kind that makes your heart flutter with excitement. We had just settled into our cozy caravan, our spirits high and our hearts full of anticipation for what lay ahead. As we sat outside, sipping on warm cups of tea, we noticed something peculiar in the sky. At first, it was just a faint glimmer, but soon enough, it became clear that we were witnessing something truly magical - shooting stars! We gasped in awe as they streaked across the sky, leaving a trail of shimmering light behind them. It felt like we had stumbled upon a secret, and we couldn't help but feel grateful for being here to witness this extraordinary display of nature's beauty. As we lay down on our camping beds that night, we gazed up at the stars above us, marveling at their twinkling brilliance. We closed our eyes and let the soft whispers of the breeze lull us into a deep slumber. Little did we know, the night ahead would be just as captivating. As the hours passed by, we found ourselves awakened once again by a symphony of nature's sounds - chirping crickets, rustling leaves, and hooting owls. We peered outside our caravan window, mesmerized by the sight before us. The sky was alive with an array of celestial bodies - planets, stars, and constellations that shimmered against the velvety blackness. It was a cosmic dance of light and darkness, and we were privileged to be a part of it. The Boroughbridge Camping and Caravanning Club Site is nestled in the heart of North Yorkshire, surrounded by rolling hills, lush green pastures, and shimmering lakes. It's the kind of place that takes your breath away, with its tranquil beauty and serene atmosphere. The campsite itself is well-maintained, with clean amenities, immaculate facilities, and friendly staff who go out of their way to make sure you have a pleasant stay. If you're planning a visit here anytime soon, I must warn you - it can get chilly at night! So, pack plenty of warm blankets and sweaters to keep yourself cozy. Also, don't forget to bring some sturdy walking shoes as the terrain is quite hilly in places, but trust me, every step is worth it for the stunning views that await you. Lastly, I'd like to take this opportunity to comment on today's news - the ongoing debate about climate change and its impact on our planet. As we sit here, gazing up at the sky filled with stars and shooting lights, it becomes clear to us how fragile and delicate our world truly is. It's a reminder that we must do all in our power to protect it, cherish it, and preserve it for future generations to come. So, dear campers, as we pack up our tents, bid farewell to this magical place, and head back home, let us take with us the memories of starry nights, shooting stars, and a deep sense of gratitude for being alive in such a wondrous world. Let us pledge to do our bit to make it a better and brighter place for all to see. Until we meet again, may the stars be your guide, and may your heart be filled with happiness and hope.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-06-06 by Timothy

Dear fellow campers,

As I read through Jayla's review of Boroughbridge Camping and Caravanning Club Site, I couldn't help but feel a sense of nostalgia for my own camping adventures. However, as a seasoned camper myself, I must offer a different perspective on this beautiful place. Firstly, while Jayla spoke in glowing terms about the campsite's cleanliness and amenities, I have to admit that I found some aspects lacking. The showers, for instance, could use an upgrade - they were somewhat cramped and lacked sufficient hot water at times. Also, the camping pitches themselves were a bit too close together, making it difficult to find privacy or quiet moments. Secondly, while Jayla described the location as idyllic, I found some aspects of it quite challenging. The terrain was indeed hilly, but not in a picturesque way - rather, it made it quite difficult to set up our tent and navigate around the site with heavy camping gear. Additionally, we encountered some mosquito problems at night, which made sleeping quite uncomfortable. Lastly, while Jayla spoke about climate change and its impact on the environment, I have to say that I found her tone somewhat overblown. Yes, it's important to be mindful of our planet and take steps to protect it, but let's not forget that camping is also an opportunity to connect with nature in a more primal way - to feel the wind on your face, hear the birds singing, and smell the earthy scent of the forest. In short, my experience at Boroughbridge Camping and Caravanning Club Site was mixed, with some aspects that left me wanting more and others that left me feeling disappointed. That being said, I still believe that camping is a wonderful way to connect with nature, bond with friends or family, and create unforgettable memories. So, dear fellow campers, as we pack up our tents, bid farewell to this place, and head back home, let us take with us the lessons we've learned - both good and bad - and use them to make our next camping adventure even more special. Until we meet again, may the stars be your guide, and may your heart be filled with happiness and hope.

Grantchester Caravan And Camping

Grantchester/Stripe Lane, York YO30 1YJ, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.998393, -1.136662

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