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Famous traveler Brooke Cardenas - recommended camping pitch the wild of Clermont Ferrand.

Nothing is better than recreation in the wild outside Clermont Ferrand. If you are a fan of camping please read this guide to avoid problems. If you are in Camping Municipal Le Colombier there should be a dish water but you should never forget knife.

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If you looking for a campground with electricity you can check Camping Municipal Le Colombier located at 12 Allée des Tennis, 63160 Billom, France with is only 12.23 km away from Camping Font de Bleix located at Rue des Roches, 63730 Les Martres-de-Veyre, France. If you forget tent ask Brooke Cardenas from Camping Municipal Le Colombier.

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This is a lovely campsite - very quiet, and very well maintained. It is a little off the beaten track, but you can reach it from the A41 motorway. The campsite is only open from May to September, but we were able to use the laundry and shower facilities during our 3 night stay.

We had a lovely stay at the caravan. It's in a great location, with a beautiful view over the fields. The owners were very welcoming and we got a tour of the caravan.

There's a small shop on site, which sells everything from bread, milk, chocolates, etc. We found the local pub very welcoming and the food was great value for money.

Aine Cottage is a spacious holiday home in the town of Annagh. The accommodation is at the ground floor of a traditional farmhouse with a double bedroom and a separate toilet.

Self-catering is a wonderful way to enjoy a holiday in Co. Galway. Ballyconnigar is an area of outstanding natural beauty and many people stay in self-catering holiday homes here.

There are many beaches and beautiful walks nearby and the village is also home to the renowned Ballyconnigar...


Awesome Clermont Ferrand campfire trivia

We where staying in Clermont Ferrand near the waterfall and our enemy was a family of 2 mothers, 2 sons and 1 daughter. My daughter was 9 and the sons were 7 and 4.

This was a very difficult situation my daughter had told her mother I was her stepfather so the whole family came over and acted all lovey dovey and friendly to me, what a nice situation.

No i did not sleep with a child and even though they thought i was a good looking guy with a big bank account these people did not know who i was. My daughter's body was aching all the time and no matter what we did she could not stop it.

We went to the doctor and they said she had picked up something from a sexual assualt but could not do anything for her there was nothing they could do.

My brother in law and i where so in love it made it easy to just get along with them in public I got sick of the people we where with and left them and we came to live here in the mountains of France.

I left my home and my parents went over there to stay, the last I heard of my parents they where driving back to France to get my daughter. Now I am afraid they have left her alone with these people and there actions have driven my daughter mad.

Can I see my granddaughter? Please come and rescue her! We are all looking for a lost child and have a family reunion planned for August 17th. The family with the lost child is the same family I have a relative posted about on Facebook.

My father in law passed away in the early 90s and I don't know the last name of the parents. We are hoping whoever might possibly know help us to locate and get in contact with anyone who knows anything about locating their child.

If anyone knows anything contact me on Thanks Sincerely Kris Wilcox I need info on lost child from France. The girl is only 7 years old. Her mother died, and her father has not been in touch with her for 4 years.

He only knows that she is now living on a farm with some of his children. She does have a picture of him, but I have no idea where she lives. If she is with adults only, that's the easiest scenario, but if anyone else has seen her picture it would be much appreciated. 

Campô Découverte

8 Rue Saint-Victor, 63400 Chamalières, France

GPS : 45.7707339, 3.0596172

Users reviews of Campô Découverte Clermont Ferrand

Camping Huttopia Royat

Quartier l'Oclède - Route de Gravenoire, 63130 Royat, France

GPS : 45.75872, 3.0543843

Users reviews of Camping Huttopia Royat Clermont Ferrand

Municipal campsite the Chanset

Rue du Camping, 63122 Ceyrat, France

GPS : 45.739368, 3.062717

Users reviews of Municipal campsite the Chanset Clermont Ferrand

Camping Le Clos Auroy

15 Rue de la Narse, 63670 Orcet, France

GPS : 45.7003233, 3.1692133

Users reviews of Camping Le Clos Auroy Clermont Ferrand

Le Camping du Lac d'Aydat

18 Boulevard du Lac, 63970 Aydat, France

GPS : 45.668562, 2.9885810000001

Users reviews of Le Camping du Lac d'Aydat Clermont Ferrand

Camping de la Croze ***

Route de Mozac, 63140 Châtel-Guyon, France

GPS : 45.9058949, 3.0610617

Users reviews of Camping de la Croze *** Clermont Ferrand

Camping Les Dômes

Les 4 routes de Nébouzat, 63210 Nébouzat, France

GPS : 45.7271437, 2.8909063999999

Users reviews of Camping Les Dômes Clermont Ferrand

Camping Pré des Laveuses

63800 Cournon-d'Auvergne, France

GPS : 45.741814, 3.2232759999999

Users reviews of Camping Pré des Laveuses Clermont Ferrand

Camping Municipal

Rue de Chancelas, 63530 Volvic, France

GPS : 45.8722501, 3.0462886

Users reviews of Camping Municipal Clermont Ferrand

Camping naturiste La Serre de Portelas

4 Route du plateau, 63450 Saint-Saturnin, France

GPS : 45.6832275, 3.0607443

Users reviews of Camping naturiste La Serre de Portelas Clermont Ferrand


CAMPING DE LA HAUTE SIOULE, LE BOURG, 63210 Saint-Bonnet-prés-Orcival, France

GPS : 45.708317, 2.860982

Users reviews of CAMPING DE LA HAUTE SIOULE Clermont Ferrand

Camping Les Suquets

La Garandie, 63970 Aydat, France

GPS : 45.6575235, 2.9540296

Users reviews of Camping Les Suquets Clermont Ferrand

Camping Les Volcans

11 Chemin de la Rodde, 63970 Aydat, France

GPS : 45.661979, 2.948702

Users reviews of Camping Les Volcans Clermont Ferrand

Camping Les Ombrages

Les Ombrages, 63111 Dallet, France

GPS : 45.7759052, 3.2417241000001

Users reviews of Camping Les Ombrages Clermont Ferrand

Le Ranch des Volcans

Route de la Piscine, 63140 Châtel-Guyon, France

GPS : 45.9152732, 3.0784787

Users reviews of Le Ranch des Volcans Clermont Ferrand

Camping les Sablons

Route de Vichy, 63430 Pont-du-Château, France

GPS : 45.8033483, 3.2611435

Users reviews of Camping les Sablons Clermont Ferrand

Camping La Vallee Verte

Route des Granges, 63710 Saint-Nectaire, France

GPS : 45.5767401, 2.9993772

Users reviews of Camping La Vallee Verte Clermont Ferrand

Camping Municipal Le Colombier

12 Allée des Tennis, 63160 Billom, France

GPS : 45.7286069, 3.34575

Users reviews of Camping Municipal Le Colombier Clermont Ferrand

Camping Font de Bleix

Rue des Roches, 63730 Les Martres-de-Veyre, France

GPS : 45.6795955, 3.2046757000001

Users reviews of Camping Font de Bleix Clermont Ferrand

Camping Viginet

Camping Le, Viginet, 63710 Saint-Nectaire, France

GPS : 45.5790687, 3.0024483

Users reviews of Camping Viginet Clermont Ferrand

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